GMT Earth Movement in white gold 1

GMT Earth Movement in white gold – $979,050

True connoisseurs recognize quality and beauty and the GMT Earth Movement Timepiece has both in abundance. As the name suggests, the watch represents the world and has a miniature globe at its center rotating once a day like planet earth. The Greubel Forsey timepiece is an intricate and delicate looking watch. It is 45.5mm wide, 16.18mm high and made of white gold with a thick sapphire crystal set at the front of the watch.

The GMT Earth is strictly limited to just 33 pieces and priced at $979,050. The watch is manually wound and has a power reserve of 72 hours. The North and South Poles are clearly visible from the dial, from an aperture in the center case, and the case back. The sides of the watch are equally and impressively adorned with an inclined, 24-second tourbillon, the world time display, the GMT indication, and a power reserve indicator. Perhaps the most detailed part is the dial. It blends translucent, transparent indicators, solid hands and a three-dimensional layered surface finishes. The rear of the case sports the world time display and view of the globe. The polished and brushed surfaces add beautiful finishing touch complete with engravings.

GMT Earth

The GMT Earth Movement is designed to be an exclusive and collectible work of art. The inner workings, materials and quality add the punch making this timepiece near perfect. It is limited to just 33, which makes it even more desirable, yet confined to the very few who can afford to splash out almost a million dollars for a watch. Greubel Forsey has crafted the finest of watches with the GMT Earth Movement. Not only does the timepiece look sophisticated, but it will never stop working throughout your lifetime, and beyond.