The Bombardier Challenger 605

The Bombardier Challenger 605 is a superb mid-size private jet, capable of traveling 4,000 nautical miles in a single flight. Its size, capacity and luxurious interior make it a very popular choice amongst the rich and famous.


It can carry up to 13 people at a cruising altitude of 41,000 feet. The model also boasts the latest in avionic technology available – a Dual autopilot with single autothrottle  EFIS/EICAS system with synoptics, Dual FMS-6000 with coupled lateral and vertical navigation system, performance calculations and an Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) to make that flight as smooth and turbulence-free as possible. These latest generation avionics provide smart functionality to further reduce pilot workload and offer peace of mind to the crew on board.

Engines have been optimized with higher thrust to deliver shorter take-off field length as well as extra payload.

With its widebody interior and smart utilization of space, the private jet offers outstanding in-flight experience. The cabin is furnished in a minimalistic and modern way, making the most of the available space with strong and durable materials. The fully redesigned cabin sets new standards of comfort and connectivity, turning your travel into a pleasurable experience.

Its retail price is $27 million, which means it has the cost efficiency of much smaller jets combined with the superior reliability of bigger planes. This jet boasts the lowest-in-class direct operating costs.

The interior design of the Challenger 605 is fully customizable, making the in-flight experience even more personal and comfortable for the passengers. The brand offers a variety of materials and pre-approved designs to create to cater to the aesthetics of its customers. A dedicated team is assigned to every client to see through from start to finish the customization process and ensure they’ve received top quality service and craftsmanship in the creation of their dream aircraft.