The Rolland Iten Diablo

This year’s Baselworld saw the introduction of a truly magnificent piece in its own category of class and excellence – rightfully given as an example of “mechanical luxury for gentlemen”.

Roland Iten Diablo R60

The Roland Iten Diablo R60 belt buckle is an accessory that any respectable contemporary man must come to possess in order to appreciate the added value of a 60.66 carat diamond on an everyday item. The item is a seamless fusion of state-of-the-art mechanics with the pinnacle of haute joaillerie in the face of the exceptionally rare orange-brown (“cognac”), modified kite-shaped brilliant diamond.

Thanks to a unique calibre beneath it – the stone is clearly visible in a subtle display of quality and worth without being too flashy or overwhelming. The designer’s intention in crafting a male accessory that makes a statement on its own was clear in the making of this fine example of mechanical perfection.

Roland Iten Diablo R60The high-performance, mechanical belt buckle is calibrated beautifully to match the everlasting beauty of the Diablo diamond with a clean and cut chassis that enables easy adjustment of the leather strap to a maximum length of 22 mm. What makes the smooth mechanisms even more spectacular is the fact that they’re all clearly visible high-clarity cognac diamond, providing a unique blend of blend of art and engineering, utility and aesthetics.

Roland Iten Diablo R60Apart from the craftsmanship that has gone in the making of this stunning accessory, the gem itself is a true work of art (and nature). Its extremely rare natural colour coupled with its history that can be traced back 160 years add considerable value to the one of the world’s largest and most striking diamonds. An official price for the piece still hasn’t been announced, but we can only guess it’s going to match its uncanny construction and uniqueness with Roland Iten’s collectors buckles reaching prices in the region of £350,000 – for his signature Calibre R822 “Predator” model.


The rise of antiquities

Antiquities dealers are observing a growing trend amongst art and furniture aficionados in introducing ancient Greek artefacts and Byzantine statues in their modern, state-of-the-art homes. This is an interesting swerve from the contemporary art boom – one that has inspired an increasing interest level in other, older times and civilizations.luxurious art Antiquities is a very broad definition encompassing all valuable artefacts coming from civilizations in the Middle East, Egypt, Europe and the Mediterranean basin up to around 1000 AD. With a staggering variety of material and shape – the selection includes rare sculpture, exquisite jewellery, fine glassware, ceramics and metalwork and even well-preserved pottery and engraved gems. A perfect example of the beauty and decorum of the precious carvings is the Roman marble portrait bust of Antinous sold at New York’s Sotheby’s for $23.8 million. Another striking piece is the 4,300-4,400-year-old Egyptian limestone statue of Sekhemka, valued at £16 million at Christie’s.
An expensive and majestic artefact is the Guennol Lioness – a 5,000-year-old Mesopotamian stone statuette of a lion-headed figure, priced at for $57.2m.

luxurious artGalleries respond to the new trend with the introduction of ‘by appointment only’ boutiques likes London’s Daniel Katz. Inside the eminent dealer’s den you can marvel at the 2,000-year-old diorite-stone sculpture of an Egyptian priest and even take it home for £245,000. A more contemporary bronze frog by Eduardo Paolozzi from 1957 is valued at £225,000.
In the gallery of Gregory and James Demirjian buyers can inspect the divine 3rd-2nd century BC Greece Aphrodite with meticulous carvings and a price tag of £2 million. It contrasts beautifully with south Arabian stele on sale for £90,000, which clean, cut geometry and gimlet eyes. A variety of gold coins from different periods range in price from £2,500 to £400,000 and attract attention to the other precious artefacts like bronze Corinthian helmets for £950.000 and heavy Lion Head bracelets for £550,000.

Jamie Wolf jewellery

Jamie Wolf Jewellery

A new and intriguing offer has graced the jewellery scene and it comes from a New York dancer-turned-designer’s classic love for beautiful and elegant gems. Jamie Wolf is quickly becoming a household name in the world of fine craftsmanship and unmatched luxury with a staggering variety of delicate rings, signature earrings and graceful necklaces.

Four Temperaments cuff - WolfRelying on thoughtful presentation, high attention to detail, uncompromising quality and impeccable design – the former ballet dancer presents pieces that are a unique blend of shape, scale, colour and movement. Each and every one looks effortless and ethereal – a true glittering temptation for the rich and powerful.
In a creative collaboration with fashion designer Derek Lam, he has released an exquisite collection to mark the New York City Ballet’s fiftieth anniversary and, more importantly, choreographer George Balanchine talent and perfection. One of the more striking pieces are he silver and black rhodium Midsummer Night’s Dream earrings for $690 as well as the Four Temperaments cuff decorated with black and white luminescent diamonds for $1,890.

midsummer night's dream earrings Other spectacular offers include a clean, cut and wonderfully minimalistic pavé band for $1,680 and the Trinity rings priced at $4,790 each. Made white gold with black and white diamonds – they are reminiscent of a time of old Hollywood glamor and decadence. Amongst Wolf’s standout pieces are the octagon labradorite rings for $3,400 each and the Bisou rings valued at $3,990 decorated with the rose of France and minute diamonds.
Jamie Wolf JewelleryHis ability to blend classic elegance with modern minimalism is uncanny and makes it no surprise that he she has rapidly gained praise and attention, going as far as designing custom wedding rings for celebrities Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman. Her statement creations are a spellbinding combination of quality, craftsmanship and inspiration, turning them into works of art on their own.
Jamie Wolf Jewellery
Jamie Wolf Jewellery


Exclusive vintage jewelry by Annina Vogel, Circa Ibiza and Oona

The new season see the inspiring collections of reworked vintage jewellery of three aspiring designers – Annina Vogel, Circa Ibiza and Oona have made a business out of reworking old pieces into something fresh and wonderful with careful detail and high-quality craftsmanship.

Founded by former Elle magazine journalist Grace Saunders – Circa Ibiza combines a wide array of vintage charms – ranging from the turn of the century to the 1970s and including silver oyster shells with tiny pearls (priced at £30 each), old-fashioned and highly-ornate typewriters (£35) as well as gold baby booties (£140); lockets (from £115) with beads and other antique treasures used to fashion bespoke necklaces and bracelets. The brand offers personalized pendants and bracelets built on top of a simple rustic chain (£60 for silver; £90 for 9ct gold). The Classic Collection of restored and remodelled rings, necklaces and bracelets, interspersed with blue enamelled beads and pearls, is particularly eye-catching and bears the charm of a time long passed.

circa ibiza

Another up-and-coming designer that is capable of turning old goodies into spectacular timeless pieces is Annina Vogel. Some of her rare vintage charms include ornate music boxes incrusted with diamonds or incorporating other beautiful antique jewellery. Some of her most beautiful creations include classic cufflinks and brooches refashioned into one-of-a-kind rings (from £1,250), delicate pendants (from £250), and Victorian-inscribed signet rings (from £350) and bracelets (from £350). Her collection of vintage scarves (from Hermès, Gucci, Dior) feature encased motifs in glass-faced Victorian lockets (£850, exclusive to Liberty).

annina vogel

The Spanish brand Oona was founded by Maria Moro after she fell in love with traditional Sri Lankan jewellery techniques. The pieces are inspired by designs from Sri Lanka’s various colonial eras and generously use old cut diamonds, sapphires and different shades of spinel. Beautiful earrings come in limited-edition gold, amethyst and diamond drops (£1,590), as well as rose gold and white topaz hoops (£475). Their newest lotus collection was just launched and it was inspired by the art-deco period.



Dubai’s luxury underwater suites

A new and unique holiday place has opened doors in Dubai and is attracting high-net individuals with its luxury and one-of-a-kind experiences. Renowned hotel The Palm now offers two luxurious underwater suits at Atlantis with spectacular floor-to-ceiling views into a massive aquarium. The illusion that the visitor is under the sea doesn’t come cheap, though, as a single-night stay starts at $8,200.

Dubai underwater suites

The thousands of exotic sea creatures are not the only feature that draws visitors to the lavish hotelas there are also a number of services to make every stay as memorable as can be. A 24-hour private butler service ensures guests have their every whim catered to and can place any request at any time of the day. From camel rides to skydiving and exclusive shopping in Dubai’s lavish boutiques – private butlers are on-call to make turn every wish into a reality.

Dubai underwater suites

The underwater suites – Poseidon and Neptune – come with many perks: soap with 24-carat gold flakes, Dom Perignon Champagne and a generous 1,776 square foot floor plan that includes a large living and dining room situated over three floors. This has helped The Palms quickly become a symbol for extravagant luxury in the United Arab Emirates and a favourite of celebrities and socialites. The 110-acre resort is located on the Palm Jumeirah artificial island just off the coast of Dubai.

Dubai underwater suites

Although these are not the hotel’s most famous suits to date – Poseidon and Neptune are an otherworldly attraction that can make any visit unforgettable. The aquarium that surrounds them is populated with 65,000 exotic sea creatures that guests can observe from every room.

Dubai underwater suitesBoth suits are furnished to a superb finish with a modern feel and exquisite style. The unique ambiance makes them perfect for romantic occasions, such as honeymoon celebration or just an exotic getaway.

Dubai underwater suites

picasso ceramics

Ceramics by Pablo Picasso at Sotheby’s

A unique collection of vases, pitchers, plates, bowls and platters with the famous artist’s signature will be up for sale at Sotheby’s London. The creative pieces are an ideal opportunity for lovers of his unmatched style and creativity to own part of his artistic brilliance.

Picasso ceramics Sotheby's

Around 150 pieces are available – some completely one-of-a-kind and others editioned designs, such as the Joueur de Diaule platter from 1947 priced between £5,000 and £8,000. This is the first ceramic Picasso design that has made an edition and has both Madoura and Edition Picasso back stamps.

Familiar motifs, such as the peace dove, owl, horse and bull, adorn the ceramic pieces and will surely attract the attention of Picasso aficionados. A one-of-a-kind Colombe de la Paix platter from 1954 has been signed by the painter in green paint and dated “7 Juin 54” with the Madoura stamp. Its asking price is £40,000. In total the famous artist made 13 plates with variations of the same motif for the 13th Congress of the French Communist Party. Chouette – a beautiful an owl-shaped vase from 1968 is priced at £9,000 and a Picador bowl, made in 1955 and depicting a matador and bull, is sold for £2,500.

Picasso ceramics Sotheby's

Of course, it cannot be a Picasso collection without his signature representation of the human form and, particularly, the face. The Service Visage Noir is a complete set of 12 plates and one dish, from an edition of 100 made in 1948 and is priced at £40,000. Each of the pieces has the inscription “Pour Catherine et Jean Louis” and was probably a wedding present to Prince Aly Khan and Rita Hayworth in 1949.

Picasso ceramics Sotheby's

Women or, more importantly, Picasso’s women are also well-represented in the collection with buyers having a chance to own pieces inspired by his muses. The Pichet à Glace is a beautiful 1952 water pitcher with alluring feminine form.


Marin County’s Hutchinson jewellery boutique

A new haven for jewellery aficionados has opened doors in Marin, California. Overlooking the famous Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, the new Hutchinson boutique is a place, where timeless luxury and exquisite craftsmanship meet to create the ultimate shopping experience. Clients are treated to an otherworldly display of precious and semi-precious stones that are a true epitome of stature, class and wealth.

The idea behind the venture, as owners Miranda Abrams and Kary Chendom explain, is attaining a mixture of ‘old-world charm with staying power and history’. The antique-inspired glamour is evident in everything – from the delicate and intricate merchandise to the stylish interior. The selection boasts creation from some of the best jewellery artists like Cathy Waterman, Suzanne Kalan, Pippa Small, Ashley Pittman, Kendall Conrad and Renee Sheppard who are known to fashion pieces that are wearable on a day-to-day basis, but never fail to make a statement.

Susie Fox’s glittering wrap bracelets made from 18ct gold and incrusted with glistening white diamonds and deep blue sapphires, are priced at $16,500. It goes beautifully with a dazzling Monique Péan ring, sold for $19,890, made from the unusual but highly effective combination of grey ombré fossilised walrus ivory and white diamond pave.

Monique Péan ring

Another eye-catching item are Colorado designer Todd Reed’s elegantly rough-hewn stack rings with a price tag in the region of $1,275-$8,800. His small palladium bands channel-incrusted with brown, black and brilliant-white diamonds are truly spectacular.

todd reeds rings

The boutique offers beautifully handcrafted rose-gold Stick earrings by Florentine designer Carolina Bucci for $780 as well as a dangling amulet (chain $5,400; amulet, $5,600) by trendy New York jeweller Temple St Clair. Sidney Evan’s Woolly Mammoth Ivory Cuffs, made from intricate black and white diamond pave, are also offered for the modest price of $1,820. Several exquisite items’ price, like Me&Ro’s Dream Catcher fringe necklace, is available on request, but whatever sum is asked – it will definitely be worth it for such fine craftsmanship, delicate beauty and staggering class.


Apple’s Watch – The mark of a new era

With Apple releasing its most daring and visionary product yet – the iWatch – it’s hardly a surprise that it’s been the centre of attention of major media outlets across the globe for quite some time. The revolutionary device marks a new chapter in the way technology has the power to influence our lives for the better.

The device features a custom-built UI for all your wrist-borne apps, as well as a pressure-sensitive touchscreen. It operates in conjunction with your iPhone, allowing it to track time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global standard. There is even an option for customization the way it displays the time and date for a more personal touch.

With an impressive variety of 34 configurations available upon launch, prices will start at £299 for the 38mm and £339 for the 42mm versions of the Sport Model and reach £13,500 for the 32mm 18-carat Rose Gold case with Rose Grey Modern Buckle. There are a number of combinations available, such as a Stainless Steel face, a Space Black Case with Space Black Stainless Steel Link bracelet and a Rose Gold Case with White Sports Band.

iWatch Apple

Adding a physical dimension to connectivity is the thing Apple prides itself most on with an otherworldly technology that allows users to stay on top of messages and e-mails in real time. The feature of ‘taptic’ haptic feedback provides a gentle tap with each incoming message.

A number of fun and convenient apps will be available in the Apple store and will fully transform your all-day activity. Users can send sketches, pictures, taps and even their heartbeat. This watch is an absolute must-have for sports enthusiast as with time it learns the user’s activity and fitness level and can use the data to improve the accuracy of measurements and suggest personalized all-day activity goals.

The three distinctive collections will offer a variety of choices so users can find the one that best suits their lifestyle. But the important thing to keep in mind is that the new device from Apple is so much more than a simple watch – it’s a technological bridge that aims to make communication easier, faster and more reliable than ever before.

cartier bangle

Bangles with a bang

The Spring season sees a new trend in women’s bangles that goes under the motto of ‘the more the better’. Leading designers claim that stacked, mixed and matched bangles are the epitome of class and good taste this year. It’s the surest way to showcase an envious collection of precious, hand-crafted jewellery that is a real head-turner.

All leading brands are coming up with spectacular pieces, mixing materials and sizes and combining vintage and new models. The Cartier Love, priced at £4,450, is a beautiful unisex piece opened and fastened with a screwdriver. just un clou Juste un Clou have a remarkable bangle of their own – a modern and daring piece for £4,850.

The Gitane bangle is a modest £930, but its bohemian allure perfectly captures the spirit of Spring with its matching beads for easy attachment and natural polished citrine stones in a variety of colours.

gitane bangleMixing and matching a variety of styles is a sign of impeccable taste as it requires good fashion sense and a penchant for exploration. It is an alluring opportunity to use the best designer creations in a combination that communicates your uniqueness.

A truly staggering piece is the new Mirador Lazy bangle stack (priced from £4,570) with its 23 layers of slender Florentine-finished bangles in coloured gold – something every woman will want to have. mirador lazy For something different and unusual you can turn your eyes to Belmacz’s collection of wooden bangles  starting from £630 that have an ethnic allure and look spectacular piled together. A suitable alternative is the Harlequin bangle made of mammoth tusk in oxidised silver or 18ct gold. harlequin banglePomellato’s original 1970s Schiava is another provocative version of the feminine has seen a daring redesign with its signature Tango collection starting from £27,800 with permutations of rose gold and brown diamonds.  Characterised by hidden clasps and voluptuous silhouettes – it is a true celebration of sensuality.

pomellato bangle


The Senturion bracelet

The next generation in style has a new face and it is Senturion – an ultra-modern electronic device for those that value comfort, technology and utility. This cutting-edge wrist-worn key can unlock or activate a number of devices – from safes and cars to house and office locks to just name a few. It transcends the scope of a simple accessory as it is both a powerful symbol of stature as well as functional gadget.

The rare materials it is made of place this piece in the ranks of the most sought-after, finest jewellery. The palladium version retails for £12,000 and the meteorite for £60,000. Both are exquisitely rare and evocative, demonstrating the highest level of craftsmanship. Material for the meteorite version is derived from a shower that hit Namibia 100m years ago. The rarity of the material requires the finest level of craftsmanship to machine the meteorite.

The spectacular otherworldly heritage of the Senturion shines through in its design and luxurious exterior with the unique pattern being plated in Black Gold and Rhodium for protection. Strength, beauty and comfort intertwine to build the form of the powerful piece.

The easy-secure fitted clasp achieves a higherlevel of security than any other standard wristwatch while remaining totally unobtrusive to water. Its two-stage locking mechanism is revolutionary in that it reduces fastening time and provides additional security. It’s truly wearable technology at its finest.

the senturion

Encrypted Secure Keyless access antenna isolators ensure all data is safely stored. Senturion employs the latest in information storage technology like Yale® and Paxton® Security Systems to meet the highest standard of personal protection. In addition the RFID locking systems can be programmed to many high security applications for complete peace of mind.

The Polyurethane Deployment Strap is highly-resilient and the strategic, powerful micro magnets fitted to the Senturion increase ease of use. Both models of the bracelet have an adjustable deployment clasp as well.

The out-of-this-world pattern of the rare material blends seamlessly with the latest generation remote locking system, developed by YALE. The result is a timeless wearable piece that is original, functional and effortlessly reliable.

senturion bracelet

Update: Both Senturion Palladium and Senturion Meteorite models are now sold out according to Senturion Tech. Visit for more information on all available models and pricing.