Airbus VIP Helicopter H160

Airbus VIP Helicopter H160 $22 Million 2019

The brand new 2019 Airbus H160 corporate helicopter is the king of the skies. An exclusive design, the highest standards of luxury and the most technologically advanced Airbus helicopter model combine to produce a chopper for the jet-set, celebrities and billionaires. The H160 is the very first all-composite, lightweight passenger helicopter, and it is capable of reaching a top speed of 185 miles an hour, with a range of 500 miles without refuelling. The cabin is one of the quietest of all choppers, and over one billion was spent on research and development before the new H160 was launched.

The interior cabin comes with various options. As a passenger chopper, it can accommodate 12 passengers. It can also be ordered with an office set-up and fewer passenger seats. The lush interior is upholstered in genuine, high-quality leather with wood finishes, and accented with chrome metal. Five design firms submitted options for the internal layout of the VIP luxury chopper. The result has been described by the company as a unique and unparalleled blend of innovative design coupled with high performance and fuel efficiency.

The aircraft has two newly designed fuel-efficient Turbomeca Arrano turboshaft engines. They are capable of creating over 1,300 shaft horsepower. The new high-tech Blue Eagle blades patented by Airbus have been built in such a way as to reduce the noise levels generated by the interaction between the edge of the blades and the vortex. The H160 helicopter can climb to altitudes of 20,000 feet and is capable of performed overhead turns at 2.2G, which is equivalent to jets. Never before has a chopper scaled such heights of luxury and technological brilliance! The new VIP H160 helicopter by Airbus bucks the trend and reaches new levels of supremacy in the skies!