Andraab – a wearable work of art

From peacock patterns to Mughal florals – Andraab is gracing the fashion scene with a line of hand-woven, vibrant textiles that are a must-have for every stylish woman this season. The founder of Kashmir Caravans – a pioneering local touring company – Andrabi, has taken luxury to a new level with the introduction of the exquisite embroidery.


Their cashmere goods are all piece a wearable work of art, petal-soft to the touch and pleasing to the eyes. The minute patterns are the result of centuries of know-how and decades of relentless practice that has brought them at the top of the fashion pyramid. Each and every one of the embroidered leaves are sawn by specialists using super-fine silk thread to create that ethereal effect. Florals, zigzags, peacocks and candy stripes – the detail is staggering and the quality is truly one-of-a-kind. A buttercup-hued scarf finished with nandi bulls atop a rainbow of hand-embroidered roses sells for the modest sum of £215. The vibrant colours of the decorations contrast beautifully with the delicate grey nuance of the fabric.


The brand’s newest collection of 100 per cent natural-dye shawls starts at £158 and features a dazzling array of intricately-decorated pieces that will complement any outfit. But it’s not all appearance and there are products to fit every taste and necessity, such as the more practical metre-long, unembellished travel-blanket-cum-über-wrap that retails for £985. The quality of every single piece shines through in the materials as well as the execution of the design with the fabric being soft and smooth to touch.

The brand secret lies in making few changes to the traditional Kashmiri styles, building on top of a design that has proven durable over centuries. Their breathtakingly intricate embroidery is the ultimate testament to luxurious excess as well as the classiest form of demonstrating stature and style.


Luxurious sofa for your pet

This holiday season the creative team behind SPHEROLIGHT E.U. brings the ultimate gift for pampered canines and felines that love to live it up as much as their owners! The line of PETITURE SOFAS LARGE is a luxurious, top-quality Austrian product, designed with your pet’s comfort in mind.


These luxurious goods are a statement for people who consider it very important for their furry companions to have an exquisite and functional spot to rest their weary heads. The minimalistic design of petiture fits perfectly with the urban décor of the modern home and is a statement on its own.

The simple but functional pet bed comes in a variety of colours, suitable for every taste – from elegant fawn and earthy tones to bold orange, fresh turquoise, bright fuchsia, verdancy or intense violet.

The design is eye-catchingly simple and very easy to assemble, presenting the opportunity for element change if and when you grow tired of a particular colour. The materials used are of the highest quality and consist of solid-wood for the feet, backrest and plate, durable faux-leather for the surface and a soft multi-layered cushion. This is every pet’s dream!

Petiture comes in three sizes to fit everyone’s requirements and space availability – L, M and S with the covering of the special bed made of “Uranus” – artificial leather available in white, crème and chestnut and other colours on demand. Prices start at €1,499 with a small additional sum for shipping. cylKw6IThis is a product created from the vision for the blending of utility, comfort and class for all beings alike – a simple, clean, functional and comfy piece of furniture that will make your pooch or cat happy as can be.

Treat your pet to something extra special with this cosy bed that will become their favourite spot in no time. Or at least it’ll take their attention off that designer couch for a while.


Sony’s new S90 4K is innovation at its finest

Two surprisingly voluptuous new additions to Sony’s 2014 TV range have just hit the market and they’re worth exploring in detail. Apart from boasting all the ‘must-haves’ of visual technology these days like 65-inch and 75-inch screens with native 4K resolutions, the new S90 TVs features an impressive twist – one that Sony calls ‘the perfect curve’. This feature encompasses a gentle bend to deliver Sony’s take on sort of concave screen format pioneered by LG and Samsung Electronics.

The Sony curve is not as immediately obvious as on the rival curved screens. While Sony has clearly felt the need to follow the lead of its Korean rivals in adding a curved-screen option, the company has definitely gone its own way in the way the curve is applied. The dedication to finding a level of curvature that delivers that extra sense of immersion and focus without making straight horizontal lines in images is clearly visible in the S90 4K . The less dramatic degree of curvature on the new model also allows for a wider angle of the images without distortion. Perhaps best of all is the reduction of the steepness of the curve, which means on-screen reflections are not distorted as significantly as they are on heavily curved TVs.

Sony has integrated a multi-angle speaker array into the S90s’ curved left and right edges, which produces a remarkably convincing ‘surround sound’ performance. Additionally this performance can be enhanced with one of Sony’s new TV-friendly subwoofers.

The best news is that the introduction of the curved screen hasn’t influenced negatively any other aspects of quality, performance and appearance. The brand’s Triluminos technology for enhancing colours, and its 4K X-Reality Pro processing for enhanced upscaling of non-4K sources are still available. Overall, the new S90 are memorable for not one but two components – the barely visible curve and the top-notch sound.

The 65 and 75-inch 4K Ultra HD TVs will be retailing for £3,900 and £7,300 respectively and will be available just in time for the holidays.


Boërl & Kroff – Taste the Difference

A new name has risen on the horizon of exclusive and delectable wines and it’s that of Boërl & Kroff. This new and utterly extraordinary champagne has yet to become a household name amongst wine professionals, critics or collectors, but it gaining popularity by the day.

Even though its story is relatively new – their debut vintage having been produced in the not-so-faraway ’95 – Boërl & Kroff were destined for greatness from the very beginning. With a vineyard less than a hectare in size their champagne is so exceptional that it is bottled only in magnums or larger formats. Only a handful of releases have trickled onto the market, including magnums from 1995 and 1998 (prices from €4,410), and a deep and rich 2007 rosé de saignée with only five available in the Boërl & Kroff collector’s casket (priced from €43,250).


At this time only Richard Juhlin, regarded by many as the world’s foremost champagne expert, has been lucky enough to be the only one critic that has tasted each and every Boërl & Kroff vintage. His surprise and impression with their uncompromising quality and style has landed all nine champagnes – Boërl & Kroff entire range – outstanding reviews.
Every aficionado should experience the silky, smooth freshness and elegance of their champagne at least once in a lifetime. The wonderfully delicate texture is counterbalanced by a feeling of power, opulence and vinous concentration, producing a vin de plaisir of a new generation.

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The quality of the ingredients, the care that goes into the making process, the time it takes to acquire its exquisite taste and the limited edition of the production make it an incredibly costly champagne to produce, but it is truly a unique experience. Apart from the larger formats, B de Boërl & Kroff” vintages are available in regular bottles, starting at £250 – the ideal way to sneak a peek into a glamorous hedonistic experience of the taste palette. Currently there are three-Michelin-starred restaurants in Le Bristol and Paris – as well as other Michelin-starred restaurants in the Alps, the Côte d’Azur and Deauville that represent the brand.


5 Bedroom Luxury Chalet for rental in the Swiss Alps

This Winter spend the holidays in style in an opulent CHALET SPA VERBIER – an opulent 5-bedroom (all en suite) luxury detached chalet with a spacious penthouse suite complete with a king size bed and private terrace, as well as 4 additional bedrooms; these can either be king size or twin bed rooms.

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Ranked in the Top 10 chalets of Europe & the World by Tatler Russia, Conde Nast, Wall Street Journal, the United Arab Emirates Newspaper, this luxurious property nestles in the heart of the Swiss Alps, offering spectacular views, world-class service and exquisite cuisine. The chalet features a stunning indoor swimming pool regulated by a state-of the-art Siemens system that avoids use of chlorine. The pool is complemented by a massage fountain and magnificent views across the mountains, an external Jacuzzi as well as an external Canadian cedar wood hot tub and other spa facilities including Hammam, sauna, gym and a private massage room.

Guests benefit from a media centre distribution system with over 300 movies, with high resolution and blue ray projection, satellite tv, cable TV, and unlimited international internet TV with access to more than 100,000 music tracks, and ipod docks in every zone.

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The property boasts unmatched privacy thanks to its exclusive location in the secluded mountains and is one of the few residences in Verbier with an indoor swimming pool. You’ll be able to enjoy magnificent views toward the Combin and Aiguille from 3 levels of terracing and a prime location of 100 metres from the Savoleyres lift and a 10-minute walk from Place Central. There is an on-all Mercedes driver service.

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At a rate of $31,172 per week, it is the perfect choice for a small party with a billiard table, darts board, table tennis and cinema media room adding to the experience. All in all, it combines the best of two worlds – the serenity of one of the world’s most secluded and pristine locations with the vibe of urban nightlife and modern technology.

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A little holiday magic from Hermés

The holiday season is upon us and it can be a bit daunting to come up with the perfect gift for your loved ones. Fortunately, the talented people behind the renowned luxury brand Hermés have worked hard to offer a staggering variety of lifestyle accessories that are a unique blend of style, comfort and elegance.
This winter their catalogue features stylish choices like the 16Gb Lacie USB key fashioned from genuine calfskin for £190.00 – a classy and handy way to store your data. It comes in a variety of colours to choose from.


Their range of small leather goods continues with Swift calfskin, silver- and palladium-plated Clou de Selle for the popular Iphone 4 and 5 as well as the BlackBerry. Priced at £325.00 – it is the ideal gift for Him as the ultimate symbol of stature.


The beautifully-designed Azap wallet (top image) made from calf and goatskin with silver- and palladium-plated zip fastening is something every woman would want to see under the Christmas tree this year.

It is small and elegant, but with plenty of space, featuring five multi-purpose compartments and a zippered change pouch – well worth its £1,860.00 price tag. It would go beautifully with any one of their signature leather bracelets like the Rivale Double Tour for £435.00 – the double-loop bracelet in oakum Swift calfskin features a palladium-plated clasp and comes in two stylish colours.

For the people who value the finer things in life Hermés has introduced their line of luxurious, indulgent and pampering fragrances – “Le Bain” (Bath time), a new art of living through perfume. You can choose from an alluring variety of creamy bubble bath, revitalising shampoo, hydrating balm, toning gel, soothing body milk and gentle soap – all with rich and smooth texture that nurtures the skin and creates a soothing bath experience. For a highly intimate and personalized holiday message, compose your own gift set of 3 decadent soap bars with enticing aromas for $45.00. She will be smitten!
If you want to show you care there is no better way to say it than with Hermés – bringing you unmatched style and timeless class since 1837.


A partnership to remember

An exciting announcement marks the end of the year as it redefines the European market for luxurious goods – Hublot International and Italia Independent have committed to a three-year partnership that will see the creative synergies of the two brands merged to create products that are the epitome of style, utility and timeless elegance.

The announcement comes after Hublot’s highly successful partnerships with Ferrari and Juventus, both of which were an excellent example of the brand’s commitment to excellence, competence and Italian traditions. The line of superwatch is the direct result of the fusion of two superior luxury brands and features stunning masterpieces, such as the $300.000 MP-05 with sapphire crystal face designed to resemble the outline of the Ferrari supercars and the slightly more modest $30.000 Big Bang 45mm Ceramic Limited Edition satin-finished model. Both watches boast anti-reflective treatment, PVD titanium and Anodised Black Aluminium Cylinders with White Luminescent Fastened – a design that’s been developed and produced in parallel with the renowned car.

The King Power Juventus is a timepiece like no other that will capture the eye of true connoisseurs of class and utility. With a clean and cut style, it features a sapphire dial with the printed logo of the team and Plated Appliques with Black Luminescent. The crystal screen boasts Hublot’s signature anti-reflective treatment. The model is currently retailing at $21.500 on Amazon.


This new collaboration with Italia International will bring a stream of creativity, innovation and competence into Hublot’s enterprise. The fruitful venture seeks to promote the ‘Made in Italy’ spirit alongside the Swiss uncompromising quality, culture and design.

IxatrS9Italia Independent is known for its creative and stylish blend of fashion and design, tradition and innovation – which produces one-of-a-kind products. Their signature eyewear, which is a true testament to the Italian sense of style, is particularly sought-after for its uniqueness. The company is known for its Tailor Made Program, which allows every client to leave their signature on a product – specifically designed to fit their lifestyle. Their standardized models, such as Colmar, K-Way and Bear start around €150 each, which is more than fair for such blend of comfort and high-class fashion.


It is not surprising that Hublot has chosen Italia for its next strategic partner given that the Italian-born company has already collaborated successfully with fashion giant Adidas in the production of a series of Adidas original products in the region of €50 to €100.


It is clear that clients of both European firms will be treated to a unique blend of distinctive styles, functionality and a statement of stature.


Lamborghini 88 Tauri – a luxurious selfie

Technology can solve the greatest problems that humanity is facing. But it can also reveal man’s weakness for gaudy and useless icons of luxury. Discover the Lamborghini 88 Tauri, forget Vertu and Blackberry by Porsche, that’s the latest smartphone for rich people, produced by Lamborghini.It costs about $6,000, made of leather and steel, has a 5-inch screen, quad-core Qualcomm 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, 64GB memory, 20 MP camera and a 3200mAh battery.


Only 1,947 units of the Tauri 88 will be produced, making it even more exclusive. Tauri 88 will go on sale later on December, just making it the perfect luxurious Christmas present for those who think of upgrading their mobile.


Don’t forget to choose your favourite Lamborghini car to match it with!

Watch the teaser from Lamborghini:


GLENFIDDICH 50 Year Old – Not your average dram

Whiskey is the quintessential gentleman’s drink and no whiskeys are more prized than those from the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland itself. Although Japanese whiskeys have recently been gaining ground in the global battle for whiskey supremacy, one company still reigns supreme. Glenfiddich.


50 years ago locally sourced malt was soaked in spring water 60 hours and carefully crafted into a single malt whiskey beyond compare which only a select few people will ever get the chance to enjoy. The Glenfiddich 50-year-old is limited to a mere 50 bottles per year guaranteeing its place as one of the most exclusive and sought-after drinks in the world.

A taste that combines hints of marmalade and toffee, a hint of peat and a smooth smoky oak finish, the Glenfiddich 50-year-old is surpassed in taste only by its elegant presentation. Each bottle is made of hand-blown glass by master craftsmen and finished with Scottish silver by a sixth generation silversmith, before being individually wax numbered and carefully wrapped in handwoven silk. Lastly the bottles are encased in leather of the highest quality for their lucky new owners to have the pleasure of unwrapping.


With so few bottles being released on sale each year, the price tag is understandably high to match the demand. Although Glenfiddich themselves don’t advertise the price (if you have to ask, you can’t afford it) occasionally a bottle will appear online at around US$4000-US$5000. Whiskey like this certainly isn’t to be mixed with Coca-Cola and will be sure to leave a lasting impression on any dinner guests with whom you share it. That is, if you choose to share it at all!



Noma Pop up at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

You can now enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the World’s #1 restaurant according to San Pellegrino, a pop up of the famous danish restaurant Noma in Tokyo.

It all started in 2008 for René Redzepi, the Danish chef and owner of Noma. “I went to Kyoto for the first time at the invitation of chef Yoshihiro Murata – who is the equivalent of Bocuse in Japan – because he had been to Noma a few times and probably realised that I hadn’t a clue about Japanese food,” Redzepi recounts, “so he wanted to introduce me to it.” Redzepi worked for a week in Murata’s restaurant and at Nakamura and Hyotei, two other Michelin three-star restaurants in Kyoto.

Redzepi was captivated by Japanese cuisine, especially the formal, multicourse kaiseki meal, the origins of which lie in the tea ceremony and its strong links to Zen Buddhism. “The idea was to ensure that the bourgeoisie had full bellies before drinking pretty sturdy cups of tea,” he notes. “It’s a unique dining experience in a private home, which looks nondescript on the outside, then you go through to a perfectly tended Japanese garden.

According to the Mandarin Oriental management, the Noma pop up restaurant in Tokyo will be extended for two more weeks due to overwhelming demand. If you are in Tokyo or plan to travel there during January and February, the world’s #1 restaurant will be open from 9 January to 14 February 2015 except for Sundays.

You can now book the “Noma package”, an opportunity to enjoy a luxurious hotel in Tokyo and to boast that you visited Noma’s pop up in Japan.

Source: http://www.mandarinoriental.com/tokyo/hotel-offers/noma/