Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen 65 AMG

As far back as I can remember this car has been on my “to buy” list. The G-class is to this day the longest produced Mercedes-Benz and it dates back to 1972.
Back then, the Shah of Iran was a major shareholder in Mercedes-Benz and he suggested that the company should produce a military off road vehicle.

In 1979 the “G-Model” was introduced as a civilian vehicle and one year later the Vatican ordered the famous “Popemobile” (a customized G-model).

20 years later, in 1999, AMG:s first version of the G-Class was deployed onto the market and it became popular with American celebrities (and Russian mafia).

Due to a decrease in American demand, MB decided that 2005 would be the last year they would export to America. However, the purchase of 157 G-Class vehicles made by the Marine Corps that very same year ensured it’s survival.
AMG:s abuse on these cars has left us with some truly raw off road trucks and they amp up the power with each new model that they release.

Their latest creation the 2013 G-Class G 65 AMG is the most powerful and expensive SUV you can find on the market. It features a 6 liters V12 engine that’s beeing fed by two turbochargers and it’s priced at 264.180 euro.

It will be distinguished by a chrome radiator grille and a new set of 20 inch AMG titanium-colored rims. Your ego will overnight increase tenfolds after being injected with the G 65 AMG anabolics so hurry up and get your G65


Louis Vuitton Président

Truly iconic for the rich and famous is the way we travel. First class, private jets and mega yachts is usually our transports of choice.
How we choose to transport our supplies is also of utmost importance. The classic trunk, nowadays replaces by the small rolleys, has become a romantic symbol of travelling in europe in the 19th century.

In 1830, a provincial young frenchman, walked the 400 km from his hometown to glorious Paris. Eventually he was hired as a ”layetier”, a kind of manservant who woud pack your trunks. He must have done his duties really well, because he caught the attention of Napoleon III who hired the young frenchman to be Empress Eugénie personal ”layetier”. The young frenchmans name was Louis Vuitton and in 1854 he opened his own trunk-making firm in Paris. By 1913, the LV store on Champs-Elysées was the largerst store for travel-goods in the world.

The Louis Vuitton presidential holds a special place within the celebrety sphere. It’s still hand made and comes in either black or Seen in the hands of several superstars such as Sean White, Madonna, several Presidents and pretty much the whole hiphop-elite.

It’s been in countless of movies such as Darjeeling limited and Carter the Documentary. Theres a scene in ”Carter the documentary” where Lil’ Wayne displays his presidential and its PG-rated content which I’ve grown pretty fond of.

Nevertheless, you need one to keep your ”whatever” safe, I myself is going for a black ”Président”.


Self-Portrait by Jean-Michel Basquiat

“The 27 Club is a term used to refer to popular performers who have died at the age of 27, often as a result of drug and alcohol abuse.” That’s the first sentence of the Wikipedia page on “27 club”. People like Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain all died at the age of 27. There’s also a certain painter that died at that age and he came to be one of the most famous painter of modern time. Born in 1960 Jean-Michel Basquiat he ran away from home at the age of 15. He lived on the streets of NY, hating the current exploiting of artist and the way that art at that time was just some status symbol.  This has later has contributed to his fame, since people now consider him rebellious. He died from an overdose and it wasn’t until after his death that his paintings became extremely attractive. You might have heard of Metallicas drummer, Lars Ulrich, who sold two paintings for a total of 18.5 million dollars. Or maybe you have heard Jay-Z or Kanye in “Watch the Throne” or maybe Rick Ross in song “John”, they all refer to Basquiat.

Here’s a piece called “Self-Portrait” which came up on the 15th of November, in New York. Its estimate price is somewhere between 2.5 to 3.5 million dollars.



Guide: Purchasing your own Island

Purchasing your own private island can in many ways be quite challenging. In most cases one lack the experience, it’s not every day you’re out shopping for islands. TheBillionaireShop has put together a few pointers that could be nifty to keep in mind.

Buying a private island is in many ways similar of buying a house, only that the cost is much greater. As with acquiring a house, the bigger your budget the more you will get. It’s better to get a more gorgeous island than to get a poorer one, just to save money. Of course one must consider its surrounding. A more remote island can in ways be more private and beautiful but they’re much less accessible. If there no existing infrastructure one most include the cost for labor, construction material and the transport of the all.

A very important aspect is the availability of water. Look for ground water high enough to build a well. If a well already exists, have it inspected. If there’s no possibility of a well, don’t worry, one can purchase desalination plant for as cheap as $20.000 these days. The estimated amount of water needed annually for part-time island living is 100,000 to 400,000 liters, which for full-time living will require about forty inches of annual rainfall.

Michael Schumachers Private Island 

You will have to consider what climate you prefer and choose the islands geographical position accordingly. Some find the tropics to humid and hot, and maybe they like the variety seasonal changes might bring.

Beaches are of course of utmost importance and it’s very rare for islands to have 360 degrees of water. Most common are drowned top of hills (continental islands) the other most often a product of seismic activity. It’s also vital to inspect the sand quality, they differ a lot more than one might think.
When choosing island it important to consider communication. If the island is outside a cellular net, communication will be much more expensive. It’s important to have a rather quick route to civilization, should anything happen on the island.

You will need to employ full-time caretakers and it often wisest to recruit from the locals who often are very familiar with the climate and nature. It’s important to establish your owners rights, in some countries you only own the land that extends as far as the high tide mark, with the beaches below that belonging to the government.

Private islands are soon coming to our shop.

Author: Olle Elander Wistén


Porsche 918 Spyder

The late 80:s was an exhilarating year for motorsports. The Group B rally was in its prime and the Group B cars were faster than the Formula 1 cars of that same period. The group B rules demanded that in order to participate with a certain car, manufacturers had to produce 200 street legal units of that exact car. In 1987 the Porsche 959 debuted as a ready streetcar and it held the title “ the worlds fastest street-legal car” until Ferrari released the holy grail that is the Ferrari F40.

Now, in 2012 the situation has some similarities. Porsche latest creation, the 918 Spyder is in its last stages of design and as you may know Ferrari’s latest ultra car, the F70, is also looming in the near future. We have yet to see whose car will roam the streets first.

The 918 Spyder is a technical showcase for Porsche, just as the 959 was and to quote the lead designer of the project Dr. Frank Walliser: “We’re not doing cars with technology like this just for engineering fun but to be able to implement this tech onto future Porsches”.

The engine is delivering a mind-blowing 795 bhp (I did had to check that one twice) and it is a development of the engine used in Le Mans. The engine is really an engine system containing a 4.6 liter V8, packing 540 bhp, and two electric motors delivering an additional 243bhp. It boots like a computer, glides away totally silent just to switch over to its fuel-fed engine and blast away in excess of 300 km/h.

The car weighs in at 1700 kg and it is stuffed with enough electronics and gadget to keep any car fantast satisfied. Personally I’m a huge fan of the top mounted, bat mobile-style, exhaust pipes.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the future, get it here.

Author: Olle Elander Wistén


McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren racing heritage is undeniable. Any person interested in car could probably tell you something about the McLaren F1 and/or the impact it had on the automobile industry back in 1992. Some, including myself, will say the F1 emerges as one of the greatest events in car history.

In 1998 the F1 set the record for the fastest road car in the world, topping at a whopping 242.95 mph (390.99 km/h) and the McLaren F1 still is more aerodynamic than many exotics produced two decades later.

The McLaren MP4-12C is the first production car since the F1 to be completely designed and produced by McLaren. As with both the Lamborghini Aventador and the Sesto Elemento (or any F1 racing car for that matter) the MP4-12C is built around a carbon fibre tub. McLaren has gone mental with the use of carbon fibre bringing down the total weight to 1,301 kg.

A twin-turbo V8 delivers 592 bhp and the redline starts at 8,500 rpm with 80% of torque available from just 2,000 rpm. MP4-12C meaning McLaren Projects 4, the C stands for Carbon and 12 refers to McLaren’s internal Vehicle Performance Index through which it rates key performance criteria both for competitors and for its own cars.

If you call yourself a racing enthusiast this is the car for you. Pick it up in our shop.

Author: Olle Elander Wistén


Wally One

In my entry about the J-Craft I stated that I would have a hard time choosing between that and a Wally Tender. Wally is a Monaco based company, which led me to quite a few doubts whether or not the Monegasques can produce something of quality.

My family has had a Wally tender in Croatia for the last three years and I’ve spent quite a few hours behind the rudder. I don’t have too much experience with power boats, this however is a dream to pilot. When time came for Wally to update their tender, the Wally one was presented.

Wally’s founder and president Luca Bassani Antivari said “Wally One is an exercise in giving our customers more for less – more performance, technology and comfort with less overall length, consumption and cost. It has been designed as more of a day boat than its predecessor with flexible seating, increased sunbed space and a host of modern conveniences.”

You still get the impressive 42 feet long hull and power to match (630 bhp from dual Yanmar engines) but at a cheaper price than it’s predecessor. The Tender with dual V8:s that delivers 820 bhp started at 875.000 euro, performance that is match by the just as big, 300.000 euro cheaper Wally One.

Get this over the J-Craft torpedo and you will get more speed, better fuel consumption and still have money to spare for watches and champagne.

Author: O.E.W

SLS AMG Coupe Black Series, (C 197), 2012

Merdeces-Benz SLS AMG

Between the two famous summer villages Båstad and Torekov runs an amazing road called “the italian road”. It so happens to be the place where I met my first love.
At a particular point of the road one can find a sweet spot with a gorgeous view over the ocean. Annually a meeting about the most beautiful car ever made is hosted there – the 300SL.

As the SLR became outdated Mercedes-Benz needed something new and fresh to replace it. In my opinion the SLS was the right guy for the job. I also think it was the right decision to wait with the 300 SL tribute until technology allowed for Mercedes-Benz to do it justice.

The SLS is an awesome car with a V8 delivering 563 bhp.
One might think that its properties would resemble that of the “normal” SL but where the SL is an autobahn-tourer the SLS has a more track-oriented approach to life.

Mercedes-Benz will release the SLS AMG in at least 5 different versions. The regular SLS AMG, the SLS AMG Electric Drive (powered by 4 electric engines), SLS AMG GT (tuning, updated transmission and suspension), SLS AMG Roadster (Convertible, best car in the world according to Jeremy Clarkson) and the unholy beast, SLS AMG Black Series. The Black Series is set to hit the market in Q2, 2014. They amped up the output to 622, raised the redline from 7200 to 8000 rpm and lowered its weight by 70kg.

After you’ve watched what Clarkson has to say about the roadster you should head over to The Billionaire Shop to acquire your own.

author: O.E.W


Aston Martin Rapide Deluxe

When the Rapide was launched in 2010, 21 years had passed since Aston Martin put our their previous four-door high performance sport sedan. Aston Martin felt they had the possibility to establish themselves once again on this particular market.

You can clearly distinguish visual features from the DB9, on which the Rapide is based upon. Power is delivered by a 6.0 liter V12 accumulating 470 bhp. A lot of effort has gone into making this a comfortable luxury sedan yet retaining the Aston Martin racing lineage.

To up the comfort even more, Aston Martin released the Rapide Deluxe where customers are granted access to a wide array of exclusive colors called “Fast Track” colors. The interior up The rear seat features new multimedia screens heating, ventilation and electric adjustability.

Among the color options that can be incorporated into the handcrafted interior upholstery we can choose between the following colors: Piano Black, Bamboo, Tamo Ash, Double Apex Nexus Alloy and Alloy. The tilt-telescoping steering wheel will of course be in the same material. A custom set of 6 pieces of luggage can be ordered, also in the same material.

Personally I feel pictures doesn’t do the Rapide justice, you just have to see it in real life. Get it at our shop

Author: O.E.W


How to become a billionaire

Do it like David Choe! Back in 2005 the then-President of Facebook Sean Parker asked David if he could paint their new offices. He offered David a few thousand dollars in cold hard cash or just the equivalent in company stocks. Fortunately for David he picked the stocks, which is now worth about 200 million dollars.

The most definite route to become a millionaire is to attend a top ranked university. Of the 469 Americans on Forbes’ most recent list of the world’s billionaires, 50 received at least one degree from Harvard, 30 received one from Stanford and 19 received one from Yale. Sometimes just attending for a little while will suffice, 5 dropouts from the New York University managed to reach billionaire status.

Play lotto. Big world wide lotteries has produced it’s fair share of extraordinary wealthy people. While maybe not the easiest route it is by far the most comfy one. At Multilotto you can play on the worlds biggest lotteries. Good luck!

Author: O.E.W