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Airbus ACJ330neo 2018 Private Jet $300 Million

Airbus has recently launched a brand new corporate jet rebranding with new colour schemes and aircraft names. The ACJ330neo is a fully-fledged member of the Airbus family of VIP wide-bodied corporate jetliners, and worthy of the Airbus corporate jet logo. The prestigious aircraft can fly continuously for 14,800 kilometres, accommodate 25 passengers in complete luxury and is 58.37 metres long, and 17.73 metres high. The plane has been designed for the highly-demanding VIP and private markets. Airbus produces the largest and most modern corporate jets money can buy, and the ACJ330ne 2018 is top of the heap.

Airbus’ family-derived corporate jetliners have cabins that offer more than three times the standard cabin volume traditional business jets offer. It has a similar wingspan and length but provides infinitely more benefits for passengers where it really counts most, in the cabin. It can comfortably accommodate features such as six-seater circular tables, large bedrooms, proper corridors and spacious bathrooms complete with showers. This allows customers to fly in total comfort with ample space to enjoy either for a home or an office cabin set up.

The Airbus ACJ330ne 2018 corporate private jet delivers many standard features such as extra navigational aids, groundbreaking fuel-saving wingtip fences, and powerful weight-saving carbon brakes. The aircraft has a carbon fibre fuselage with a spacious Easyfit-provisioned interior. It can deliver higher capacity, better capability and improved comfort providing customers with a better and newer way to travel around the world for business or pleasure. Nothing can compare to the level of excellence and comfort the plane offers, with fuel efficiency and the latest technology incorporated into the design of the aircraft. With prices for the 2018 model hovering around the $300 million mark, the Airbus ACJ330ne 2018 Private Jet is out of reach to all but billionaires.