Private Submarines

In one of my earlier posts I wrote about visiting space as a private person and it seems peculiar to me that we’ve already reached for space when so much of our own territory is unexplored. Human existence dates back 2.2 million years and throughout this time we have only been able to explore 10% of our oceans, the rest in uncharted territory.

The ocean floor seems to be the last spending floor within the borders of our sphere. So far most submarines belong to large companies or governments but the trend is slowly shifting.  It is being estimated that about 100 private submarines are already cruising our seas and most submarine manufactures attest to the rigorous secretive veil surrounding the deep blue nautical traffic.

“Loose lips sink ships.” Paul Allen apparently said to the manufacturer of his 12 million $ 40 foot personal yellow submarine  and Roman Abramovich said ”If you can find my submarine it’s yours”.

A picture of Paul Allens submarine uploaded onto twitter by Jane Fonda.
Bruce Jones, the 50-year-old son of a marine-construction engineer, founded what came to be one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers of submersible vessels – US Submarines. He built and sold his first diesel- and battery-powered sub in 1993 and every sales contract since then has included a confidentiality clause to protect the buyer’s identity.

The US Submarine is currently offering one of the world’s most exclusive submarines, The Phoenix 1000. This submersible 213 feet (65-meters) juggernaut boasts a living space of 5000 square feet (460 square meters), clad with a rigorous amount of acrylic viewports that allows for interesting nautical observations. It keeps an onboard small car and a mini submarine (capable of up to 8 passengers) while being able to do trans-Atlantic crossings at 16 knots. In rough conditions, where normal yachts struggle, the Phoenix 1000 can submerge and travel in smooth and ideal conditions. The price? At least 78 million dollars.

Many submarine manufacturers have concepts offered to privateers, though many have never been produced. Such as the Migaloo displayed on the pictures, it would cost atleast 2.3 $ billion to build. With it you get lounge areas, sun beds, a bar, an 8 meter by 3 meter pool as well as a helicopter pad.

As technology advances they will naturally become more acquirable and the amount of unexplored nautical territory allows for adventurers to make pioneer discoveries.
Please check out this video of a diver experiencing a rare encounter.