OvisforwardX 1

A1 Powered Futuristic Robot Suitcase: $800

Although unremarkable looking, these carry-on suitcases really are very remarkable! Dubbed the Ovis, they provide a hassle-free, near perfect travel experience. The unique artificial intelligence-enabled sensors located all around the exterior of the case, allow the piece of luggage to follow you around anywhere you go, without assistance. The luggage provides you with extreme comfort and will most certainly get heads turning and eyes staring! The real value is the convenience of not having to carry a heavy suitcase as you walk along endless airport corridors and passages.


The cases look like standard medium sized suitcases, yet the built-in wheels and exterior sensors provide an entirely novel way to travel in comfort without having to carry or drag your heavy bags around. They come in many colours and retail for a pretty reasonable price of just under US$800. Manufactured in China, the local firm producing the unique baggage has pre-orders that supersede production capabilities as the demand for such a useful item surges. Nevertheless, the company has expanded production capabilities to try and deal with all orders. Interest for the A1 Suitcase comes from beyond Chinese borders, and there is a strong demand from Europe and the USA. The realistic price tag, along with the unique capabilities mean the innovative luggage is set to catch on in 2019, and expect to see them at an airport near you!

The Chinese company producing the A1 Robot Suitcase, ForwardX Robotics, is a relatively new Chinese startup experimenting with artificial intelligence. The company announced last year that  these innovative Ovis suitcases would be available for pre-order during the first quarter of 2019, and they will retail at $799. So will you pre-order an A1 suitcase so you can travel in complete comfort, without even having to carry your own bag? The Ovis is an affordable and convenient travel accessory you cannot do without.