Le Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandie, France (St Michael's Mount in Normandy)

Purchasing your very own Castle

⁃ The dream about owning my own castle is one that has accompanied me through my life. The thought of a dwelling within the pinnacle of personal housing, meant only for royalty, is one very enticing. Whether or not you plan to impress your friends or survive a land attack doesn’t matter, Castles are optimal for both purposes. Fortunately, there are a bunch out there, meaning many is available for private disposal.


Most of the Western-style castle are located in the french areas of Loire Valley and Burgundy but they’re also in Scotland, Ireland, Italy and Sweden (amongst others). An entry level castle of about 4,000 square ft can be found for around a million dollars. However, if you want to be the king kings and purchase say, the Bran Castle in Romania, prepare to shell out at least 135 million dollars. The Bran Castle, nowadays a museim, is better known as the Castle of Dracula and until very recently served as residence for royal families. Vlad Tepes (upon which the legend of Dracula was based) is the castles most notorious inhabitants.

Some things best added to the purchase castle equation is that architects from 800 years ago had a totally different approach than modern ones. Castles may have up to a hundred bedrooms but only two bathrooms. Most often you also have to solve issues regarding nonexistent central heating and/or outdated kitchens. You could run the fireplaces, which is common in most rooms, but expect to have several running constantly, through day and night.

Maintenance bills for a small castle runs anywhere between around 3 to 7,000 dollars a month and the big ones with staff, a lot more. In other words, no concern of yours if you’re filthy rich. My advice: get a castle if you can.

Enjoy your weekend!