Boeing – 7×7

When trying to answer the question: “What is most typical for the rich and famous?” “Private jets” is a strong candidate.
The concept of Private jets arose in the early 60:s after the 2nd world war.

High purchase price, maintenance, storage and operational cost made the acquiring of “PJ:s” inaccessible to anyone but the most rich people in the world. In the 90:s “fractionalized ownership” became popular, allowing companies to share the expenses that comes with a “PJ”.

 As evolution followed is natural path, private aircrafts become easier to acquire leading up to the 11.000-something private aircrafts that are registered today.

As the wealthy grew accustomed to luxury on the ground it gradually was imposed on the transporters of the sky.
The Sultan of Brunei purchased his 747 for 100 million dollars. And he spent an additional 120 million dollars on his interior. This includes washbasins and a bathtub made out of solid gold.

Other famous owners of the Boing 7 are: Roman Abramovich, Donald Trump, Mark Cuban and the White House with the “Air Force One”. Currently they’re ranging from 130 million $ and up.

Soon, supersonic private jets hit the market brining back the performance of the Concorde. They will do NY – Paris in less than 2 hours.
In the meantime pick up your jet here.