The 2LMX Watch -Analog Meets Digital-

The 2LMX Watch
-Analog Meets Digital-

2lmx is the code name for a group of friends who have worked in the watch industry for 15-20 years. They are recognized as specialists, and they are living for it. Arnaud Tellier is the man who gives breath of life to this time masterpiece. The watch is entirely created and manufactured in Switzerland, and is hand finished and assembled, requiring over 1,000 hours.
The main feature of this watch is amazing futuristic design and analog system.
The 2LMX movement uses four drums to indicate time digitally. The drums within drums concept allows them to indicate 10 digits in a limited space. The watch displays time in a 24 hour format.
The whole system of this perfect watch is something that you need to see in action.