buick escada

Buick Cascada – 2016 – the most anticipated luxury convertible

The innovative all-new Buick Cascada is bringing the focus back on convertibles for a good reason. Its beautiful design coupled with comfortable interior and dynamic features makes for a standard-class luxurious vehicle that provides plenty of open-air excitement and driving convenience.

buick escadaThe 2+2 convertible exhibits a new stylish design with innovative powertrain and chassis technologies that enhance performance and an expressive driving experience. Some of the new features include a HiPer Strut front suspension as well as a responsive Watts Z-link suspension in the rear. The engine has a 200-horsepower 1.6L capacity (149 kW) that provides strong torque estimated to estimated 221 lb-ft (300 Nm). The entire concept of the car is to bring together in harmony different features that make for a safe, enjoyable and connected driving experience.

buick escadaStorage is surprisingly ample for a convertible with 13.4 cubic feet (380 litres) of cargo room available when the top is up and 9.8 cubic feet (280 litres) when down. There is a heating option for the front seats and an electro-hydraulic power system installed in the roof. The electric-powered steering system allows for improved fuel savings and better steering inputs.

Buick Cascada’s balanced proportions complement its elongated silhouette in an elegant and luxurious way. The chrome accents and LED wing-shaped lights make for beautiful design details that accentuate its profile.

buick escadaSome of the advanced interior technology includes an on-board Wi-Fi hotspot, electric safety belts, rear park assist, Remote Vehicle Starter and a 7- inch diagonal touch screen for plying music or making calls. There is also built-in navigation system. Attention to detail and an effort to harmoniously combine purposeful technologies with dynamic design and an inviting interior shine through in the way the new Cascada is put together.

The base price for the model is announced at $33,065, excluding any extras. See more luxurious cars here!