apollo 15 watch

1971 Apollo 15 mission watch goes on sale for $1 million!

The Bulova lunar watch that still has ‘moon dust’ on it went on sale for $1million. Originally worn by U.S. astronaut Colonel David Scott, it is the only watch in the third EVA of Apollo 15 mission that wasn’t issued by NASA.

With its original Velcro strap still attached, the Bulova watch has clocked a total of 546 hours in space across three separate missions – Gemini 8, Apollo 9 and Apollo 15. The condition of the piece is remarkable, considering its history – there is minimal rust likely caused during splashdown, on the back of the strap, but it doesn’t take away from the watch’s worth.

The precision timepiece is available to the general public for the first time since NASA collected all mission-related objects and returned them to the astronauts upon completion. Additionally, it is the only watch to have made it in space that is not the NASA-approved Omega.

Worn during the famous Galileo Test conducted on the Moon in zero gravity and commemorated in the picture, where Scott salutes the American flag on the lunar surface – the Bulova lunar watch is a fascinating piece of historic memorabilia. Fortunately, it is the only watch not to end in a museum after the missions were completed and, instead, returned to its owner.

apollo 15 watch

This timepiece is a true representation of the way quality and elegance can withstand time. Scratches from the re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere are minimal and the original NASA-velcro wrap can be substituted from something more elegant and complementing to the watch’s historic worth.

apollo 15 watch

Consigned directly by Scott himself, the RR Auction will also feature several photographs of Scott wearing the Bulova during the missions. With the residual lunar material, NASA-issued strap and a few wear-and-tear signs, it remains the only watch to have made it to the general public and presents a unique opportunity.

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