The best Whiskeys

The best Whiskeys to Drink This Summer

There is nothing more enjoyable than a glass of sophisticated, barrel-proof bourbon to offset the palette after a savoury meat at a Michelin-starred restaurant. For a selection of the finest whiskeys to drink this summer, turn your eye to the list below:

1. Bruichladdich Octomore 7.4 Virgin Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The world’s most heavily peated whisk is the first release in the tenure of new head distiller Adam Hannett. Priced at $250 per bottle, it’s aged in virgin French oak and laid down as an experiment, which has proved incredibly successful. The final product is a layered whisky with citrus and honey notes complementing cinnamon and clove from the wood and, of course, an ashy barbecue undertaste of the peat.

Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky

2. Hillrock Estate Double Cask Rye PX Finish

Aged for 4 years in char barrels and eight weeks in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, the Hillrock Estate Double Cask Rye PX Finish the takes concepts of “artisanal” and “craft” to another level. With rye, barley and corn grown locally on the property of the distillery, the barley is malted in-house, producing an experimental whiskey bursting with ripe dark fruit with a drier sherry notes and strong undertones of cinnamon and allspice. It sells for $100 a bottle.

Hillrock Estate Double Cask Rye PX Finish

3. Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend

The first of a series of limited-edition whiskeys, the Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend is a lighter bourbon-style whisky aged in new charred American oak. The $60-dollar beverage boasts a wining combo of equal parts sweet/fruity (notably cherry) and spicy/grainy, smooth tones without going bland. It’s an excellent example of Canadian whisky and tradition.

Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend

4. Royal Brackla Aged 16 Years Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The $130 Royal Brackla Aged 16 Years Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is matured in oloroso-sherry casks; and bottled at a mild 80 proof. With a raisin, dark-cherry, and dried-apricot notes as well as cinnamon, toffee, and baking spices, the whiskey makes its presence known with a long, dry finish.

Royal Brackla Aged 16 Years Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Ritz-Carlton hotel

Inside the swanky Berlin hotel beloved by artists and A-listers

Berlin’s Ritz-Carlton hotel has long been a favourite for some of the most demanding celebrities and socialites. One look at the venue’s exemplary reputation, signature a ‘fragrance bar’, brasserie restaurant and a club lounge leaves no doubt as to why the 5-star hotel is preceded by its fame. With a concierge desk headed up by Thomas Munko, none other than the president of the German International Concierge Association, guests can expect royal treatments every minute of their stay.

Inside the swanky Berlin hotel beloved by artists and A-listers023

One of the more extravagant features of the hotel is, undoubtedly, the Ritz-Carlton Berlin’s Club Lounge available to guests staying on floors 10 and 11, which is effectively a mini-hotel inside the larger one. It offers bespoke opportunities for socialization away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, which makes it very popular amongst celebrities and models.

Naturally, every 5-star hotel is accompanied by its own stylish restaurant and in this case this is the Ritz-Carlton’s Brasserie Desbrosses – known for serving high-end comfort food such as veal escalope, corn-fed chicken and tuna ceviche in a 1930s’ French brasserie environment that inspires class and a delightful bohemian feel.

Inside the swanky Berlin hotel beloved by artists and A-listers0205

After enjoying a fine meal at the Ritz-Carlton’s restaurant, guests can take a dip in the basement’s in small but beautifully formed swimming pool, which is tiled and illuminated and features a whirlpool and sauna. There is also a state-of-the-art gym for those who are feeling particularly sporty.

A late night is definitely something to consider given the reputation of the unique Fragrances Bar, a dimly lit temple led Arnd Heissen – Mixology Bar Awards Mixologist of 2014 – who is famous for his sensational concoctions. Scented by exotic perfumes, the ambiance of this place is made all the more interesting given the exceptionally original way each drink is served.

Inside the swanky Berlin hotel beloved by artists and A-listers0204

A plush Curtain Club and a more serene tea lounge are amongst the other alternatives available to guests. All bedrooms at the Ritz-Carlton are wonderfully elegant and luxurious with rates starting from £200 per person per night for the Grand Suite.

13th century moated castle

Stunning 13th century moated castle on sale for £1.45 million

Living like an aristocrat has never been easier after a spectacular and well-preserved 13th century moated castle has hit the market for £1.45million in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.  The Grade II listed property is a remarkable combination of historic relevance, modern improvements and tranquil location to make the perfect family home.


7,600 feet of accommodation stretch across the castle, featuring three floors that consist of eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, reception rooms including a grand dining hall with a medieval fireplace, large kitchen and adjacent breakfast room, large drawing room, a garden room, study, den and games room. The master bedroom makes creative use of the circular tower to create a round bathroom with a stand-alone marble tub.


The castle sits on 14 acres of grounds and is located to the south of the village of Etton, Cambridgeshire. It is still surrounded by the original moat and just a track at the front of the house breaks up the water. Although built in the 13th century – not much is known about the history of the castle before the 1600s when it was the scene of an important English Civil War battle. With its well preserved grounds and original fittings, the property feels like a step back in time with its tower room.


It is a lovely historic building with lots of Tudor features – heavy beams, high ceilings and stonework walls that are in pristine condition. A medieval fireplace warms up the dining hall and the tower room dates back to the original castle. It is one of the few castles located in this part of the country, adding a certain level of exclusivity.

The idyllic estate is perfect for buyers interested in a rural setting with a rich sense of historic value without having to sacrifice any of the modern luxuries they are so used to.

Richard Mille's new Tourbillon watch

Richard Mille’s new Tourbillon watch

Richard Mille has a proud history of manufacturing expensive watches that border the world of haute couture and architectural minimalism with their striking skeleton cases. The newly-introduced line of sapphire tourbillion pieces does an amazing job at continuing the Maison’s rich heritage, being a true representation of a modern gentleman’s sense of edgy style and sophisticated elegance.

The RM 56-02 with the striking price tag of $2,020,000 boasts a complex case design and exceptionally intricate movement. Both are forged out of pure sapphire and suspended in air by a signature system of pulleys that is highly revered in the world of haute horology. The model employs the same fundamental design of the infamous Nadal watch known as the RM 27-01. It was that particular piece that marked the debut of the trademarked technology that suspended the watches’ interior mechanics transparently mid-air, giving the whole composition the appearance of weightlessness. The difference with the RM 56-02 is the base-plate made of titanium and the sapphire case.

Richard Mille's new Tourbillon watch

The interior of the watch is just as spectacular as the exterior with suspension cable braided to a remarkable .35mm thickness (or the width of a fishing line), which is controlled by the aforementioned pulleys posted to four points along the movement as well as additional posts along the side of the case. A ratchet is positioned at 9 o’clock to allow the wearer to adjust the tension on the cables, and an arrow at 12 o’clock registers how tight the cords are.

The three-part case is constructed entirely of sapphire crystal, which is extremely hard and scratch resistant. However, the tough material presents some manufacturing difficulties, which make the RM 56-02 all the more valuable. Its case has to be milled and ground from solid pieces of sapphire as any mistake will result in the piece cracking and a new one will have to be started from square one. It takes an average of 40 days of around-the-clock machining to create a single RM 56-02 case – or 960 hours in total. The sapphire bridges take an additional 400 hours, meaning a total of 1500 hours of fine workmanship go into a single watch.

Luxurious Resort

Mozambique’s Spirit in a New Luxurious Resort

Just a quick helicopter ride away, nestled in the lush landscape of Mozambique, is the idyllic and serene andBeyond Benguerra Island and andBeyond Vamizi with partner lodges that are the epitome of luxury and comfort. Carefully selected guests get to enjoy the very best experience.

Mozambique's Spirit in a New Luxurious Resort05

The exclusive resort reopened in June after a multimillion-dollar renovation by the renowned safari company andBeyond and now offers spectacular accommodation in a place of unparalleled views. More than 140 avian species range from kingfishers to flamingos and pristine beaches are just part of the picturesque Nature one can expect to find there. The property consists of 13 thatched cabanas and casinhas with features, such as swinging daybeds, infinity-edge pools, and outdoor rain showers so guests can truly become one with the Nature around.

Mozambique's Spirit in a New Luxurious Resort

The wildlife at Benguerra is definitely the highlight of this experience, but the resort provides the necessary basic luxuries that the ultra-rich are used to.  A dhow turned bar offers guests the unique opportunity to marvel at the dusk as they enjoy a signature cocktail.

Rates start from $1 195 per guest, per night and make sure that give access to either of the two lodges, ten casinos and a number of other amenities. Snorkelling and wildcat watching are amongst the choices of passing time and there are also the options of private safaris and spending a night under the starlit Mozambican sky.

Mozambique's Spirit in a New Luxurious Resort

The property boasts an incredible natural-inspired design and is constructed entirely of natural materials, such as wood and tile with a wonderful rustic appeal. It is fitted with the latest in modern technologies so guests can enjoy a wireless connection and flat-screen TVs. 24/7 service personnel is available to cater to your every whim and organize private tours of the island, diving expeditions and wild animal tracking adventures.

Mozambique's Spirit in a New Luxurious Resort04

Mazzanti's New Limited Edition Supercar

Mazzanti’s New Limited Edition Supercar

The 1,000-hp Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli made its debut at the 2016 Turin Auto Show as the most powerful car to ever come out of Italy. Although it is not as widely recognized as Ferrari or Lamborghini, Mazzanti is in the same league as these brands illustrious brands in terms of performance and design.

Mazzanti's New Limited Edition Supercar01

The Evantra Millecavalli is a further development of the basic Evantra model and its name Millecavalli is Italian for “a thousand horses,” to mark the car’s power output, which tops even the 950 hp of the Ferrari LaFerrari. The power comes from a twin-turbocharged 7.2-liter V-8 engine of Mazzanti’s own design. It is responsible for a peak torque of 885 pound-feet and acceleration from 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds and on to a top speed of over of 250 mph.

Mazzanti's New Limited Edition Supercar03

Power is not the only impressive feature of the limited edition Evantra Millecavalli as the model exhibits a sophisticated chassis on top of other things. A wider track, Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, OZ Racing lightweight wheels, and sticky Pirelli Trofeo R tires are some of the core elements that transform the design into something truly spectacular.

The car is still in its pre-production stage, leaving a great deal of the model’s specifics yet to be revealed. However, one thing is for certain at this point and that is that the Evantra Millecavalli will surely grace some of the world’s best racetracks for fine-tuning.

Mazzanti's New Limited Edition Supercar04

Only 25 units of the exclusive vehicle will be produced for now and 3 have already been sold to unknown buyers. The first hybrid supercar boasts a starting price of £600,000 – which is more than a Ferrari. It is completely handmade and comes with a choice of an aluminium or carbonfibre body. The latter option allows for the shortest construction time of 8 months and is likely to be favoured by most customers. The styling is defined by bold, rear-hinged doors and large 20in alloy wheels.

Mangusta’s New Luxury Yacht

Mangusta’s New Luxury Yacht

Mangusta has long been a line of super luxurious vessels favoured by the ultra-rich for their outstanding interior proportions, modern furnishings, exceptional performance and fluid design. Further to the 165 model that has generated worldwide buzz when it was rolled out, the renowned yacht-maker has debuted the 165E, also dubbed the Moonraker.

Mangusta’s New Luxury Yacht03

The 49.9 metre yacht is a vessel of absolute quality in every sense of the word. It is spacious, functional and represents the first of its series with the E in the name standing for Evolution. With an open-plan design, the Moonraker boasts an interior that is both tasteful and stylish, incorporating over 250 textures and fine materials. Amongst them are exquisite stone, hard wood, mother of pearl and fine leathers, which include Aston Martin leather chairs. These add quite a bit of unique flair to the sophisticated surroundings and well-appointed artwork is strategically placed throughout the vessel over all deck to make it feel like a home on the water.

Mangusta’s New Luxury Yacht02

Up to eight guests can be comfortably accommodated over four luxurious cabins. There is one master suite, one VIP cabin and two double cabins – all situated on the lower deck. A crew of five is factored into the proportions. A laid-back lounge area provides a relaxing space for guests to unwind. The VIP cabin benefits from an oversized queen bed, and is decorated in pastel, peaceful beige and cream colours.

In addition to the spectacular master suit, the lower deck houses a cinema room and a .The cinema features a 65” TV and built-in ‘candy drawers’ for an authentic movie theatre experience. A nice touch is the seating area in the form of an extra deep wall-to-wall plush sofa, which doubles up as a bed.

Mangusta’s New Luxury Yacht01

The state-of-the-art gym provides guests with a Hammam/steam shower and en-suite facilities. On the upper deck a spacious and strikingly modern salon offers the options of an awning as well as a bar with ample seating areas available throughout.

Moonraker is available for charter with Burgess at $189,000 a week.

HYT H1 Full Gold

HYT H1 Full Gold

HYT watches are known for being more than just another timepiece in the world of haute couture and fine watch-making. The brand’s tagline “Hydro Mechanical Horologists” perfectly epitomizes the brilliant combination of exquisite workmanship and modern edge one can expect from the models.

The H1 is the watch that started it all. Its design features a sub-dial at 12 o’clock with a singular hand for indication of the minutes. An hour hand is absent and instead replaced by a circular tube that runs inside the dial’s circumference. Coloured and clear liquids with controlled levels are placed inside the tube as well as an expansion of two piston-driven bellows at 6 o’clock. These liquids mark the change of hours, simultaneously giving way to it. Twice a day at six o’clock, they undergo a retrograde motion and return to the starting position, marking the beginning of a new cycle all over again.

HYT H1 Full Gold

Such a display system is utterly fascinating both in design and execution. The fluid system is governed through autonomous timekeeping, while still allowing manipulation when the crown is operated to set the time. The exhausting research required to develop the specific nuances and viscosities of the liquids involves a great deal of fine-tuning. To top everything off- the entire system is resistant against vibration and temperature fluctuation.

HYT H1 Full Gold 2

The new H1 Full Gold boasts a case made entirely in pink gold, which is a first for the line. This 50-piece limited edition will be retiled for prices starting at $51,750. The beautiful detailing includes galvanic coating in the same hue on the minute sub-dial, small seconds’ wheel, power reserve indicator, and the hour ring for perfect uniformity. The usual fluorescent liquids for the hours have been substituted for opaque black. This makes possible for the Super-LumiNova coating underneath the liquid capillary (i.e. glass tube) to emit green light in the dark that is another first for the brand. The final result is a timepiece that exudes seriousness and solemnity for the modern gentleman.

The Ultimate Olympic Games Itinerary

The Ultimate Olympic Games Itinerary

In the light of the upcoming Rio Summer Olympics, London-based travel company Black Tomato has rolled out a package that will allow guests to bring together sports watching with a bespoke travel experience in the ultimate luxurious package. The incredible trip can be booked from August 5 through 21 and it is priced from $34,000 per person with departure from New York.

The company specializes in tailor-made itineraries for the super-rich, which means guests are guaranteed a unique travel experience in top-notch hotels and visits at Michelin-starred restaurants.  The best of Rio and the summer games will be the highlight of this unique journey, so tickets to specific Olympic events will be included in the package. Of course, guests will be treated to VIP spectator lounges and the choice of events they are offered will be customized based on their personality and interests.

Olympic Games Itinerary03

Black Tomato’s hotel of choice for the stay at Rio includes Black Tomato suggests watching the men’s gymnastics final at the Rio Olympic Arena and retiring that night to luxury hotel Fasano. It is situated on the picturesque Avenida Vieira Souto in the heart of Ipanema beach, combining the glamour and sophistication of Rio’s most upscale address with the Fasano commitment to excellence. A casual Mediterranean restaurant, infinity pool and signature cocktails are just some of the perks of this exclusive accommodation.

Olympic Games Itinerary02

Some of the other activities included in the travel package include an afternoon on Prainha, which is a secluded surfer’s beach and an unforgettable helicopter ride over the coastline. Private museum and neighbourhood tours are also intended to be part of the journey. Also an item is a hike to Sugarloaf Mountain and an evening stroll on the Ipanema, which is the perfect opportunity to experience Rio’s beach culture. Exclusive seats at the Aquatics Center to watch a swimming race provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Best Business Jets

The Best Business Jets

The Dubai Air Show showcases a variety of fine aircraft – ranging from drones to commercial airliners and business jets in a bid to demonstrate the latest in aviation luxury and cutting-edge technology. This year Honeywell International, which specializes in aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, forecasts up to 9,250 new business jets will be ordered with a combined cost of over £250 billion ($400 billion) between 2016 and 2023. The best business jets that are the highlight of the event are:

Large-Cabin Ultralong-Range: Gulfstream G650ER

Gulfstream G650ER

This aircraft has more range than any other with superior dimensions inside the cabin and large expansive windows. Its speed and performance is outstanding for a jet of such capabilities, making it one of the best corporate jets ever built. The G650ER has a range of 8,630 miles and a capacity of eight passengers. The passenger area of the cabin is almost 47 feet long, 6 feet 5 inches tall, and 8 feet 6 inches in width. It can be customized to feature a private office or bedroom and has a selling price of $66.5 million.

Ultralong-Range: Bombardier Global 6000

Ultralong-Range Bombardier Global 6000

Bombardier takes the Global brand to a new level with this large-cabin aircraft model. The cabin environment and overall performance characteristics are truly exceptional. It has a capacity for as many as 19 passengers and a comfortable interior that includes an aft stateroom with its own lavatory, and club seating in the main seating area. It sells for $50.44 million.

Super Large: Gulfstream G450

Super Large Gulfstream G450

The G450 preserves the classic GIV series airframe while boasting impressive economics and performance in both midrange and long-range mission. A favourite for decades, the model benefits from a spacious cabin with a layout that can include a forward club seating area, a work area, and an aft stateroom.  Expansive windows and a constant supply of fresh air are other features that make traveling a breeze in this $32 million jet.

Gulfstream G450