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70s women jewellery

Womens jewellery from the 70s

This summer jewellery has a specific 1970s allure with the introduction of beautiful mash-up between conventional designs and modern inspiration. From Dior to Cartier we see feminine and lavish pieces adorning taking the aesthetic to a dynamic new level.

Inspired by 70s icons Patti Smith and David Bowie designer Hannah Martin introduces two new staggering lines – her Rock ’n’ Roll collection and the Aguila Dorada collection with the signature £13,700 Bid for Freedom bangle that is a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Her style boasts an exquisite blend of hippie style and old Hollywood glamour, which fits perfectly with the modern woman’s lifestyle. The Delirium Shadow Amulet pendant is another fabulous creation, sold for £1,395 that perfectly relays the signature style of the pre-punk years of a decade long gone. It’s an elegant medallion style on a long chain.

Another interesting suggestion comes from the well-known and respected Van Cleef & Arpels brand – a personal favourite of Elizabeth Taylor for its hedonistic glamour and unmatched quality. Their colossal medallion pendants in an array of rainbow gem colours are surging in popularity with the Alhambra necklace retailing for £3,700.

Alhambra necklace

Up and coming designers and brands are trying to live up to the changing trends and introducing eye-catching pieces that are particularly popular among younger clients. Brazilian designer Carla Amorim presented her staggering oval hoop drop earrings priced at £5,600 with a choice of sunny gold or matt openwork while British designer-jeweller Cassandra Goad attracted attention with decadent Brazilian-themed jewellery like the gold Ipanema cuff for £6,200, the Floresta earrings from £690 and the Beatriz Carnaval pendant for £13,950, which drew its inspiration from 1970s-style painting by Beatriz Milhazes.

oval hoop drop earrings

There is a wonderful revival of 1970s feminism that takes shape in the summer jewellery trend with renowned designers such as Elsa Peretti creating fascinating pieces that accentuate the female form through a subtle blend of sensuality, elegance and ferocity. The gold and jade Claw collar she exclusively designed for Tiffany & Co is sold for £9,775 and complements perfectly the lifestyle of the contemporary woman.

gold ipanema cuff


JM Barrie’s historical Kensington mansion on sale for £7million

A unique opportunity to own a piece of literary history has arisen on the property market in London. A Grade II listed home where JM Barrie wrote Peter Pan has been listed for sale for £7 million and it’s in the heart of Kensington and its prime location and historical value are already attracting a lot of attention.

Upscale agency Strutt & Parker is handling the sale of Leinster Corner, located at 100 Bayswater Road – a well-connected yet tranquil location in one of London’s most sought-after neighbourhoods. The seven-bedroom, three-bathroom home comes with its own blue plaque, which a tribute to the famous author and its unique façade adds a certain charm to the property. The effect has been achieved thanks to tiny pieces of broken mirror embedded into the brickwork.
jm barrie mansion london kensington

Generous spacing is available throughout with two contemporary kitchens, a utility room, a scullery, private wine cellar, large terrace, garden and ample underground parking. It boasts every necessary accommodation for a luxurious family-friendly feel.

It has been renovated and fitted with state-of-the-art appliances to meet modern standards of comfort and utility. Originally built in 1820 as half of one of four pairs of semi-detached, double fronted villas, it is part of the only surviving pair.

jm barrie mansion london kensington
Kensington gardens is a mere few blocks away with a Peter Pan statue reminiscent of the rich history that Leinster Corner holds. The property comes to about 5,000 square feet in total with a marvellous garden and terrace that provide much-needed space and privacy.

jm barrie mansion london kensington

All renovations have been carried out in keeping with the property’s original design and ambiance with most of the internal fabric remaining unchanged. This gives the house a unique quality of being a captivating blend of modern comfort and rich personality. Door furnishings, banister, wall paneling and fireplaces remain the same and carry a wonderful historical feel.

triumph motorcycle

Triumph motorcycles

A unique and valuable collection of the vintage evocative Triumph motorcycles has caught the attention of collectors. Dick Shepherd is the proud owner of more than 320 restored models of the golden brand that brought to the world legendary models such as the Thunderbird and the Speed Twin.
One of the more impressive models from his collection is a fully-functioning 350cc Tiger 90, valued at £100,000 – which was the most famous machine ever to compete in the International Six Days Trial. Having won five gold models, it remains a leader in the renowned challenge. Another TR6 machine featured in Shepherd’s possession is the Bonneville ridden by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III as well as the one Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. Most were purchased at auctions for next to nothing.

triumph motorcycle Two Triumph Tiger Cub trials bike, valued at £15,000 were owned journalist Denis Jenkinson, who famously navigated for Stirling Moss during his record-breaking victory in the 1955 Mille Miglia. All models have been restored and maintained to an exceptional standard with the owner having a strong eye for detail. All retain their original parts, which preserves the history of the marque.

triumph motorcycle The British company crafted a truly unique identify for its sportbikes, roadsters and cruisers, employing a mostly three-cylinder mechanism. More than a century after they came into production, the bikes retain their versatility and continue to make a statement thanks to the brand’s rich heritage. The modern classic line-up boasts some of their most recognizable 500-plus pound motorcycles with old school design and powerful torque.
The iconic classics are real beauties with an engine capacity of 2294cc and range in price from £6,999 to £14,599. In -line 3-cylinder provide enough torque and the swingram is twin-sided, made of cast aluminium alloy. Liquid-cooled or air-cooled – the powerful machines live up to their name and reputation.



The Rolland Iten Diablo

This year’s Baselworld saw the introduction of a truly magnificent piece in its own category of class and excellence – rightfully given as an example of “mechanical luxury for gentlemen”.

Roland Iten Diablo R60

The Roland Iten Diablo R60 belt buckle is an accessory that any respectable contemporary man must come to possess in order to appreciate the added value of a 60.66 carat diamond on an everyday item. The item is a seamless fusion of state-of-the-art mechanics with the pinnacle of haute joaillerie in the face of the exceptionally rare orange-brown (“cognac”), modified kite-shaped brilliant diamond.

Thanks to a unique calibre beneath it – the stone is clearly visible in a subtle display of quality and worth without being too flashy or overwhelming. The designer’s intention in crafting a male accessory that makes a statement on its own was clear in the making of this fine example of mechanical perfection.

Roland Iten Diablo R60The high-performance, mechanical belt buckle is calibrated beautifully to match the everlasting beauty of the Diablo diamond with a clean and cut chassis that enables easy adjustment of the leather strap to a maximum length of 22 mm. What makes the smooth mechanisms even more spectacular is the fact that they’re all clearly visible high-clarity cognac diamond, providing a unique blend of blend of art and engineering, utility and aesthetics.

Roland Iten Diablo R60Apart from the craftsmanship that has gone in the making of this stunning accessory, the gem itself is a true work of art (and nature). Its extremely rare natural colour coupled with its history that can be traced back 160 years add considerable value to the one of the world’s largest and most striking diamonds. An official price for the piece still hasn’t been announced, but we can only guess it’s going to match its uncanny construction and uniqueness with Roland Iten’s collectors buckles reaching prices in the region of £350,000 – for his signature Calibre R822 “Predator” model.

luxurious manor

Byfleet Manor – a historic estate for £3.95 million

The exclusive of Downton’s Lady Violet Crawley that attracts hundreds of tourists, has gone on the market for nearly £4million. The combination of its historical significance and the popularity of the TV series are expected to attract a lot of foreign interest towards the 6,000 square feet property.

luxurious manorLocated on the grounds of a royal lodge it has been used since the seventh century used by Henry III and King Edward I and II. The mansion is renovated with details from an earlier Palace incorporated, including a heavy timber staircase and several fireplaces.
It boasts stunning period features, intriguing history and classic British look that captivates with rustic decadence and English heritage – a rare combination. With eight bedrooms and four reception rooms it is flooded with natural light and boasts generous room proportions. 18 acres of land surround the estate and are perfectly manicured with lush green lawns.

luxurious manorThe fact that the house retains much of the original setting is worth a fortune by itself. It is situated in an idyllic location at the end of a winding country lane at the end of the nearby village, discreetly positioned for privacy and security.
Currently owned by businesswoman Julie Hutton, it has been substantially renovated by the owner to a high level of sophistication and detail in keeping with its historical ambiance and heritage. New fittings allow for urban luxury combined with rustic peace and tranquillity. State-of-the-art appliances have been fitted to make the stay at the estate as comfortable and luxurious as possible all the while brilliantly preserving all original furnishings.

luxurious manorThe property presents a wonderful opportunity for buyers looking to leave the city and interested in acquiring a larger home with land all the while remaining well connected to the urban lifestyle. All in all, this is a practical house for the 21st century and perfect for a growing family.
luxurious manor


The rise of antiquities

Antiquities dealers are observing a growing trend amongst art and furniture aficionados in introducing ancient Greek artefacts and Byzantine statues in their modern, state-of-the-art homes. This is an interesting swerve from the contemporary art boom – one that has inspired an increasing interest level in other, older times and civilizations.luxurious art Antiquities is a very broad definition encompassing all valuable artefacts coming from civilizations in the Middle East, Egypt, Europe and the Mediterranean basin up to around 1000 AD. With a staggering variety of material and shape – the selection includes rare sculpture, exquisite jewellery, fine glassware, ceramics and metalwork and even well-preserved pottery and engraved gems. A perfect example of the beauty and decorum of the precious carvings is the Roman marble portrait bust of Antinous sold at New York’s Sotheby’s for $23.8 million. Another striking piece is the 4,300-4,400-year-old Egyptian limestone statue of Sekhemka, valued at £16 million at Christie’s.
An expensive and majestic artefact is the Guennol Lioness – a 5,000-year-old Mesopotamian stone statuette of a lion-headed figure, priced at for $57.2m.

luxurious artGalleries respond to the new trend with the introduction of ‘by appointment only’ boutiques likes London’s Daniel Katz. Inside the eminent dealer’s den you can marvel at the 2,000-year-old diorite-stone sculpture of an Egyptian priest and even take it home for £245,000. A more contemporary bronze frog by Eduardo Paolozzi from 1957 is valued at £225,000.
In the gallery of Gregory and James Demirjian buyers can inspect the divine 3rd-2nd century BC Greece Aphrodite with meticulous carvings and a price tag of £2 million. It contrasts beautifully with south Arabian stele on sale for £90,000, which clean, cut geometry and gimlet eyes. A variety of gold coins from different periods range in price from £2,500 to £400,000 and attract attention to the other precious artefacts like bronze Corinthian helmets for £950.000 and heavy Lion Head bracelets for £550,000.


The 2008 127′ (38.71M) OCEANLINE BLUE MAMBA

The 38.71m motor yacht built by the prestigious brand Oceanline was launched in 2008. The naval architecture was created by Frank Mulder and the interior styling by Art-Line and Bureau Veritas. With plenty of space and modern, luxurious ambiance – the vessel can accommodate up to 12 guests in a 1 master, 1 VIP, 2 double and 2 twin cabins.


On the technical front the yacht is powered by MTU engines that allow it to reach a cruising speed of 14 knots and get to a top speed of 28 knots. Speed and manoeuvre are the key elements that put the 2008 127′ in a league of its own – small enough to be easily maneuverable, but large enough to provide plenty of space and comfort spots for high-profile individuals.


Fuel capacity is 25,200 litres and fuel consumption ranges from 1000lhr in maximum speed to 380l/hr in cruise speed. It is one of the finest models released by Oceanline – a motorboat that is versatile and elegant with a modern interior for fast getaways. The layout is minimalistic and contemporary with a clean, cut feel. Essentials are kept to a bare minimum, but that doesn’t interfere with the level of sophistication and luxury displayed throughout.


Quality materials like Oak Parquet wooden flooring on the main deck and Alcantara on the ceiling complement the Roche Bobois Leather sofas, coffee tables and poufs. A key feature of the motorboat is the brilliant incorporation of natural light into the interior thanks to large side windows on the deck and large portholes in all cabins and bathrooms below deck.


The yacht is equipped with a state-of-the-art audiovisual system including surround sound in all rooms. There is a dedicated TV lounge and air conditioning with reverse cycle heating. The guest rooms feature rare blue Argentine marble and Italian Mosaiques in the private bathrooms. Large sofas in the salon, leather chairs and quality wooden coffee tables complete the luxurious and classy ambiance of the model.


Jamie Wolf jewellery

Jamie Wolf Jewellery

A new and intriguing offer has graced the jewellery scene and it comes from a New York dancer-turned-designer’s classic love for beautiful and elegant gems. Jamie Wolf is quickly becoming a household name in the world of fine craftsmanship and unmatched luxury with a staggering variety of delicate rings, signature earrings and graceful necklaces.

Four Temperaments cuff - WolfRelying on thoughtful presentation, high attention to detail, uncompromising quality and impeccable design – the former ballet dancer presents pieces that are a unique blend of shape, scale, colour and movement. Each and every one looks effortless and ethereal – a true glittering temptation for the rich and powerful.
In a creative collaboration with fashion designer Derek Lam, he has released an exquisite collection to mark the New York City Ballet’s fiftieth anniversary and, more importantly, choreographer George Balanchine talent and perfection. One of the more striking pieces are he silver and black rhodium Midsummer Night’s Dream earrings for $690 as well as the Four Temperaments cuff decorated with black and white luminescent diamonds for $1,890.

midsummer night's dream earrings Other spectacular offers include a clean, cut and wonderfully minimalistic pavé band for $1,680 and the Trinity rings priced at $4,790 each. Made white gold with black and white diamonds – they are reminiscent of a time of old Hollywood glamor and decadence. Amongst Wolf’s standout pieces are the octagon labradorite rings for $3,400 each and the Bisou rings valued at $3,990 decorated with the rose of France and minute diamonds.
Jamie Wolf JewelleryHis ability to blend classic elegance with modern minimalism is uncanny and makes it no surprise that he she has rapidly gained praise and attention, going as far as designing custom wedding rings for celebrities Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman. Her statement creations are a spellbinding combination of quality, craftsmanship and inspiration, turning them into works of art on their own.
Jamie Wolf Jewellery
Jamie Wolf Jewellery

zenith watch

Zenith’s 150th anniversary-edition watches

The bespoke watch-making company Zenith is celebrating its 150th anniversary with style and class With reputation for high quality and stylish functionality and being particularly admired for its range of aviation watches and the El Primero movement, the brand is known for pushing the boundaries of innovation in horology. The way they have chosen to celebrate the special occasion is by collaborating with luxury store Harrods for a month-long celebration, featuring displays on four of the store’s prime windows.

From historic models like the intricate and exquisite enamelled and engraved pocket watches from the distant 1910 to a replica of a historic Lancia Stratos rally car, marking Zenith’s sponsorship of the Paris-Biarritz car rally – there will be a wide array of the brand’s most infamous creations on sale in the store and on their website. Two special models will be the highlight of the exhibition – one is the rose-gold version made of the partially skeletonised Academy Christophe Colombe model with price available on request. It features a revolutionary gyroscopic regulatory system and a brilliant sapphire crystal dome on the dial. The other is a £7,300 anniversary edition of the El Primero Chromonaster 1969 watch that will be available for a month. A limited number of one hundred and fifty pieces will be made with unique numbers.

The exclusive model is accentuated by rarity and is a fine example of the brand’s superior craftsmanship and traditions cultivated over centuries. The previous materials make for a robust case with an opening that reveals the legendary beating heart of the El Primero movement. The finishing includes an oscillating weight with “Côtes de Genève” motif with a 6.60mm thickness. With its bold colours and clean, cut lines – the watch is a worthy tribute to classic rally cars, capturing their bespoke ambiance. The silicon escape-wheel and lever put a nice finishing touch to the outstanding accessory.

Georgian style house

A classic Georgian estate

A completely renovated and modernized Colonial estate is on the market in Georgia for the modest sum of $10,950,000. Located on 3+ acres of beautifully landscaped land in private association, it is within minutes to Greenwich. Classic Southern tradition blends with modern luxury throughout the stunning interior. Masterfully designed with high ceilings, exquisite detail, custom woodwork, French doors and panoramic windows – the house is flooded with natural light and boasts generously proportioned rooms.

Colonial Georgian Estate

Stunning architectural detail is observed throughout the property with the formal rooms featuring wonderful details, mouldings and a barrel vaulted ceiling. The mahogany library comes with a wet bar and the kitchen has been fully fitted with new state-of-the-art appliances. The light-filled dining area is adjoined to the spacious living room. Colonial Georgian EstateThere are eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms with the master bedroom coming with walk-in closets, separate office and spa-like bath.

Colonial Georgian Estate

All bedrooms feature en-suit bathrooms. Additional luxuries of the property include a yoga room, exercise room, private wine cellar, and heated pool with granite decking, an all-weather tennis court and a separate guest house. Double-height entry hall, fireplaces in three of the common rooms and outstanding blend of Colonial tradition and modern elegance make this property a sought-after family home. Its pristine location and spellbinding views of the surrounding area give it the necessary privacy for a family residence.

Colonial Georgian Estate

The extraordinary estate is characterized by sophisticated elegance and well-proportioned rooms that feature modern appliances and high-quality furnishing. Its few amenities, among which an all-weather tennis court, exercise and recreational room, heated pool and wine cellar, are just some of the added benefits of the special property. A long driveway leads up to the front of the property through meticulously maintained landscape with sweeping lawns.

Colonial Georgian Estate This is the ideal way to enjoy pastoral privacy in a Colonial-inspired Georgian estate with sun-filled interiors.