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Byfleet Manor – a historic estate for £3.95 million

The exclusive of Downton’s Lady Violet Crawley that attracts hundreds of tourists, has gone on the market for nearly £4million. The combination of its historical significance and the popularity of the TV series are expected to attract a lot of foreign interest towards the 6,000 square feet property.

luxurious manorLocated on the grounds of a royal lodge it has been used since the seventh century used by Henry III and King Edward I and II. The mansion is renovated with details from an earlier Palace incorporated, including a heavy timber staircase and several fireplaces.
It boasts stunning period features, intriguing history and classic British look that captivates with rustic decadence and English heritage – a rare combination. With eight bedrooms and four reception rooms it is flooded with natural light and boasts generous room proportions. 18 acres of land surround the estate and are perfectly manicured with lush green lawns.

luxurious manorThe fact that the house retains much of the original setting is worth a fortune by itself. It is situated in an idyllic location at the end of a winding country lane at the end of the nearby village, discreetly positioned for privacy and security.
Currently owned by businesswoman Julie Hutton, it has been substantially renovated by the owner to a high level of sophistication and detail in keeping with its historical ambiance and heritage. New fittings allow for urban luxury combined with rustic peace and tranquillity. State-of-the-art appliances have been fitted to make the stay at the estate as comfortable and luxurious as possible all the while brilliantly preserving all original furnishings.

luxurious manorThe property presents a wonderful opportunity for buyers looking to leave the city and interested in acquiring a larger home with land all the while remaining well connected to the urban lifestyle. All in all, this is a practical house for the 21st century and perfect for a growing family.
luxurious manor