Bentley’s global debut of Mulsanne First Edition

Global automotive leader Bentley debuted their limited-run Mulsanne model at the Beijing Motor Show. With only 50 vehicles announced to be manufactured, potential owners should line up as soon as possible if they want to own a piece of the unparalleled craftsmanship of Bentley’s workforce.

Mulsanne First Edition

Although pricing still hasn’t been revealed for the latest Mulsanne– the model is expected to increase on the current car’s £229,360 starting price. The sleek styling and superior technology of the new model are elegantly blended and executed in an ultra-luxurious enhanced rear passenger space and driver’s seat. Naturally, Bentley has gone far and beyond to accentuate the recognisable exterior aesthetic of its car but the interior of their new venture is where the true ‘mind over matter’ concept takes form.

Mulsanne First Edition

The engraved Flying B ornament can be found throughout the cabin alongside Union Jack embroidery on the seats and 350-year-old English walnut tree veneer. If this isn’t enough, a strategically hidden vanity kit elegantly emerges from the back of the front seat to reveal a luxurious set, courtesy of Asprey of London.

The pinnacle interior space features reclining seats, a rear compartment sunroof and extending footrests. Extending curtains in a matching ivory colour guarantee the passengers’ privacy and create a uniquely relaxing travelling environment.  On the technology end Bentley continues to rely on seamless connectivity, equipping the on-board Android-powered tablets with its specific interface and over a million of Android applications. Audio and video streaming is possible as well as Internet browsing thanks to the car’s 4G WiFi system.

Mulsanne First Edition

Mulsanne First Edition is powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-litre engine, which has 21bhp more than the regular V8, and its torque peaks at 502lb ft. This permits the luxury saloon to accelerate from 0-60mph in just 4.6sec and achieve a top speed of 190mph. The new model combines in itself the exquisite craftsmanship, desire for innovation and powerful individuality of the brand – the qualities that define the luxurious performance of Mulsanne.