expensive villa

Inside ridiculously expensive yachts and villas loved by the super-rich

Spending outrageous amounts on privately-chartered flights, luxurious super yachts and large rented estates is the norm for the ultra-wealthy when they’re vacationing around the globe. No expense is spared when it comes to holidays and sunny Ibiza seems to be at the top of the preferred destinations. The tropical island has everything for a relaxed and discreet time, including a £19-million villa that can be rented out for complete privacy and exclusivity.

luxurious villa

luxurious villa

Situated in a gated community, the fabulous estate boasts such spectacular features like an open-plan kitchen that opens into the outside infinity pool and 360-degree views of the bay and ocean. Amongst some of the more famous neighbours are mega rich CEOs as well as celebrities Kate Moss and Madonna. Of course, at £19 million, the holiday home is not for everyone, but there is also the option to rent it for £70,000 a week. It has a cinema room, a gym and separate service quarters, and is located in a part of town dubbed ‘Disneyland for adults’.

luxurious villa

luxurious villa

Getting to Ibiza is another thing the rich do differently than regular people with private yachts whose price easily reaches £150 million. With an average crew of 30 people, maintenance costs can skyrocket the price of owning one pretty quickly. Recent years have seen more and more celebrities and wealthy individuals preferring to rent super yachts for up to 100,000 Euros (£70,000) a week instead of investing in owning their own. With spacious bedrooms, closet space, on-board kitchens, dens and entertainment rooms – guests can spend up to weeks at sea without getting bored.

£50-million super yacht Fathom, property to hotelier Vikram Chatwal, is amongst the more popular vessels to be rented out as its lavish interior meets all needs of celebrities, entrepreneurs and royal families alike. Sailing on board of Fathom is likened to a stay at a 6-star hotel in London or Dubai with round-the-clock service to ensure guests enjoy their stay while retaining their privacy.


 luxurious villa


$48.4 million Blue Moon Diamond shatters action record

The world’s priciest diamond was reportedly bought by Hong Kong billionaire for the record-breaking sum of $48.4 million at Sotheby’s highly-publicized auction. Various jewellers have dubbed the ‘Blue moon’ – the more expensive gemstone to have ever been sold, regardless of colour and size.

blue moon diamond Fetching the highest price per carat ($4 million per carat), the cushion-shaped diamond is a true work of wonder with its flawless construction and brilliant clarity. No other gemstone comes even close to its characteristics and considerable size, and the blue undertone is considered among the rarest nuances to be found in nature.
Its magnificent beauty and impressive 16.08 carats broke the previous record held by a record-selling gemstone, which was the 24.78-carat “Graff Pink” again auctioned by Sotheby’s for $46.2 million in 2010.

blue moon diamond The Blue Moon Diamond was discovered in South Africa in January 2015 and makes a worthy contribution to the market of coloured gemstones, which has grown exponentially in recent years. Its clarity and colour place it at the top of the grading scale as its combination of valuable characteristics is truly remarkable. The rare diamond was given a name worthy of its exceptional beauty and rarity, although shortly after purchase Chinese tycoon Joseph Lau, who was the highest bidder, renamed it in honour of his 7-year old daughter to “The Blue Moon of Josephine.” Internally flawless, the jewel is another spectacular find at the famous Cullinan mine in South Africa, despite the fact that it accounts for less than 0.1 of the world’s diamond output. Property of Cora International, the place is infamous for the rare coloured gemstones that have been unearthed in the past there.

blue moon diamond Assessment of the impeccable diamond continued for five months while it was still a rough stone and passed through various stages until all of its characteristics could be inspected and verified. Three more months were then necessary to sculpt and shape the Blue Diamond to its sophisticated elegance through advanced technology.

gold leaf pudding

The ultimate Christmas feast – a £10,000 pudding covered with gold leaves

It’s that time of the year again and top chefs and exclusive brands are rolling out Christmas-themed products that are sure to become the center of attention at any gathering. This time Matt Worswick – a Michelin-star cook- has challenged himself to reinvent the beloved pudding into a feast worthy of any millionaire’s table.

The Ultimate Millionaire Christmas Pudding is offered to guests at the exclusive Wirral’s Thornton Hall Hotel for the hefty price of £10,000. Its extravagant nature makes it a real treat as preparing it at home will require splashing on ingredients that are come to about £16,000. Some of the ingredients that give the pud its signature taste and look include the Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl 140th Anniversary brand brandy, which retails for £14,995. The limited special edition series of the highly-prized beverage is kept in exceptional tierçon, which gives it a unique flavor, where the touch of the oak intertwines with that of the apricot, yellow raisin, pear, honey and saffron for a spectacular and scrumptious experience.

gold leaf puddingThe explosive fruity flavor of the limited cognac comes together nicely with the 23-karat gold leaf, worth £1,000, the pudding is coated in. The frosty icing is an edible silver spray for £200 and that doesn’t include any of the other ingredients used in the fancy desert. It then sends eight hours of simmering to allow for all flavors to come together into a single explosion of taste and texture.

gold leaf puddingAn individual serving of the pudding at the Wirral’s Thornton Hall Hotel costs £2,500 and is a true representation of the generous and indulgent spirit of Christmas. Ultimately, this is so much than just a simple desert as it perfectly embodies the star chef’s journey to creating the most festive, scrumptious and decadent pudding recipe for the festive season.

If you are looking for the ingredients:

  • 400ml of XO brandy
  • 450g beef suet
  • 335g breadcrumbs
  • 335g dark brown sugar
  • 450g currants
  • 450g golden sultanas
  • 450g raisins
  • 225g chopped almonds
  • 8 prunes
  • 100g dates
  • 1 carrot grated
  • 1 large bramley apple grated
  • Pinch of table salt
  • 1 tsp mixed spiced
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 lemon zest and juice
  • 1 orange zest and juice
  • 8 kumquats
  • 2 ltr water
  • 2 kg Demerara sugar
  •  3 cloves
  • 2 star anise
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 tin silver spray
  • 1 packet real gold leaf
Article inspired by http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-3333284/Chef-makes-10-000-Christmas-pudding-edible-gold-leaf-14K-brandy.html
luxury residence australia

Top celebrity estates in Australia for sale in 2015

Famous big screen, television and radio personalities decided to cash in on the market boom in 2015 and list their lavish estates for sale. From Hugh Jackman and Deborah-Lee Furness to Cate Blanchett – stunning penthouses and family-friendly mansions are attracting wealthy buyers to invest in real estate in Australia.

$70 million: James and Erica Packer 

The La Mer estate holds a record-selling price not only for its prime location, but also for its opulent style, which boasts plenty of space and beautifully-designed Mediterranean rooms with direct views of the harbour. There is also an underground parking for 20 vehicles, entertainment spaces and two separate staff quarters. All in all – it’s the ultimate holiday getaway that allows for large and unforgettable parties.

la mer estate australia

la mer estate australia

$20 million: Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton

Rich people are known to move often and the family of Hollywood star Cate Blanchett is no exception. At the end of their stay in sunny Sydney, the married couple are looking to unload the Hunters Hill residence, which occupies a total of 3642 square metres. The quiet waterfront estate sold for more than the original asking price after $8 million worth of renovations that doubled the floor space and added an apartment under the swimming pool. Other features worth mentioning are the riverside tennis court and designer gardens.

Cate Blanchett Andrew Upton residence

Cate Blanchett Andrew Upton residence

$6.8 million: Rick McCallum

The modern apartment features 305sqm of living space with dramatic floor-to-ceiling glass doors and a large loggia for year-round guest entertainment. The whole-floor residence offers stunning views of Harbour Bridge and comprises three bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen, three bathrooms, a living room and generous closets throughout.

Rick McCallum residence

Rick McCallum residence

$4.5 million: Michelle Bridges

The Birchgrove home underwent complete renovation before hitting the market for 2 million more than its original worth. It exhibits a wonderful bohemian feel throughout the interior. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an open-plan kitchen and a living room that opens up into the manicured garden make for a cosy family nest.

Michelle Bridges residence

Michelle Bridges residence

overblue 44

Overblue 44 – the world’s most luxurious houseboat!

A floating house that boats the finest in al fresco entertainment and luxurious living is the newest design marketed for £240,000 under the name Overblue 44. With spacious lounges, a state-of-the-art kitchen with built-in appliances and a spectacular roof terrace – it is marital equivalent of a penthouse apartment.

Overblue 44 Houseboat

Overblue 44 Houseboat

The world’s most luxurious houseboat is designed for a comfortable experience in the open sea. It features two hulls for increased stability, comfort and speed. Manufacturer Raffaele Grotti has announced two models – a 44ft standard boat and a larger at 54ft. Every boat can be further customized according to the buyer’s specifications and displays a modern, light-flooded interior with natural materials, king-size beds and spectacular technology that features an integrated system to monitor all elements from a single screen.

Overblue 44 Houseboat

Overblue 44 Houseboat

An on-board jacuzzi, bar and a decked roof terrace provide plenty of space for guest entertaining. The best feature of the Overblue 44 is its functionality – it can be used as an apartment at sea, a charter boat or weekend escape and is viewed as the future of houseboats. The versatile yacht provides a new standard of luxury living at sea. It can reach speeds of 16mph.

Overblue 44 Houseboat

Overblue 44 Houseboat

Two twin 75hp engines power the houseboat and are very economical. It is constructed of fiberglass and the flybridge provides plenty of space in the surprisingly symmetrical construction. All the comforts of a modern home can be found within and there are plans for a deluxe 64ft version.

Overblue 44 Houseboat

Overblue 44 Houseboat

The living space is fully customizable and buyers can add options, such as solar panels, crane for marine equipment, etc. There is also an open-plan kitchen. With the smallest model – the 44ft Overblue – comes with three cabins, including a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. There is ample storage throughout the boat with walk-in closets and options for further customization.

huka lodge new zealand

Best boutique hotels revealed

They are so exclusive and secluded that most people haven’t even heard of them. But for true connoisseurs – finding the ultimate spot for peaceful and luxurious relaxation – these boutique hotels truly have it all.

The Pig on the Beach, Studland, England

The Pig on the Beach, Studland, EnglandEnjoy the English countryside in all its pristine glory in this 18th-century Gothic residence located in sunny Dorset. 23 rooms offer delightful bliss with their opulent rural style and there is even a greenhouse restaurant and two dovecotes on one of the buildings. The unique ambiance of the place is enhanced by the original mullioned windows and turrets as well as the massage room in the shepherd’s hut in the grounds. Rates vary depending on season, but you can’t find anything lower than £300 a night.

Huka Lodge, New Zealand

huka lodge new zealandSometimes you have to travel half the world for the best service and Huka Lodge proves it. The £1,000-a night hotel treats guests to peace and tranquillity like no other. Overlooking the beautiful Waikato River, the 1920s-style hunting lodge provides plenty of activities, such as skydiving and golf.

Song Saa Private Island, Cambodiasong saa campodia

This spectacular retreat is nested in the remote Gulf of Thailand – home to the first marine reserve. For £2,265 a night guests can explore a rainforest or simply enjoy the rainbow-coloured tropical fish swimming in their natural habitat through holes in the floors of the wooden villas. Service is exemplary and there is no other place that brings together the allure of nature with the comforts of modern living so well.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

jean michel cousteau fijiLovers of South-Pacific getaways will enjoy this tropical piece of paradise. A popular destination for honeymoons, weddings and other special occasions – the £800-a night retreat offers a wide range of services and amenities to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Family pools, babysitting services and plenty of water sports are available to choose from.

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florida estate

America’s most expensive home – $159 million Florida estate

Modelled after the opulent Palace of Versailles in France, a Hillsboro Beach, Florida mansion has hit the market for the whopping $159 million price tag. Nicknamed Le Palais Royal, it covers 60,500 square feet and features mind-blowing amenities, such as a go-kart track, bowling alley, nightclub, ice-skating rink and six waterfalls.

florida estate

The main residence is 95% complete, although finishing work is still being carried out on other structures. There is a subterranean garage with a capacity for 30 cars and a spectacular marble staircase that leads to the entrance of the main house. Other striking features that add to the extravagant price is the generously used gold leaf used throughout the estate as well as the wine cellar with a 3,000-bottle capacity, the IMAX 18-seat home theatre and the ,300-gallon built-in aquarium.

florida estate

florida estate

Taking nearly 7 years in design and planning, the luxurious waterfront estate consists of a main house with 11 rooms, two guesthouses and a subterranean entertainment complex. The main residence has a master suite with a heated plunge pool on the balcony. A 4,500-square-foot infinity pool can be found outside, beautifully complemented by the six cascading waterfalls – the tallest of which is 25 feet in height. There is also a swim-up bar as well as a water slide apart from a modern outdoor kitchen with a stone pizza oven.

florida estate

florida estateThe property itself rests between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway and has two private docks. Natural light is abundant in the mansion thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and beautiful materials used. All rooms exhibit custom plaster moldings. There are several kitchens and ample storage space throughout the residence.

estate floridaThe smaller guesthouses share a pool and total 3,000 square feet combined, but the real gem is the underground entertainment complex. Still in construction, it is like nothing you would expect to see in a modern American home with a nightclub, an ice-skating ring, a bowling alley and a go-kart race track being planned.

symmetry yacht sinot

Symmetry – the incredible 590ft floating palace

The world of luxurious super-yachts is about to witness a phenomenal addition to the ranks of floating palaces – the state-of-the-art 590 foot long bi-directional manoeuvrable concept yacht. Symmetry was debuted at the 2015 September Monaco Yacht Show and is the work of Norwegian custom designer Sander J. Sinot. Spanning across a total of 10,700 feet of space, it is intended to feature a home cinema, private SPA and an infinity pool alongside plenty of deck space.

symmetry yacht sinotAn unusual and attractive feature is the so-called Owner Exclusive Deck, which consists of a library, sky lounge, state room, office and outdoor area with plenty of space for relaxation. The interior is beautifully designed and boasts contemporary minimalistic and architecturally clean aesthetics that make the most of the available space and light. A total of six decks display an array of features for the ultimate in luxurious cruising and are named according to the theme and feature they exhibit.

symmetry yacht sinotThe Beach Deck features a stunning beach lounge with a bar, jacuzzi and seawater pool. The Guest Deck boasts ample guest accommodation with en-suit bathrooms and large balconies as well as another mid-ship pool with a glass bottom. The Hotel Deck holds the entertainment portion of the mega-yacht with lounges, bars, garden, gym, dining areas and an exterior pool. The Wheelhouse Deck exhibits dual steering arrangements, which allow for bi-directional manoeuvrability.

symmetry yacht sinotOther on-board features include a children’s play room, library, office and spacious outdoor deck wit lounges. The entire design of Symmetry is defined by the new and revolutionary layout that is symmetrically stemming from the centre rather than the popular linear set-up.

symmetry yacht sinot

symmetry yacht sinotThe design provides a beautiful synergy between innovative engineering, contemporary architecture, functionality and beautiful aesthetic. With a total capacity of 34 guests and 48 crew, Symmetry resembles a custom-designed private estate of unparalleled comfort and luxury. Initial price estimate is reported to be $4,650,000.

symmetry yacht sinot

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london penthouse

London penthouse on sale, walk-in wardrobe with designer clothes included!

A new trend amongst luxurious property developments is gaining popularity in London – state-of-the-art penthouses complete with walk-in wardrobes that are filled with designer clothing. Rich buyers have never had it easier to change homes and simply move in and start enjoying the best that life has to offer.
A new tower built near Albert Embankment and Blackfriars Road offers spectacular views of London as well as unique features. The modern triplex at the top of the Parliament House is furnished to exceptional standards of elegance and contemporary design, boasting state-of-the-art fixtures, wooden floors, designer furnishings and high-tech Gaggenau and Miele appliances in the kitchen.london penthouse

london penthouse In fact, the most striking feature of this penthouse is that every single item carries the name of a world-class designer: the bathroom candles are by Jo Malone; the luxury linen towels are by Paul Smith; the kitchen cabinets are filled with sparkling water from Harrods and snacks from Harvey Nichols; the cellar is stacked with vintage Burgundy and Claret.

london penthouse

london penthouseThe apartment itself comprises several bedrooms with walk-in closets, marble bathrooms, an open-plan kitchen and a spacious lounge with balcony, where owners and guests will be able to enjoy a hot tub, barbecue and outdoor TV. All rooms boast floor-to-ceiling windows, which reveal striking panoramic views of the city. The price tag of £6 million includes everything from the bed linen to the décor items and it is an extra effort that rich buyers will appreciate as the apartment truly pays attention to the minor of details.

london penthouse

london penthouse

london penthouseOf course, the most spectacular feature remains the designer walk-in wardrobe, which boasts male and female clothes and accessories, such as: £350 LK Bennet diamond shoes, £295 Church’s brogues, a £815 Stella McCartney evening dress, a £1,500 Thom Sweeney tuxedo and other designer treats that will make you feel like you’re at a high-fashion show.

Cartier Watches and wonders

Watches and Wonders exhibition 2015

The second edition of the Watches & Wonders fair took place in the international hub of Hong Kong from September the 30th to October the 3rd. it brought together the most celebrated watch-making brands in the world, which could exhibit their models by invitation only. The event, organized by Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, took a step forward in becoming one of the most anticipated annual events in the fine-watchmaking calendar.

Amongst some of the more renowned brands to participate were established jewellery and watch-making houses Cartier, Piaget, Montblanc and Jaeger-LeCoultre –these being the epitome of French Maisons of international standing. IWC – the Swiss manufacturer owned by Richemon – was also featured in an effort to expand into the Asian market and establish itself as an innovative and cutting-edge haute horlogerie company. This event was viewed as an ideal opportunity for the socially-responsible and creative brand to demonstrate its bespoke engineering ingenuity and sustainable production commitment once again.

Check some videos from the exhibition, credits to MingWatch for providing them:

French Maison Cartier unveiled one of the best models at the event – the Clé de Cartier watch, which exhibits two of the brand’s most recognizable elements: the flying tourbillon and the mysterious movement. Three exquisite timepieces for $45,200 each, featuring diamond-set cases, intricate technical characteristics and black lacquered mahogany boxes were introduced.

watches and wonders

The Montblanc Metamorphosis II watch comes in a limited edition of 18 pieces that completely transform the aesthetic and function of the watch’s dial. An ingenious mechanism splits open like a curtain the hours and date subdials to reveal the chronograph indices underneath. Asking price for this model is €270,000.

montblanc watches and wonders

Van Cleef & Arpels celebrated their craft skills with the Oiseaux Enchantés Extraordinary Dials collection that features stunning feather art by Nelly Saunier. Colour variations and exquisite ornaments create three-dimensional figures of enchanting overtones, density and texture.

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