A £35,000 Valentine at the Exhibitionist Hotel in London

This Valentine can offer a truly one-of-a-kind experience for those memorable loves, that is, if you have some cash to splurge of course. The Exhibitionist Hotel in the prestigious neighbourhood of South Kensignton, London is offering a dazzling £35,000 package that will melt hearts and make this occasion the stuff that dreams are made of.

hotel exhibitionist london

Opt to spend a romantic night in one of their exclusive suits, complete with a plunging pool filled with sparkling champagne. Scrumptious aphrodisiac delicacies like strawberries dipped in chocolate will be provided to set the mood. Oysters and bouquets of upper class crimson roses will be made readily available to complete the sensual experience.

hotel exhibitionist

For a price of £3,000 a night guests will be treated to exquisite h’ordeuvres, such as asparagus with truffle oil as well as a dazzling variety of desserts like raspberries served with whipped cream, fresh figs and a mouth-watering selection of hand-crafted macaroons and chocolate. A complimentary breakfast in bed made to order is also included in the package.

hotel exhibitionist londonAll of the hotel’s luxurious bedrooms will be decorated according to the most sensual of holidays of the year with rose petals and scented candles. Waterproof plasma screens are available in all bathrooms for an intimate ambiance. But the most intriguing feature is the bespoke iPad in every suit that is programmed to allow guests customise the scent of every room.

hotel exhibitionist london

Situated in London’s West End in a restored 18th century townhouse, The Exhibitionist Hotel offers the tranquillity and discretion necessary to make Valentine’s Day the most personal and special day of the year. The suits available for booking for the Valentine’s Luxury Package are located on the lower-ground floor with their own private entrance away from the reception.

hotel exhibitionist london

Guests can enjoy a superb living space decorated with art by up-and-coming London artists.


Bentley’s Italian Furniture line

Luxury living has taken a new dimension with the introduction of Bentley’s Italian Furniture Line by Luxury Living Group at Art Basel Miami Beach last December. The superb pieces were truly a testament to the brand’s ideology that their customers should ‘live the way they drive: in solid comfort and power’.

All pieces of the Luxury Living for Bentley home collection are made in Italy and sold exclusively by Luxury Living showrooms located in London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City. The collection is a dazzling blend of supple leathers, heavy veneers, bright metals, masculine textiles, and delicate glass that is truly the epitome of the modernist lifestyle with clean, cut designs.

bentley furniture

One of the most striking models is The Bentley Canterbury bed, priced at £15,000 and a £22,000 sideboard. It can be finished in either leather or fabric and is truly the stuff dreams are made of. The more modestly-priced Harlow leather armchair will set you back only £5,830 combines Bentley’s heritage within a modern aesthetic for the ultimate comfort.

bentley furniture

The £9,810 Butterfly sofa is an exquisite creation of cognac leather and quilted fine grey wool – it embodies Bentley’s emergence as a modern high luxury brand. The combination of sophisticated materials with contemporary design and superb craftsmanship presents a stunning translation of the timeless British elegance with modernist design.

bentley furniture

Most of the pieces boast the brand’s recognisable diamond pattern on the leather or fabric as a nod to Bentley’s famous interior quilting on seats and door panels. The collection is a perfect example of the coming together of luxury and sophistication for the creation of unique and contemporary furniture. This is truly a signature moment for Bentley with their unrivalled attention to detail expected to make a change on the fine living scene for those who relentlessly pursue the blend of comfort, class and style.



New limited-edition cognacs by Martell

The oldest of the great cognac houses celebrates its 300th anniversary with the launch of an exclusive series of limited-edition Martell Premier Voyage. Only 300 bottles will be produced and there is a waiting list for everyone who wishes to purchase one.

For its birthday the brand returns to its century-long traditions of being rigid and exacting with the quality of its ingredients as well as the final product. Once again, the company demonstrates enviable dedication to its core values with the boldest ‘first journey’ it has embarked on in 300 years in the face of Premier Voyage – the purest of standards.premier voyage martell

The eau-de-vie is exceptional and incredibly rare, ranging from 80 to 150 years in age. The exclusivity of the edition is enhanced by the intricate craftsmanship of the bottles itself – each of them being a delicate work of art. Commissioned by Martell was Bernar Venet – one of France’s most famous artists, who created sculptured artwork worthy of the acquired taste that is Premier Voyage. An interesting detail is that bottle and cognac are literally inseparable – the eau-de-vie can only be drawn from the vessel with a fusil, a special pipette used by the cellar master to extract and pour it.

premier voyage martell cognac

Priced at $13,000 (€11,400) per bottle – prospective clients are required to put their names on the waiting list should they wish to even have a chance at tasting the best spirit of any kind. With warmth and a flavour palette that are truly exceptional – it is worth everything from the waiting in line to the extravagant asking price. The brand’s legacy and history shines through in this distinctive blend– the final product being the result of retracing their steps 300 years ago. The sublime blend contains 18 eaux‑de‑vie from Martell’s cellars and has aged in barrels made from the oak of a 300 year-old tree, which gives it that distinctive taste and velvety texture.


Vertu Aster luxurious mobile phone

Vertu’s signature, top-of-the-league Aster smartphone, is truly a sight to behold. With its sleek design, innovative technology and the most luxurious materials it is the ‘quintessentially English smartphone’ as marketed by the brand.

vertu aster

Handmade and finished by crasftmen, the Aster sports an incredible set of features – a 5.1-inch 5th generation sapphire-crystal screen, 13-megapixel camera, Dolby Digital Plus virtual surround sound as well as Vertu’s full portfolio of exclusive services. These include Vertu LIFE, Vertu Certainty packages and their infamous concierge service, which is accessible via voice, e-mail or Live Chat from anywhere in the world 24-hours a day. The 4.7” 1080p, state-of-the-art high-contrast display at 473dpi is protected by sapphire crystal.

vertu aster

In terms of connectivity it is worth mentioning the phone’s quad-band GSM, 3G and LTE 4G capability features. The powerful and unique technology sets a new standard in performance and provides an exceptional experience. Similarly to the rest of Vertu’s collections – the Aster is built on the Anroid OC and uses a powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 2.3GHz Quad-core processor. vertu aster

The phone has a built-in rechargeable 2275mAh Li-ion battery, which allows talk time of up to 15 hrs 30 minutes and stand-by mode 380hrs. A nice feature is the Qi Compatible Wireless Charging as well as the fact that the Aster can be turned into a WiFi hotspot.

The smartphone comes in a variety of colours and the case be personalized with an engraving or a monogram. Every model is designed to a superb finish with fine leathers and luxury materials for an unmistakable feel and look.

Vertu’s Aster is the ultimate signature smartphone – one that combines superb technologic features with an exquisite design and timeless elegance. The asking price for the model is £4,200 although cost can vary, depending on customizations.


Exotic jewellery from Clara Saldarriaga

Something new and exotic has attracted tons of attention on the jewellery scene – the highly ornate and strikingly feminine designs by Clara Saldarriaga. Her marvellous creations are a unique blend of high-quality craftsmanship and beautiful, clean forms inspired by Nature.

At the core of the eye-catching collection lies the designer’s inspiration from Colombia’s rich flora and fauna, which results in gentle, yet strikingly original pieces. Her jewellery is unique in the fact that it consists of real flowers, petals, leafs and seeds encapsulated in gold and silver. This adds an otherworldly feature to the intricately stylized pieces as the wearer develops a personal relationship with them as new patterns and colours start to emerge.

The pre-Hispanic influence is clearly visible in the enthralling pieces, such as the $450 pheasant ring in etched gold and its $650 equally striking serpent version, which wraps around the finger. The highly ornate pair of frogs are retailing for $550 and the delicately feminine Medellín’s wild orchids are sold for $340 gold and $280 with longevity being at the root of the brand.


The nature-inspired gems carry a unique feature in that they effectively extend the life of a plant, turning them into exquisite creations. Upcoming pieces are a sublime blend of raw Colombian emeralds and filigree from Mompox  – a colonial port city. Only the highest level of craftsmanship is employed to wield such fine quality of fabulous designs that etch the best of Nature in gold and silver.


The cuffs are strikingly intricate and wrap delicately around the wrist in a way that accentuated the feminine form, which is difficult to achieve for heavier, bigger jewellery. Clara Saldarriaga’s original pieces are a statement-making accessory that any modern, fashionable woman would appreciate.


Time has never been classier

New materials are always changing the way timepieces are worn and the statement that they make. With phosphorescence becoming more and more prevalent in everything from clothes to accessories and even cars this Spring it’s no wonder that the new de Grisogono Tondo by Night (priced at £7,200) follows the trend closely.

With its intricately illuminated diamond dials it creates a staggering glow effect in the dark – one that is sure to raise quite a few eyebrows. In addition it boasts the remarkable pearly photoluminescent composite fibreglass technology, where the addition of minute particles of mother-of-pearl enhances the inherent luminosity. It comes in a variety of eye-catching colours and is fully customizable for a nice personal touch.

The contemporary watch is lighter, stronger and exhibits considerably less friction and improve efficiency thanks to the state-of-the-art materials used in its making. The piece is water-resistant and can withstand depth of up to 30m. Illuminated from the inside, the sophisticated movement has been intricately developed to display a gem-set oscillating rotor on the dial. The innovative PLF (photoluminescent composite fibreglass) technology allows for a longer, brighter glow – day and night.

With its signature neon bright and cool exterior, the Tondo by Night collection boasts remarkable craftsmanship in addition to its sleek design and luxurious execution. All in all – the ultimate in contemporary accessories.


Delvaux with a twist on its iconic classics

Delvaux – the oldest fine leather goods company in the world and highly regarded by the Belgian royal family – has freshened and fine-tuned its historic handbags. In reviving its iconic designs the brand has brought in the highly-regarded designer Christina Zeller who has helped develop cult styles for Mochino, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Lacroix and Givenchy. When it comes to bringing the brand out of its slumber the former model was a natural choice.

With a small team of two designers Christina has reinvented some of Delvaux’s most iconic designs – Le Brillant (priced at £12,650). The box-shaped bag is constructed from 64 pieces of leather with concealed seams and an elegant buckle. The more geometric Le Tempête (priced at £9,800)is graceful in an almost austere way with its clean, cut lines. Perfectly balanced in its use of leather and metal – this bad is feminine and sleek, but makes a strong bold statement. Le Madame (priced at £1,400) based on a classic 1977 style has introduced some nice changes in the design with chunkier metal clasps and more feminine shapes. The biggest advantage of bringing on board such a talented designer has to be the amazing array of vivid colours Zeller has introduced that range from warm sunny yellow to hot pink and spring green. Some bags demonstrate a bold eclectic mixture of different leather – plain and exotic skins complementing each other in an eye-catching way.

One of the products worth mentioning are the sublime mini versions that start at £1,400 of each style and are sold under the line Temptation.


Return to the 70s

The Spring season sees a lot of elements from the 1970s being incorporated into the male wardrobes. Rich earthly tones, bold geometric patterns and the revival of the statement shearling coat are making a comeback and being reimagined in fresh ways.

Statement fabrics take centre stage with moleskins and corduroy trousers in eye-catching 1970s colours, such as chocolate brown, dark ochre and deep orange. Separates remain key with cashmere, silk and linen being the predominant fabrics of choice as evidenced by Kiton’s wearable sports jackets.

Amongst British tailors channelling the 1970s it’s worth mentioning Savile Row’s Richard Anderson, in its made-to-order range. Their russet cotton or velvet corduroys (priced at £195) are classy and dapper at the same time with customers being able to choose between the amber corduroy three-piece suit (priced at £1,400; double-breasted version, £1,195), a fawn moleskin two-piece (£1,300) that is casual, and a rust velvet-cord three-piece (from £1,350) that makes an edgy statement. The masculinity of the 1970s shines through in the longer-fitted jackets with broader lapels, high armholes and trousers fuller through the top of the leg.

Elsewhere, Prada’s rich gabardine designs are superb in their retro styling as made evident by a rust suit (£2,190), olive shirt (£535) and a chocolate crepe de Chine scarf (£170), while versions in brown gabardine (£2,175) are worth mentioning too, with their silvery sheen and shawl collars boasting the appeal of vintage eveningwear.


Footwear doesn’t fall behind the current tendencies as evidenced by Jimmy Choo’s ubiquitous elegance that shines through in the new Ronan zip boot (£550) in deep burgundy, brown or black made from high-quality calfskin, or the more robust suede Roger (£650) with dramatic toe-caps.


Signature Touch High Performance Smartphone by Vertu

Self-described as ‘a powerful blend of cutting-edge technology, stylish design and the finest materials’ the new Signature Touch line by Vertu is a remarkable piece. Its crisp, clean aesthetic is the first thing that draws the attention, but its functionality and high performance are also worth mentioning.


This extraordinary smartphone of a new generation has been developed in a close collaboration with Bentley, and is a fine example of British luxury and meticulous craftsmanship.  Effortless luxury and exceptional technology meet to bring to life the ultra-premium smartphone with the winning blend of beauty and extraordinary functionality.


Apart from being an unmistakable statement piece, the Signature Touch is packed with powerful technology, such as global 4G connectivity, rigorously tested with Bang & Olufsen; superior Dolby® Digital Plus sound reproduction; 13-megapiel sensor with dual LED flash and a lens of virtually scratch-proof sapphire crystal tuned with Hasselblad; 4.7” full-HD display, with 473 pixels per inch; robust case made of Grade 5 titanium alloy and a HD screen made from virtually scratch-proof sapphire.  The smartphone is shaped for comfort, delivering exceptional speed, effortless browsing and multi-tasking with the latest version of the Android platform.


Each phone is rigorously tested to ensure it gives uncompromising toughness, the Signature Touch boasts unmatched connectivity, improved battery performance and console-quality gaming graphics. The line features a variety of choices like the sharp Pure Jet Leather for €9,900.00, the simpler Jet Calf for €7,900.00 or the uncompromising Pure Jet Red Gold for €16,900.00 – all made from high-quality leather and crafted to perfection. Customers are also welcomed to explore the personalized made-to-order option and leave their personal touch on the piece to truly boast their individuality.


A wide variety of sophisticated colours, high-quality leathers and meticulous craftsmanship ensures your experience with Vertu is unique and in keeping with your core values.


Limited-edition cigar boxes by Barbara Bloom

New York-based conceptual artist Barbara Bloom’s limited-edition cigar boxes are exquisitely-designed and practical at the same time. Inspired by the silver version gifted to the father of modern psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud by a patient in the far-away 1903, the set features 15 sleek boxes (9in x 6in x 3-1/4in). Each is a testament to her talent as an artist and designer as it displays a staggering blend of style, attention to detail and minimalistic beauty. All boxes are handcrafted, using the finest in silver and polished wood.

Apart from the fine craftsmanship, another detail worth mentioning are the witty inscriptions Bloom features on the boxes for a humorous twist. Her personal edition displays the words “Sometimes an inscription is just an inscription” in a nod to Freud’s famous statement “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.
When asked the designer says she discovered Freud’s original case in the archives of New York’s Jewish Museum while working on the installation of her As It Were…So to Speak: A Museum Collection in Dialogue with Barbara Bloomexhibition in 2013, and was instantly drawn to its aesthetics, inscription – “Christmas, 1903”.
Inspired by his deep love for cigars as well as the subliminal, Bloom embarked on a venture to create something truly significant that could serve both as a holiday gift as well as an aesthetically pleasing accessory. They sell for$2,500 each and present a unique opportunity to own or gift something exquisite, inspired by an icon.