Gulfstream G650

The emperor of private jets! At $65 million, it’s the biggest, fastest, and overall best private jet money can buy. Capable of covering huge distances such as New York – Dubai and London – Buenos Aires whilst carrying 8 passengers. The cabin is flooded with natural lights and is also provided with richer air then other jets.

The Gulfstream G650 holds the current “around the world” record for any subsonic plane. It took 5 pilots 41 hrs. and 30 minutes to complete the full lap and they did so at a speed close to Mach 1.

This t-shirt in our store is dedicated to our love for the G650, which indeed is the best way to get around.



The latest and the best from the legendary Italian automobile house. Some might consider it old news this time around but it still deserves its own little space on the billionaire shop. In line with the latest hybrid-trend, the $1.3M LaFerrari derives its power from both a V12 and an electric engine. It is the most powerful Ferrari ever produced and the new hybrid technology  decreases overall fuel consumption by 40%.
LaFerrari utilizes a carbon fiber monocoque structure developed by Ferrari’s F1 technical director Rory Byrne, with a claimed 27 percent more torsional rigidity and 22 percent more beam stiffness than the Enzo.
The first LaFerrari in UK, owned by Samuel Eto’o, is set to hit the streets any day now, just in time for Christmas.


Zaha Hadid Superyachts for Blohm + Voss

Stumbling across this Yacht on the World Wide Web certainly struck a certain note. I feel that I lack the eloquence to properly describe the appearance of this extraterrestrial craft.
The design is signed Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi-British architect with the design of structures like the Guangzhou Opera House on her resumé.The idea is to design a new concept of super yachts, initially with a 128-meter prototype and later on, 5 fully-engineered 90-meter yachts.

“The exoskeleton structure of the upper section is an interwoven network of supports that vary in thickness and lend a natural aesthetic to the yacht’s external appearance; evoking the organic structural systems of natural marine formations and connecting the various levels and decks of the ship seamlessly via expressive diagonals.”


Being nothing but a layman I ask myself if all that “architecture” structuring is superfluous and contributes to unnecessary weight, drag, noise, and added maintenance.  I am however very sure that the vessels will fill the purpose intended by their owners.


Diamond Auctioned for Record $83m Dollars.

Just a few weeks ago a diamond the size of a plum were auctioned in Geneva for $83m dollars. the world record for a gemstone.  This extraordinary stone had been estimated at $60m. This Diamond was found by De Beers in Africa 1999 and has since has an unknown amount of owners which all have remained incognito.
The 59.60-carat “Pink Star” weighs in at 11.92 grams being the largest in its class ever graded with the second biggest less than half its size. What makes it even more precious is the fact that it falls into a rare category with the purest diamond crystals and unmatched optical transparency, comprising less than two percent of all gem diamonds.
Perhaps someone is about to recieve a christmas gift out of the ordinary.


Wally Hermès Yacht

This Yacht is so special that it deserves a repost.  In 2009 Wally announced a joint project with legendary French fashion house Hermès which they named WHY (Wally Hermès Yacht). The hull, which was tested in a secret facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, measures 58 x 38 meter and is driven by a diesel electrical engine. The construction of the hull allows for the boat to create a totally flat surface of calm water behind it, like an Olympic size pool, where you can swim in total peace. A surface of photovoltaic panels provides a substantial amount of the  energy needed to power the ship.
The teak deck that surrounds the vessel serves as a coastal-path-inspired jogging track and in the forward end there’s a 25-meter long swimming pool.


Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon

The “Royal Oak Concepts” holds a very special place in the delicate world of horology, symbolizing cutting edge technology, without the spare of any expenses. The first RO Concept was released back in 2002 as a 30th-anniversary tribute to Audemars Piguet’s legendary octagonal Royal Oak.
The third and latest Royal Oak Concept features a titanium case with a white ceramic bezel, crown and push pieces instead of black, all heightening the contrast with the titanium case middle. However, Audemars Piguet has now gone one step further and incorporated ceramic into the movement itself, replacing the blackened upper bridge of Calibre 2913 with white ceramic. White ceramic is apparently nine times stronger than steel!
The Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon to be presented for the first time at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2014 (SIHH) in Geneva.


Admiral Tecnomar Envy

This spectacular ship was recently presented at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show by the famous manufacturer Admiral Tecnomar. It is capable of accommodating 10 passengers and 8 crew members while maintaining a cruising speed of 15 knots. The coolest feature by far is its ability to open three “beach areas” from its boards. These beach areas aren’t even visible when retracted.

Envy is built with hull and superstructure in aluminium with a modest fuel tank of 60.000 liter.
Tecnomar is offering an Envy 3, 4 and 5 which measure 33, 40 and 50 meters respectively. Prices are unknown but they’ve already sold some specimens of this beautiful ship.

Dear santa!


Riva’s Mythos flagship

The Italian boat yard Riva was established in 184 earned their fame and reputation as high-end  producers of boats. Riva’s creations became the object of desire for the aristocracy, award winning athletes, successful businessmen and movie stars.
They’re currently in the process of building their biggest yacht to date, the 122’ Mythos. This stunning vessel is able to accomodate 10 people with a maximum speed of 27,5 knots.
The yard says that there are an estimated 15,000 hours for painting, 10,000 hours of carpentry, and 8,000 hours’ work of electrical systems remaining. It is expected to be delivered to its new owner in April next year!


Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

As port of celebrating their 50th anniversary, Lamborghini earlier this year, produced three very eccentric hyper cars which they named “Veneno”. All the Veneno’s were sold instantly for a mere $3.9 million dollars, each.  Powered by the same 6.5 liter V12 that in the Aventadors, Lamborghini themselves that the Veneno is a “real dynamic experience of a racing prototype, yet fully homologated for the road”.

To top off their year of celebration, Lamborghini has decided to release a top less version of this beast of a machine. A total of 9 specimens are set to be produced, tripling the production over the previous version. The Veneno roadster is a true roadster; there is really no roof at all. No umbrella, cabriolet or detachable hard-top. It also $600.000 more than its predecessor and 10 times more (!!) than a regular Aventador.


Patrimony Traditionnelle Openworked Perpetual Calendar

Considered by some to be the finest, simple perpetual calendar watch money can buy. This all new Vacheron consists of a 39 mm platinum case with a nifty self-winding movement boasting a perpetual calendar and a moon phase beyond the normal hours and minutes. The movement, composed of 276 parts, is revealed through a stunning open worked dial and an alligator strap and platinum clasp will make sure it doesn’t fall off your arm.
Retail is around $160.000. Christmas gift maybe?