Andraab – a wearable work of art

From peacock patterns to Mughal florals – Andraab is gracing the fashion scene with a line of hand-woven, vibrant textiles that are a must-have for every stylish woman this season. The founder of Kashmir Caravans – a pioneering local touring company – Andrabi, has taken luxury to a new level with the introduction of the exquisite embroidery.


Their cashmere goods are all piece a wearable work of art, petal-soft to the touch and pleasing to the eyes. The minute patterns are the result of centuries of know-how and decades of relentless practice that has brought them at the top of the fashion pyramid. Each and every one of the embroidered leaves are sawn by specialists using super-fine silk thread to create that ethereal effect. Florals, zigzags, peacocks and candy stripes – the detail is staggering and the quality is truly one-of-a-kind. A buttercup-hued scarf finished with nandi bulls atop a rainbow of hand-embroidered roses sells for the modest sum of £215. The vibrant colours of the decorations contrast beautifully with the delicate grey nuance of the fabric.


The brand’s newest collection of 100 per cent natural-dye shawls starts at £158 and features a dazzling array of intricately-decorated pieces that will complement any outfit. But it’s not all appearance and there are products to fit every taste and necessity, such as the more practical metre-long, unembellished travel-blanket-cum-über-wrap that retails for £985. The quality of every single piece shines through in the materials as well as the execution of the design with the fabric being soft and smooth to touch.

The brand secret lies in making few changes to the traditional Kashmiri styles, building on top of a design that has proven durable over centuries. Their breathtakingly intricate embroidery is the ultimate testament to luxurious excess as well as the classiest form of demonstrating stature and style.