Ultra-rare-Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT convertible

Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT A Super Rare Convertible Restored to its former Glory

The name Pietro Frua was synonymous with coach building in Italy during the 1950s and 1960s. He was commissioned by BMW to create two 1600 GT prototype convertibles. His previous well-known designs included the 1955 Maserati A6G/54 Coupé as well as the Renault Floride while still at Ghia Design. A legend was born in 1967 when the mythical BMW 1600 GT Convertible became one of the rarest classic cars of its era. With one of the prototypes crashing during a test run, this model is the only remaining Pietro Frua 1600 GT Convertible.

Ultra-rare-Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT convertible 1

The result is a near-perfect recreation with silver bodywork, red interior and convertible top, which had ignited the vivid imagination of car enthusiasts in the 1960s. Frua had previously designed a small range of cars for one of Germany’s smallest car-makers, Glas. He worked on the designs of the Glas 1300 GT and Glas 1700. Once BMW acquired Glas, an opportunity arose, and Frua was allowed to work directly on BMW cars designs. Pietro Frua experimented using various BMW components such as grilles, headlights and also engines like the 104bhp engine from the BMW 1600 Ti. He also worked on heritage convertible prototypes.

Ultra-rare-Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT convertible 2

The rare GT sports car belongs to majority BMW shareholder Herbert Quandt. During the last 50 years, the classic convertible changed hands several times, finally acquired by BMW Group Classic during a private sale. It took seven years of painstaking work and meticulous attention to detail to finally restore the rare gem to its original glory. The vintage Frua bodywork was carefully restored under the strict supervision of vocational team mentors to high specifications. Critical body parts that were no longer in production was meticulously re-creating with replicas from the heritage plans of the classic car.

eleMMent palazzo Superior

The most luxurious RV in the world – The eleMMent palazzo

The eleMMent palazzo Superior can be described as the most luxurious RV in the world. It is equipped with unbeatable technical innovation and ultra-comfort. The eleMMent palazzo Superior is the ultimate and absolute pinnacle of RV luxury, and a top-of-the-line model recognised in more than 190 countries as a byword for unsurpassed luxury. It is without a shadow of a doubt, the most outstanding motorhome you can find in 2019. The ultra-stylish and quality design speaks for itself and combines modern design features taken from the world of motorsports, of aviation and even yachting to create a spectacular and singular masterpiece.


The cab appearance is far ahead of its time, the craftsmanship is undisputed, and the manufacturing process follows extreme precision using the highest performance carbon fibre materials found on the market. The exterior design incorporates sporty lines and contours that magically and seamlessly craft a most beautiful and elegant design. The 36-inch rim covers resemble racing car wheels, while the cockpit sports a central digital instrumentation panel and MMI control centre inspired by jet plane cockpits. The cab is exceptionally comfortable akin to a luxury limousine ride.

There is a panoramic windscreen that can be darkened in two tones using an adjustable system as protection from the sun. The body emphasises a reliable and robust design across all the eleMMent series, and the outstanding functionality and comfort are standard. The self-supporting and sturdy frame structure has a thick 60mm wall that provides exceptional stability and superb insulation comparable to the expedition vehicles that are operated on extreme off-road conditions and terrains. The classy integrated yacht windows with beautiful chrome trim attract indirect lighting, and the impressive Sky Lounge is a real highlight of the eleMMent palazzo superior.

The system is reserved exclusively for the owner’s personal panoramic views, and lifts automatically up out of the body, thereby creating a walled-in roof deck effect. There is an exterior stairwell that leads directly up to the roof deck with perfectly integrated lounge furniture. The specially developed and patented air convection system will ensure a comfortable interior temperature, preventing excess pressurisation when sliding the full-wall room extensions outwards.


The floor plan and interior layout of the eleMMent palazzo superior disproves pre-existing stereotypes, and you get an original and convenient interior. Whichever options you choose, you are virtually assured of high quality and an exclusive RV experience.


Macallan Whisky 1926 $1.2m – The Finest Malt Money Can Buy!

The Macallan 1926 whisky is as rare as they come. Distilled almost 100 years ago, the whisky has been aged perfectly and stored in the right conditions to ensure its high quality and exclusivity. Two bottles were recently sold to a private collector by Dubai, Le Clos, a luxury retailer of wines & luxury spirits for an astronomical price of $1.2 million each. The whisky was aged for over 60 years on ex-sherry natural wooden casks and were finally bottled in 1986. The sale still holds the world record for the highest price paid for whisky.


The two bottles still have their original artwork and labeling by the famous artists Valerio Adami, and Sir Peter Blake which makes them even more exclusive and desirable. The Macallan 1926 originally retailed at $27,000, with the last known sale in 2007 reaching $75,000. This latest sale pushes the price up into the stratosphere to $600,000 a bottle! The Macallan 1926 is indeed living up to its name and has become a collector’s whiskey.

Macallan already holds the record for the most expensive bottle sold at auction with The Macallan M Imperiale selling for $628,000 a few years ago. The prestige the Macallan brand signifies has intensified with this record-breaking sale which has set the benchmark for years to come! The packaging is as lavish as you would expect from such a grand whisky and high-class brand. A bottle of Macallan is more than just a whisky. As an investment, the price has skyrocketed from $27,000 to $600,000 a bottle in a couple of decades. It would be a tough decision actually to drink that bottle of Macallan whisky!

Christmas Tree by Diane von Furstenberg

Tree of Love Claridge’s 2018 Christmas Tree by Diane von Furstenberg

Claridge’s Hotel in London has become a fine purveyor of Christmas with the annual Christmas Tree creation gracing the hotel. This year, the wonderfully gorgeous tree was designed by Diane von Furstenberg, following up last year’s tree that was a marvellous Karl Lagerfeld creation. The Mayfair landmark draws visitors from far and wide, to witness an original and marvellous Christmas tree that is different each year. The 2018 tree captures the wonder and joy of Christmas and has been crafted with intricate details and the artistic flair of the famous fashion designer and frequent guest at Claridge’s.

Claridges christmas tree

The 2018 tree signifies Diane’s intense passion and firm belief in the power of love. With a touch of nature and astrological influences, the tree is a personal statement from the artist to the world. The Christmas Tree stands six metres high and blue tones shine out creating a wintry appearance. Incredibly, the tree has no less than 8,000 hand-painted decorations representing silver leaves, tiny glass spheres and 150 hand-blown beautiful glass hearts. There are also six hand-made, silver-leafed animals. The owl, which represents knowledge and wisdom. There is a horse signifying strength. A dove symbolises peace and a mouse curiosity. The deer represents gentleness and the peacock beauty. They are all originally crafted by hand with intricate detail.

Diane worked closely on the Tree of Love with her long-time friends and collaborators. They include the artistic set designer Stefan Beckman, and the talented artist and illustrator Konstantin Kakanias. Astrologer Shelley von Strunckel added the final touches. They all rose admirably to the challenge and honour of designing a masterpiece that will long be remembered in Claridge’s annual Christmas Tree showcase, with a rare beauty and majestic concoction. The tree winds up to the heavens from its roots and is derived from the universe, encapsulating values such as peace, love, harmony, in-depth knowledge, the truth, freedom, wisdom and enlightenment.

Panasonic ALPHA Washing Machine

Porsche Washing Machine – China’s luxury product of the year

Yes, you read that right. A washing machine called Porsche! China is notable for unusual luxury products for the rich and while these tend to take many forms for affluent Chinese to flaunt their wealth, the latest craze is a luxury Porsche washing machine. The Panasonic Alpha Series washing machines are designed by Porsche’s Studio F.A. and have become the latest status symbol in China. Priced at US$2,700, there is no shortage of takers and Panasonic can hardly keep up with demand!


The Porsche washing machines are just as stylish as the name suggests. Designed rather like a sports car than a home appliance, their uniqueness and beauty have captured the imagination of well-off Chinese, and the luxury washing machine is flying off shelves.

The Porsche designed Panasonic Alpha Series Washing Machine has a sporty look with a mat stainless steel body fully in keeping with the minimalistic approach adopted by the designers at Studio F.A. Porsche. The control buttons are cleverly incorporated into a TFT digital display screen that mimics a sports car’s instrument cluster. There is a useful rotary knob with an on/off button set to its left, and a flushed filling receptacle arranged to the right. The washing machine can be operated by remote control with WiFi, where the detergent can be loaded and temperature set. A text message is sent to remind users that the washing load is ready. The machine sports additional useful features and the design prevents mould from build up without having to keep the washer’s door wide open, allowing for better ventilation.



The Panasonic Alpha Series Porsche Washing Machine by Studio F.A. is the latest and most unlikely exclusive luxury product of the year in China. Whether the thirst for zany luxury products such as this Porsche washing machine will catch on in Europe or elsewhere is anyone’s guess.


Rare Le Secret High Jewellery

Piper-Heidsieck Bejewelled Champagne Bottles – US$152,000

Good champagne has always been expensive, but rarely have we seen a bottle with a US$152,000 price tag. Piper-Heidsieck has just launched an extremely rare edition. The prestige cuvée Rare champagne is adorned with hundreds of tiny diamonds meticulously fixed on by hand. The bottle was exclusively designed by French jeweller Mellerio, and it contains vintage champagne from 1997. The champagne is aptly called Rare Le Secret High Jewellery. The bespoke bottles constitute the real value, although the champagne inside is one of the finest.

Rare Le Secret

Each individual bottle is fastened with a piece of jewellery and features a closure crafted from 24-carat gold. The limited edition champagne bottle has white and yellow gold bands wrapped around the neck. The bottle features gold ribbons that are set with over 500 tiny diamonds. Besides, there is a larger one-carat diamond, a ruby, and an emerald or a sapphire centerpiece. A total of 10 bottles were produced, and they include diamond and sapphire editions for sale in the USA and UK, a diamond version for France, and the other destinations have not yet been disclosed.

The champagne has a hint of sandalwood and yellow fruit, which provides a beautiful blend and wonderful taste. The whole package is housed within a mirrored presentation box. The Piper-Heidsieck bejewelled champagne bottles retail at US$152,000, with the UK versions going on sale at Harrods for £115,000. The value of such fine champagne presented in a diamond encrusted bottle will surely rise due to its limited run and prestigious champagne house Piper-Heidsieck. A collectible and a work of art, it would be a shame to drink the champagne leaving the priceless bottle of Rare Le Secret High Jewellery empty, now wouldn’t it?

LV Crocodile Backpack

The Most Expensive Backpack in the World – Louis Vuitton Crocodilian Leather at US$79,000

Backpacks are generally not associated with luxury, but more commonly suited to living rough, hiking and camping. That did not dissuade Louis Vuitton. This superb looking backpack is made of real crocodile skin and is a high-end fashion item priced at US$79,000. Louis Vuitton bags are legendary, and an unmistakable seal of elegance and quality. Crocodile and alligator skins are generally associated with bags, shoes, boots and wallets. The skin has a distinctive appearance and immediately noticeable.

The world’s most expensive backpack was unveiled in 2018, at the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall-Winter fashion show. The Crocodilian Leather Backpack blends gracefully with the new collection and was the centrepiece of the extravagant show. It is finished in Titanium grey and crafted from the finest, rare handpicked crocodilian leather. The spirit of the rugged outdoor combines flawlessly with the ultimate in luxury. Embodying a sporty spirit, the backpack is fitted with technical looking, titanium buckles along with a zip. It is padded at the front and rear, and the straps provide a comfortable carry method. The skin is produced by mature animals that are big enough for a seamless pattern. Further compounding the problem, more massive crocs tend to be more aggressive, and it is almost impossible to find one in the wild with perfect skin free of any scratches. Louis Vuitton uses the skins of specially farmed reptiles which are fed on diets that strengthen the skin.

LV crocodile backpack 2

Luxury accessories are continually being created, and with a market worth US$77 billion a year, you can’t blame Louis Vuitton for trying something new and innovative to add to the long list of luxury accessories. The luxury bag has already carved its name in history as the most expensive backpack in the world. Whether people will actually use while camping or hiking in the wild is anyone’s guess.

212 5th Avenue

The Crown Penthouse, 5th Avenue, New York – US$78.8 million

There must be something about 5th Avenue, and this majestic penthouse is the epitome of luxurious living in one of the best neighborhoods in New York. The penthouse is at the top of the famous Crown building close to Madison Square Park. A historical masterpiece, the Crown Penthouse is a magnificent trophy residence second to none.

The triplex penthouse was meticulously designed by Pembrooke and Ives. With an internal living area of over 10,000 square feet, and exterior terraces measuring 5,730 square feet, this 5-bedroom penthouse is majestically proportioned just like a palace. The spectacular vistas from 56-foot exposures take in downtown Manhattan with its coveted architecture.

212 5th Avenue view

The interior majesty matches the iconic views with elegant arched windows and a breathtaking bronze staircase as the centerpiece. High ceilings and gallery-sized walls along with marble flooring mean the penthouse is an art collector’s paradise. The marble foyer has its own private elevator going up to the grand ballroom and library with marble and glass fireplace. The lavish master suite has no less than seven rooms with every conceivable luxury and attention to detail considered.

212 5th Avenue view

212 5th Avenue view

212 5th Avenue view

212 5th Avenue view

The second level houses a unique sky-lit entertaining space with a vast outdoor oasis that extends along the full length of the building. The terraces are kept private with copper barriers, and the painstakingly constructed parapet provides unmatched privacy. Once you reach the third floor, the observatory offers breathtaking, panoramic views of the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, the Flatiron Building and beyond. With amenities including 24-hour doorman and concierge service, a state-of-the-art fitness room, a golf simulator, a screening room and even a children’s playroom, the Crown Penthouse signifies the opportunity of a lifetime.

Hermes foosball table

Hermes Foosball Table – Luxury Table Soccer – US$67,600

Hermes has taken a step into football. The exclusive foosball table soccer game is covered in lush Maple and Swift calfskin, giving it a fabulous appearance fit for a king. If you fancy a game of table soccer in style, then the Hermes Foosball Table is for you, that is, if you wish to cough up US$67,600 for this unique collectible. You can watch the elegant soccer players in vivid silken jerseys play on a luxurious leather soccer field. The intricate leather work and hand-made stitching have been refined to highlight the exceptional qualities of the materials. The table measures 65.94 inches long, by 43.54 wide and 37.28 inches high.

Hermes Foosball table 2

The ultra-cool collectible is created around the classic table soccer game but with added touches of luxury and opulence. The fast-paced, wrist twisting football adventure by Hermes is one unusual yet innovative item. The game is an elegant and unique table set up to fuse the three noble sports of football, foosball and horse racing. The game is full of identical rows of uniformed Jockeys, a yellow base that is really striking and beautifully crafted handles and trims living up to its Hermes namesake.

Hermes Foosball table 3

The intricate and vivid details of the silk painted jerseys along with a helmet and goggles are ready to go, and it’s game on! You can even see them smiling with a glimmer in their eyes! With a maple wood crafted table, it is meant to last many chaotic battles and competitions. Calfskin leather is the field of play and no shirt pulling or fouling is allowed in this aesthetically refined Hermes Foosball Table.

This is an item which truly showcases the polished skills of Hermes craft makers.

Hermes has always stood for luxury and opulence, and the Foosball Table game solidifies that stellar reputation. An unusual, yet highly desirable work of art, luxury never comes cheap, and the price tag of US$67,600 is admittedly high; nevertheless, there will undoubtedly be no shortage of takers.

aurora station

Aurora Space Station Orbiting Hotel – 200 Miles High at $9.5 Million for 12 Days

There was never any doubt that it would happen sooner or later. A holiday aboard a Space Station! Aurora Station will be the very first luxury hotel in space. Orion Span Inc. based in Houston, USA plans to launch the modular space station in 2021, with guests arriving the next year. There will be two crew members accompanying each excursion into space, and the platform will be in orbit 200 miles above the Earth. The station accommodates six guests comfortably, the trip will last twelve days, and the space station will race around planet Earth at spectacular speeds, taking in 384 sunsets and sunrises!

The final frontier awaits those brave enough to experience the holiday of a lifetime in an orbiting hotel. The twelve-day trip will cost $9.5 million per person, working out at about US$792,000 per night. The Aurora Station will measure 10.7 by 4.3 metres, which is about the size of the interior of a Gulfstream G550 jet. The station can accommodate four guests and two crew members. For anyone considering the trip, a refundable deposit of $80,000 is required to book a seat on the first trip.

The chief architect at Orion Span along with the operating and chief technical officers are all former Nasa employees, with a wealth of experience in the field. The company also plans to partner with a government space agency, to add a measure of security and safety. Orion Span is able to target a somewhat reasonable price of under $10 million per person is partly due to lower launch prices.

These are exciting times! The ultimate holiday is already on offer since deposits are being accepted. It is no longer in the realms of science fiction but grounded in science, technology and luxury of today. If you have $9.5 million to spare on the holiday of a lifetime, the Aurora Space Station offers precisely that!