Bentley Mulsanne

It’s kind of easy to portrait a Bentley as something ostentatious with oversized spinning chromed rims and half naked females crawling on top of it. Upon its release, the Bentley Continental GT quickly established itself as the prime choice of cars for RnB celebrities. This maybe caused the 50% sales plunge in 2009 and it definitely cloaked Bentleys noble lineage.


Bentleys racing heritage holds 5 Le Mans victories only surpassed by Porsche, Ferrari, Audi and Jaguar.
The “Mulsanne Straight” is the stretch the Le Mans racing circuit where cars reach their highest speeds. A fitting name for a car like this.

The Mulsanne represents W.O Bentleys view of what pinnacle automobiles should be like: large, fast, refined and comfortable.


This new flagship is being fed by a twin-turbo v8 that delivers 505 hp and some 1000 nm of torque. It’s enough to get the car from standing to doing a 100 km/h in 5 seconds and max out at around 290 km/h. Not to shabby considering it’s weight being pretty close to 3 tones.


The Continental GT received a lot of criticism for using too many VW parts, something the Mulsanne steps away from, utilizing more in-house parts. A lot of time has been put into interior and customers has so many customization options it makes my head hurts.


This little iMac is wired to the LED-screens in the backseat.
Check out this video of the Mulsanne and then head over to our shop: Bentley Mulsanne