Global 7000 luxury

$73 Million Long Range Bombardier Global 7000 Longer & Larger

The latest incarnation of the Bombardier Global, the 7000 can fly non-stop for an astonishing 8,861 miles, equivalent to 7700 nautical miles. It exceeds original estimates after having conducted multiple long-haul test flights. With a price tag of $73 million, the Bombardier Global 7000 is longer and more significant than any of its predecessors. The plane can fly from Hong Kong to New York and has become the most extended range business jet plane in the world.

With the aircraft expected to enter service later in 2018, the Global 7000’s passenger area is split into four separate living areas and can accommodate a seating area, meeting or dining requirements. Besides, there is a cinema and a sizeable bedroom. The Global 7000 incorporates unprecedented levels of innovation, functionality, exceptionally high quality, superb ergonomics, and long-lasting durability.


As recently as April 2018, the Global 7000 won the Red Dot Design Award in the Ships, Trains and Planes category, which is an internationally recognised competition that has been conducted by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany, annually ever since 1955. Winning such an award is an extremely prestigious honour and will undoubtedly lead to more interest in the Bombardier Global 7000 super plane.

When it comes to speed, the Bombardier Global 7000 can reach speeds of 650 miles per hour, equivalent to Mach 0.995. The maximum operating speed is 610 mph, while the long-range cruising speed reaches 561 mph. The design of the wings allows the plane to land on relatively short runways and steep approach airports. The Bombardier Global 7000 is the ultimate long-range aircraft that is a testament to the technological advances and achievements gained by Bombardier. This latest incarnation is a futuristic plane that is available right now in the present!