Ultra-rare-Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT convertible

Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT A Super Rare Convertible Restored to its former Glory

The name Pietro Frua was synonymous with coach building in Italy during the 1950s and 1960s. He was commissioned by BMW to create two 1600 GT prototype convertibles. His previous well-known designs included the 1955 Maserati A6G/54 Coupé as well as the Renault Floride while still at Ghia Design. A legend was born in 1967 when the mythical BMW 1600 GT Convertible became one of the rarest classic cars of its era. With one of the prototypes crashing during a test run, this model is the only remaining Pietro Frua 1600 GT Convertible.

Ultra-rare-Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT convertible 1

The result is a near-perfect recreation with silver bodywork, red interior and convertible top, which had ignited the vivid imagination of car enthusiasts in the 1960s. Frua had previously designed a small range of cars for one of Germany’s smallest car-makers, Glas. He worked on the designs of the Glas 1300 GT and Glas 1700. Once BMW acquired Glas, an opportunity arose, and Frua was allowed to work directly on BMW cars designs. Pietro Frua experimented using various BMW components such as grilles, headlights and also engines like the 104bhp engine from the BMW 1600 Ti. He also worked on heritage convertible prototypes.

Ultra-rare-Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT convertible 2

The rare GT sports car belongs to majority BMW shareholder Herbert Quandt. During the last 50 years, the classic convertible changed hands several times, finally acquired by BMW Group Classic during a private sale. It took seven years of painstaking work and meticulous attention to detail to finally restore the rare gem to its original glory. The vintage Frua bodywork was carefully restored under the strict supervision of vocational team mentors to high specifications. Critical body parts that were no longer in production was meticulously re-creating with replicas from the heritage plans of the classic car.

Bell Nexus

Bell to launch Nexus Hybrid Flying Car via Uber by mid-2020

The Bell Nexus is an “air taxi” set to be launched in conjunction with Taxi firm Uber. The Helicopter uses a hybrid-electric propulsion aircraft system with six tilting ducted fans for taking off and vertical landing from a launchpad or rooftop. Uber is set to include the new aerial taxi service shortly, propelling the Fort Worth, Texas-based Bell into the future. After a rebranding last year, Bell has morphed into a technology company after long years as a military and civilian helicopter company. There are plans to make electric VTOL (eVTOL) aircraft, and the Bell Nexus is the first foray into an unknown, futuristic market.

Bell nexus 1

Uber teamed up with Bell in 2017 with ambitious plans to create a network of inter-city flying taxis providing an alternative to street-level traffic. Bell has since been hard at work building its own designs and concepts. With the Nexus, Bell is seeking to have the Nexus in flight over several major markets by mid-2020. The Nexus is the ideal vehicle for a proposed flying taxi service due to its approachability. It is a robust aircraft you will feel safe and confident bringing your family into with its comfortable interior surroundings. The rotors are obscured by the large ducts, so there is no danger of losing a limb, and the aircraft is welcoming to people who haven’t travelled by helicopter before.

The Nexus can seat up to five passengers and has a gross weight capacity of 272 kilograms. Bell decided on a hybrid-electric propulsion system, instead of an all-electric mode, and that increases the range and loading capacity. There are at least 19 companies developing flying-cars, including Boeing, Airbus and Kitty Hawk, owned by Google founder Larry Page. However, the Bell Nexus has the edge, and with its strategic partnership with Uber, you can expect flying taxis around mid-2020.

eleMMent palazzo Superior

The most luxurious RV in the world – The eleMMent palazzo

The eleMMent palazzo Superior can be described as the most luxurious RV in the world. It is equipped with unbeatable technical innovation and ultra-comfort. The eleMMent palazzo Superior is the ultimate and absolute pinnacle of RV luxury, and a top-of-the-line model recognised in more than 190 countries as a byword for unsurpassed luxury. It is without a shadow of a doubt, the most outstanding motorhome you can find in 2019. The ultra-stylish and quality design speaks for itself and combines modern design features taken from the world of motorsports, of aviation and even yachting to create a spectacular and singular masterpiece.


The cab appearance is far ahead of its time, the craftsmanship is undisputed, and the manufacturing process follows extreme precision using the highest performance carbon fibre materials found on the market. The exterior design incorporates sporty lines and contours that magically and seamlessly craft a most beautiful and elegant design. The 36-inch rim covers resemble racing car wheels, while the cockpit sports a central digital instrumentation panel and MMI control centre inspired by jet plane cockpits. The cab is exceptionally comfortable akin to a luxury limousine ride.

There is a panoramic windscreen that can be darkened in two tones using an adjustable system as protection from the sun. The body emphasises a reliable and robust design across all the eleMMent series, and the outstanding functionality and comfort are standard. The self-supporting and sturdy frame structure has a thick 60mm wall that provides exceptional stability and superb insulation comparable to the expedition vehicles that are operated on extreme off-road conditions and terrains. The classy integrated yacht windows with beautiful chrome trim attract indirect lighting, and the impressive Sky Lounge is a real highlight of the eleMMent palazzo superior.

The system is reserved exclusively for the owner’s personal panoramic views, and lifts automatically up out of the body, thereby creating a walled-in roof deck effect. There is an exterior stairwell that leads directly up to the roof deck with perfectly integrated lounge furniture. The specially developed and patented air convection system will ensure a comfortable interior temperature, preventing excess pressurisation when sliding the full-wall room extensions outwards.


The floor plan and interior layout of the eleMMent palazzo superior disproves pre-existing stereotypes, and you get an original and convenient interior. Whichever options you choose, you are virtually assured of high quality and an exclusive RV experience.

OvisforwardX 1

A1 Powered Futuristic Robot Suitcase: $800

Although unremarkable looking, these carry-on suitcases really are very remarkable! Dubbed the Ovis, they provide a hassle-free, near perfect travel experience. The unique artificial intelligence-enabled sensors located all around the exterior of the case, allow the piece of luggage to follow you around anywhere you go, without assistance. The luggage provides you with extreme comfort and will most certainly get heads turning and eyes staring! The real value is the convenience of not having to carry a heavy suitcase as you walk along endless airport corridors and passages.


The cases look like standard medium sized suitcases, yet the built-in wheels and exterior sensors provide an entirely novel way to travel in comfort without having to carry or drag your heavy bags around. They come in many colours and retail for a pretty reasonable price of just under US$800. Manufactured in China, the local firm producing the unique baggage has pre-orders that supersede production capabilities as the demand for such a useful item surges. Nevertheless, the company has expanded production capabilities to try and deal with all orders. Interest for the A1 Suitcase comes from beyond Chinese borders, and there is a strong demand from Europe and the USA. The realistic price tag, along with the unique capabilities mean the innovative luggage is set to catch on in 2019, and expect to see them at an airport near you!

The Chinese company producing the A1 Robot Suitcase, ForwardX Robotics, is a relatively new Chinese startup experimenting with artificial intelligence. The company announced last year that  these innovative Ovis suitcases would be available for pre-order during the first quarter of 2019, and they will retail at $799. So will you pre-order an A1 suitcase so you can travel in complete comfort, without even having to carry your own bag? The Ovis is an affordable and convenient travel accessory you cannot do without.


Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge 2019 – $500,000

The new 2019 Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge combines supreme luxury with speed and performance. The brand needs little introduction and has been synonymous with excellent motoring throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. The Dawn is a more purposeful, blacker version of the standard Dawn drop-top affording an uncompromising expression of open-top luxury with high performance based on a 593bhp engine. The Black Badge versions of the Ghost and Wraith were introduced alongside the Dawn, and they signify additional power.


The most impressive improvements have been made to the engine, which adds an extra 30bhp. The new 6.6-litre, twin-turbo V12 engine produces 593bhp, and the torque is increased by 15 lb-ft up to 620 lb-ft. The Dawn propels you from 0-62mph in just 4.9 seconds delivering an impressive top speed of 155mph. The transmission has also been enhanced to offer a more involved driving experience which is spirited, yet still retains the Dawn’s peerless qualities and smooth ride. The breaks are larger in diameter than the standard Dawn, and the steering is quicker and more responsive.

The new exhaust system emits a low, growling menacing tone and the Dawn Black Badge will appeal to the younger and more dynamic customer. There are many subtle, yet crucial differences between the Black Badge and standard Dawn. With a darker chrome finishing, the Dawn is moodier and more aggressive looking, producing a deep, dark, and intense black with a high-gloss paint finishing. The interior is full of black leather, a new aluminium carbon composite trim, and there are plenty of alternatives for customisation. The price of the 2019 Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge is $500,000, and the sky’s the limit.


2019 Embraer Jets Claim Long-Range Crown

Embraer has just introduced midsize along with super-midsize corporate business jets set for launch in 2019. The company announced they will be the longest-range aeroplanes in their class in the world. The two protagonists are the Praetor 500 and Praetor 600. Both aircraft are fully fly-by-wire, which is a first for any jet of their size. They provide exceptional active turbulence reduction and the best-in-category 5,800-foot cabin altitude with the highest aircraft payload capacity in their class.

The Praetor 500 can lay claim to being the swiftest midsize jet, capable of a maximum top speed of Mach 0.83. The two planes are both derivatives of Embraer’s Legacy 450 and 500 models, albeit with redesigned winglets and extra capacity fuel tanks providing a greater range. There is a newly styled interior design, more advanced technological features within the cabin and also the cockpit.

Praetor 500 cockpit

On the other hand, the Praetor 600 is a bold attempt by Embraer to gain further ground in the lucrative super-midsize aeroplane segment. The Praetor 600 has an intercontinental range of 3,900 nautical miles, carrying four passengers. It is fully capable of flying directly, non-stop from London to New York. The plane can be set up for 8 to 12 passengers in complete comfort, and the starting price is US$21 million.

Back to the Embraer Praetor 500, it is projected to be the fastest jet in its category. The intercontinental range is 3,250 nautical miles carrying from four to a maximum nine passengers, available at a base price US$17 million, rising to a high of US$20 million. Embraer fully expects to gain certification of the Praetor 600 during the second quarter of 2019, while the Praetor 500 will be made available during the third quarter.

Asymmetric SL102

Sanlorenzo breaks new ground with the Asymmetric SL102

The new Sanlorenzo Asymmetric SL102 is the world’s first asymmetric yacht and a bold attempt to break new ground with its futuristic design. Premiering at the Cannes Yachting Festival, it captured the imagination with pre-orders taking the production schedule into 2020.

The SL102 has only one side deck on the starboard side. The port side passageway area is incorporated into the master suite and saloon areas with the objective of increasing the interior room space and providing better access to the outdoor deck. The hull shape, windows, superyacht styling as well as the typical flybridge roof all reflect Sanlorenzo’s DNA and core values. It takes a while getting used to the unusual asymmetric concept, which is accentuated when looking out of the cockpit providing a clear view of the starboard passageway, the impressive flybridge stairs and the full-beam saloon.

Asymmetric SL102 body

The interior saloon is beautifully designed with elements on both sides. There is a double door opening towards starboard, and the bulwark can transform into a drop-down balcony creating a modern and luxurious villa on the sea. The open doors and balcony expand the vistas, welcoming in an abundance of natural light and cool sea breezes, and there are comfortable sofas on either side of the saloon. The bulwark on the starboard side can be lowered automatically affording clear views out of all the full-height windows. The guest cabins on the lower deck consist of four large double rooms, which take up the majority of the yacht’s 23 ft beam.

The performance is impressive, and there are two MTU 16V engine options. The 2,434 hp version produces a top speed of 29 knots, with a cruising speed of 26 knots. The SL102 is a significant milestone for Sanlorenzo, firmly establishing the brand in the superyacht sector. With a combination of innovative asymmetric design, high power performance and interior luxury, the SL102 is the superyacht of the future.

2019 Jaguar i-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace – The Most Important SUV of 2019

Make no mistake, this SUV is groundbreaking despite its modest price tag of $70,000. The Jaguar 2019 I-Pace is the very first all-electric crossover SUV. The I-Pace is capable of travelling a distance of 240 miles on a single charge, delivering 394 hp with a four-wheel drive system.

Jaguar I pace

The engine can propel the crossover to 60 mph in an impressive 4.5 seconds, which is quicker than the Tesla Model X 100D. So move over Tesla, the Jaguar I-Pace is a realistic contender the crown of SUV all-electric vehicles which are affordable to the masses. The double engine packs a powerful 90-kilowatt-hour battery sandwiched in between, and it is considerably smaller than that used in Tesla Model X models.

The supple, heated seats offer comfortable support while off-roading in the countryside. Passengers seated at the rear receive the same level of luxury with a useful shelf hidden beneath each seat with a USB port for charging your iPad/iPhone, or a compact laptop, something even upmarket models hardly offer. The headroom while seated on the backseats is far better than many SUVs on the market, and the interior is improved further with the exceptional all-ceiling glass roof which creates an incredibly bright, open-air feel. The luxurious materials and interior styling is a Jaguar hallmark, and quality abounds from the engine to every detail of construction.


The I-Pace’s ride comes with an optional air suspension system that is incredibly soft and supple, effectively soaking up the imperfections of rugged terrain and bumpy roads. The I-Pace also marks the debut of the InControl Touch Pro Duo infotainment system developed by Jaguar and measures up well with the Range Rover’s Velar info-system. Its signature 10-inch touchscreen is augmented by a smaller 5.5-inch screen just below, and the system is intuitive and straightforward to operate and won’t cause a distraction while cruising along.

Hublot Classic Fusion Bronze Bucherer Blue Editions

Hublot Classic The Art of Fusion with Bronze Bucherer Blue Editions

Hublot and Bucherer have teamed up to craft an unusual beauty and marvel of watchmaking. The brand new limited edition Hublot Classic Fusion Bucherer Blue Edition is the result of this collaboration. It sticks to Hublot’s core values and philosophy of Art of Fusion. It is a luscious blend of creative flair, traditional and contemporary design. The fine craftsmanship is unquestionable, and the materials are of the highest caliber. The timepiece creates a statement of masculinity and oozes charm and bespoke style.

Bronze Bucherer blue edition

It is a first for Hublot to combine a bronze case with a ceramic black bezel with six H-shaped titanium screws holding it in place. Its innovative sun-ray finish and blue satin-polished dial give the watch a genuinely distinctive and alluring look. The alligator leather strap with gold stitching adds more class and elegance to this unique modern gentleman’s watch. The bronze mellows into tones of yellow and pink and its individual character develops as time goes by accentuating the intrinsic and unique qualities of each timepiece and adapting them to each person’s wrist.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Bucherer Blue Edition measures 13.05 mm thick and 45 mm in diameter. The outer casing houses the mechanical HUB1112 automatic movement, and there is a 42-hour date display with power reserve. The central theme is blue, a colour that has inspired many an artist with its allusion to sky, sea and freedom. Blue has become somewhat synonymous with Bucherer.

The recent launch was a lavish affair with images of the new watch projected onto famous London landmarks. The vivid blue was highlighted with the latest exclusive watch collection as the city’s landmarks were draped in beautiful images of this new masterpiece, the  Hublot Classic Fusion Bucherer Blue Edition.


B. Zero1 Bvlgari Ring – Zaha Hadid Inspired Genius US$2,200

Bulgari has always signified quality and elegance, and the B.Zero1 ring is inspired by the majesty and architectural beauty of Rome’s Colosseum. With elegant lines and intricate details, the ring is a stellar addition to the brand’s exclusive range of jewellery. The ring is a fan favourite and best seller that is available in 18K high polished, engraved white gold. It joins an astonishing collection of interesting and exciting rings that have impressed women for decades, especially since it is exclusively designed by the genius of Zaha Hadid!

B.zero1 ring

With a price of $2,200, the Bulgari B.Zero1 ring is not mass produced, but for exclusive clientele. The ring is made in Italy by skilled craftsmen, and the attention to detail is admirable as much as it is impressive. The B.Zero1 weighs 13.2 grams and has a bandwidth of 9 millimetres. You get an exclusive designer case to store the precious item of jewellery when you aren’t wearing it on your finger.

If you are looking for something a sophisticated and adventurous gift, the Bulgari B.Zero1 is ideal. The brand name ensures you get a substantial investment as Bulgari rings always seem to go up in value year after year. If you really want a special gift for your loved one, it is something she isn’t likely to forget all her life!

The feeling of luxury the B.Zero1 ring provides is unmatched, and its distinctive looks are sure to turn heads with the right people. You get a little piece of Bulgari magic with this ring and putting it on your finger imbues you with a feeling that only comes why a Bulgari ring such as this one.