The 2015 Indian Roadmaster

The 2015 Indian Roadmaster

Indian Motorcycle is one ot the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, founded in 1901 by George Hendee and Carl Oscar Hedstrom. It is based in Springfield and the first produced model, called 1901 Single, had a 1.75 horsepower engine. Since their early days, Indian bikes were designed with a lot of style and the idea that each new model must push the boundaries to a higher level.
Back in the 1940s, the Indian Roadmaster was the most luxurious model and now America’s first motorcycle company has unveiled the all-new 2015 Indian Roadmaster.

“It has truly been a privilege and an honor for our team to be a part of motorcycling history in designing and reintroducing the Roadmaster, which has such a legendary reputation as the king of luxury touring bikes,” said Steve Menneto, VP of Motorcycles for Polaris Industries.

New Indian Roadmaster is powered by the awe-inspiring and proven Thunder Stroke 111 engine, a 49-degree, air-cooled V-twin power plant mated to a 6-speed overdrive transmission. Inside it is nicely finished with an LED light, a 12-volt power port and carpet lining. Additional storage in the saddlebags, front cowl and lower fairings bring total capacity to 37.6 gallons.

For more comfortable ride, the new Desert Tan seat has more padding than the Chieftain’s unit and features high and low heat. The new Horizon windscreen shape has been modified and it is shorter by three-quarters of an inch but is wider at the corners. This allows the rider to look over the windscreen in the lowest position while still keeping wind off of the body. With additional speakers at the rear, the stereo system is actually the same as the Chieftain.

2015 Indian Roadmaster features high-resolution Anti-Lock Brakes, chrome front and rear highway bars, tire pressure monitoring system, keyless ignition with remote saddlebag and trunk locks, triple power ports, electronic cruise control, advanced infotainment system offering communication, navigation, and bluetooth capability for hands-free multi-device connectivity.
The Roadmaster is available in three colors: Thunder Black , Indian Motorcycle Red and Indian Motorcycle Red with Ivory Cream.