2000 hawker 800xp

2000 Hawker 800XP Jet aircraft

The 2000 HAWKER 800XP is an attractive aircraft with a spacious eight passenger cabin, double four-place club arrangement with pull-out sidewall tables and private lavatory. It has everything to make even the longest journey pleasant and enjoyable.

Its interior is spacious and well-presented with high-quality materials displayed throughout – high gloss, wood veneer cabinets with Gold plate accessories as well as fine beige leather. It is fitted with an entertainment system that features Airshow 4000, DVD, CD player and two 15” monitors, on forward and aft bulkheads. The large galley includes microwave oven and cherry veneer woodwork with antique bronze fixtures complete the luxurious interior of the cabin.

2000 hawker 800 xp

The construction of the Hawker is carried out to extremely high standards of engineering and features modern composite graphite skin and bonded honeycomb core with bonded attachment fittings. TheTotal incremental installed weight of the Performance Enhancement System is less than 112 lbs. for the Hawker 800. Two vortilons on each wing improve low speed handling characteristics of the airplane. The new vortilons are small (2 in. high) and placed just under the edge of the wing to effectively control span-wise airflows as well as give the airplane a sleek, athletic look.

2000 hawker 800xp

The blended winglets allow for additional 30 minutes of flying as well as 1,500lbs of extra luggage when departing from high-altitude airports in hot weather. The LED navigational lighting system allows for increased reliability, longer life and higher visibility. Thanks to the winglets the 200 Hawker can fly up to 18 knots faster at the same rate of fuel burn. It allows for an optimal cruising altitude of 2,000 feet higher, making it possible to escape traffic and weather for more direct ATC routing.

2000 hawker 800xp

Priced around $1,850,000, the model sports Allied Signal TFE 731-5BR-1H Engines equipped with thrust reversers. The designer, double club four interior is exquisitely appointed in complementing leathers and fabrics with hand rubbed cherry woodwork.