About The Billionaire Shop

The Billionaire Shop has since its launch in 2012 quickly established itself as the premiere online shop for the world’s rich and famous, offering the most exquisite luxury items associated with a wealthy lifestyle. From cars, jets, helicopters and yachts to luxury estates around the globe, watches and jewelry. The Billionaire Shop has hand-picked only the finest and most exclusive products to cater to the needs of its intended customers, real winners.


The Billionaire Shop is an initiative of Multilotto.com

Originating from an idea to connect lotto winners with the latest in lifestyle and expression, The Billionaire Shop sought out to find a manner to make it into an actuality. Multilotto.com is offering its customers to play on the world´s biggest lotteries and felt the need to also provide the lucky winners the possibility to get a slice of the good life.

Multilotto.com wants to take good care of it´s winners by serving them The Billionaire Shop.