On board Dreamliner’s flying penthouse available for rent at £20,000 an hour

A new impressive re-design of a commercial aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner sees it being transformed into a flying penthouse. Dubbed ‘VVIP’ because of its heightened exclusivity, it’s the world’s largest private jet. The £230million aircraft went on display at London’s Stansted Airport, this week, as it marks the launch of bespoke travel packages by Deer Jet.


To experience the Dreamjet’s flashy delights travellers will need to hire out the whole plane – as it’s not possible to book just a single seat. That will set them back roughly £20,000 per hour, meaning a flight from London to New York would have a price tag of at least £160,000 or from New York to Australia – £440,000 single fare, £880,000 for return journey. Although, that’s a small price for the complete privacy and unmatched luxury the remodelled aircraft offers.


The conversion offers guests ample space – 2,400 square feet to be precise – which is limited to a capacity of 30 lucky jet-setters. Fitted with extra-large windows for greater views of the skies, the luxury cabin also features 18 lie-flat first class beds, in addition to the main lounge for meetings, relaxing or partying.


The Marble-finish bathrooms are kitted-out with Jo Malone toiletries. In addition, the cabin also possesses private space for guests who want their privacy. Crew and in-flight butlers are accommodated in separate designated staff quarters.


High-standard leather sofa beds – which recline fully – are arranged around the 2,400 square feet cabin. The idea behind the new exclusive service is to ‘make travel an art’ for business and leisure travellers worldwide.

The Manhattan Airship

Two New Outstanding Business-Jet Interiors from Embraer

Private aviation continues to undergo exciting upgrades thanks to Embraer’s designers. Business travellers can now enjoy two new Art Deco–inspired interiors for the flagship Lineage 1000E business jet: the Manhattan Airship and the Hollywood Airship. For these projects Embraer collaborated with designer Eddie Sotto, as it did on the Skyacht One and Skyranch One cabins.

The Manhattan Airship02

The Manhattan Airship boasts elegant dark wood flooring and panelling, a metallic mural of the circa-1930s New York City skyline, and the Cloud Club—a spacious lounge area with a bar with retractable stools, vintage sconces, and a mohair-and-lambskin divan under a city-loft-style window.

The Manhattan Airship03

The second option is the Hollywood Airship interior with lighter and warmer tones, and chrome and marble accents throughout.

The Hollywood Airship01

Leather accents on the walls and headliners depict Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose, the Sunset Tower, and vintage cars. Each design sports expansive stylistic windows that allow plenty of light into the cabin and offer panoramic views of what’s outside the aircraft.

The Hollywood Airship03

These interiors are a step up of traditional business-jet interior design, which is typically dominated by simplicity and functionality. Conveying the Art Deco style of the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building with a mosaic of the Manhattan skyline, is a first for this type of high-concept design.

The Hollywood Airship02


World’s First Flying Car

For Sale the World’s First Flying Car

The world’s first production-model flying car is now a reality. Netherlands-based company Pal-V has begun taking orders for two versions of its three-wheeled car that converts into a two-seat gyroplane: avid buyers can choose between the fully loaded Liberty Pioneer Edition (£480,000) and the base model Liberty Sport (£320,000). FAA certification for its vehicle is still pending and as soon as they receive it – deliveries can begin.

Only 90 examples of the Liberty Pioneer Edition will be built, highlighting its rarity and collectability in the long term. Both models will have a maximum speed of 100 mph in driving mode and will be capable of acceleration from zero-to-60-mph time of less than nine seconds. In flying mode, they will have a high cruising speed of 100mph and a range of 248 miles with two passengers aboard and 310 miles with just a pilot. Pal-V recommends using a runway – paved or level grass – of at least 900ft for a smooth take-off and a 100ft strip for landing.

World’s First Flying Car02

The blades are bundled on the roof when the vehicle is in drive mode, and can be unfolded to convert the Liberty into a gyroplane in about 10 minutes. The blades are not powered by a motor, as helicopter blades are, but by the wind and continue to rotate as long as there is airflow. This gives the vehicle a level of stability.

World’s First Flying Car04

To operate the Liberty drivers will require a standard driver’s license and a gyroplane license. The latter requires 40-45 hours of training. For an additional £20,000 buyers get a Liberty includes flying lessons at the Pal-V FlyDrive Academy, the company’s flying school in Utah.


The Aerion AS2 supersonic jet

The new 2017 will see supersonic jets a reality with Aerion’s new AS2 model. The company has been developing it for nearly a decade and now the aerospace giant Airbus has joined the team as a partner. Robert Bass, chairman of Aerion, has announced the new jet will be flying by 2019, certified in 2021, and entering service in 2022 but wealthy buyers are already expressing interest in owning one.

 Aerion AS2 supersonic jet

The latest design of the AS2 was revealed in May. The aircraft will be capable of carrying a total of 12 passengers in a 30-foot-long cabin at speeds up to 1,218 mph. With a range objective of 5,450 miles or better – this aircraft is unique in that its high speeds will allow it to bypass the limitation that the United States government imposes on airspeeds above Mach 1 in its airspace. This means passengers of the Aerion enjoy unmatched point-to-point travel times for a civilian jet for the first time ever in international flights. Travel from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany, nonstop in just over five hours will be made a reality.

 Aerion AS2 supersonic jet

The retail price for the AS2 is expected to be above $100 million – money that business moguls will gladly pay for increased comfort, style and speed. Flight-service provider Flexjet is already the first to have placed an order for 20 examples of the Aerion AS2 supersonic jets with each one priced at $120 million. Called a “potential game changer for business travel.” – the new AS2 will set a new standard of luxury and performance in private travel.

 Aerion AS2 supersonic jet

Dassault Falcon 8x

The First Dassault Falcon 8X Jet

Dassault Falcon 8X has made its debut the French aerospace firm’s new $58 million ultralong-range business jet. Designed for European charter company Amjet Executive, it will be the first Falcon 8X used for chartered flights.

Billed as the next generation of its predecessor Falcon 7X, the newly unveiled airplane benefits from a longer range and a bigger cabin. The latter will be available in 30 different layouts buyers can choose from. The Falcon 8X has a travel range of up to 7,422 miles at a time and can reach a top speed of 425 mph. It has already received its EASA and FAA certification and is entering service right on schedule, two years after it was initially announced. Customers from about a dozen countries will be able to place additional deliveries.

The First Dassault Falcon 8X Jet03

The Falcon 8X is a dream-come-true for every avid traveller. It has a bigger cabin and a longer range for comfortable travel. Its state-of-the-art fly-by-wire cockpit relieves pilots of repetitive tasks and lets them focus on flight management instead. The new Falcon 8X is equipped with three turbofan engines, which make it flexible enough to take off from short runways and operate at airports in high elevations or hot climates. New aerodynamic winglets reduce drag and increase efficiency.

The First Dassault Falcon 8X Jet01

The cabin of the Falcon 8X is almost 43 feet long and 7.6 feet wide, providing plenty of space for a comfortable workspace as well as a restful night’s sleep and a shower. In different configurations, passengers are guaranteed a low noise level (just 52 dB or less) and a low cabin altitude of just 3,900 feet.

the most luxurious commercial jet

Inside the world’s most luxurious commercial jet

US-based travel company Crystal has unveiled a new generation of commercial jet. Tickets will start from £38 000 or $50 000. For that price passengers will get to enjoy VIP treatment, with on-board butlers and even a Michelin Star-inspired menu.

The plane will feature a spacious dining area decked out with leather chairs, fine porcelain and crystalware, this recreates the ambiance of top-dollar restaurants. In addition to the restaurant there is also a fully-stocked bar that carries a range of top shelf spirits and fine wines.

the most luxurious commercial jet01

And this is just a small part of the interior of what has been heralded as the most luxurious commercial jet ever built.

On-board butlers will make sure guests have all of their whims catered to. The spacious seating area features a total of 84 armchair-style seats for passengers to lounge in. They transform into lie-flat beds, which are comfortable and provide a level of privacy for a nap between destinations. There are also luxurious, roomy bathrooms, where guests can freshen up with a range of fragrant products by luxury Italian fashion house Etro.

the most luxurious commercial jet03

14, 21 and 28-day itineraries will be made available on the plane to provide plenty of excitement and options for holidaymakers away on some of the ‘most exotic and remote’ locations in the world. The new five-star Boeing 777-200LR will have its interior upgraded and completely renovated before commercial flights start in the autumn of 2017, allowing rich passengers to travel without compromising their need for luxury and comfort.

Piper M600 Executive-Grade Turboprop Aircraft

The $2.85 Million Piper M600 Executive-Grade Turboprop Aircraft

Travelling has long become a necessity rather than a spoil, but travelling in style and luxury has certainly taken a whole new level with the new Piper Aircraft M600 turboprop. Recently approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, the aircraft provides a roomy cabin with superb premium-leather club seating for four, plus plenty of creature comforts for travellers. It is the ideal way the other half can fly – far away from the daily inconveniences of economy class and jumbo jets.

Piper M600 Executive-Grade Turboprop Aircraft01

The Piper M600 Turboprop Aircraft sports big windows, USB charging ports, cup holders, executive folding tables, and folding seats to make your trip as comfortable as can be. With its ample and bright interior, it exhibits the ideal combination of understated elegance and comfort. Buyers can choose between pastel vanilla or black leather for the seats, and they are given a selection of elegant wood-grain and glossy finishes for the tables and woodwork. The M600 is powered by a trademark Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A turbine engine that allows for speeds of up to 315 mph over distances of up to approximately 1,700 miles.

Piper M600 Executive-Grade Turboprop Aircraft03

The cockpit is fitted with the latest in aviation technology in the face of Garmin’s G3000 touchscreen avionics suite. Its new and improved pilot interface design maximizes ergonomic comfort and minimizes pilot workload. The airplane’s new enhanced safety features are its strong suite and include emergency descent mode, electronic stability protection, level mode, and underspeed and overspeed protection. This provides an extra level of electronic oversight to prevent accidents.

Deliveries are already underway with the company producing a limited number of 35 aircrafts per year. The Piper M600 Turboprop sells for $2.85 million and must be pre-ordered.

Airbus H160 VIP Helicopter

The $22 million Airbus H160 VIP Helicopter

Aviation leader Airbus has unveiled the new millionaire must-have luxury helicopter for the. The $22 million H160 VIP is a super-luxurious version of the world’s most technologically advanced chopper, and it’s a veritable Lamborghini for the skies.

The model is based on the H160, which is the world’s first all-composite civil helicopter. A lightweight whirlybird – it has a cruising speed of the blistering 185 mph with a range of 500 miles and a whisper-quiet ride for maximum comfort. Airbus Helicopters (formerly known under the brand Europcopter) spent over $1 billion developing the sleek ride.

Airbus H160 VIP Helicopter02

The 12-passenger aircraft features plenty of space for a comfortable ride. Two new fuel-efficient Turbomeca Arrano turboshaft engines have been fitted to create upwards of 1,300 shaft horsepower. Airbus’ high tech new Blue Edge blades feature a hockey stick-shaped leading edge at the outer tip, which is specifically designed to reduce the noise generated by blade-vortex interaction.

The interior is clean, austere and light, upholstered in fine leather with wood and metal accents. It can be further customized to the buyer’s specifications. Airbus launched a design contest last fall with five top-flight design firms competing to be commissioned for the creation of the H160 VIP cabin interior. The company is pleased with the end result, calling it an “unrivalled combination of innovation, design and performance.”

Airbus H160 VIP Helicopter01

Orders are not expected to begin delivery until 2018 while Airbus puts the finishing touches on the prototype. For now, the machine has a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet and performes turns at a jet-like 2.2G.

The Best Business Jets

The Best Business Jets

The Dubai Air Show showcases a variety of fine aircraft – ranging from drones to commercial airliners and business jets in a bid to demonstrate the latest in aviation luxury and cutting-edge technology. This year Honeywell International, which specializes in aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, forecasts up to 9,250 new business jets will be ordered with a combined cost of over £250 billion ($400 billion) between 2016 and 2023. The best business jets that are the highlight of the event are:

Large-Cabin Ultralong-Range: Gulfstream G650ER

Gulfstream G650ER

This aircraft has more range than any other with superior dimensions inside the cabin and large expansive windows. Its speed and performance is outstanding for a jet of such capabilities, making it one of the best corporate jets ever built. The G650ER has a range of 8,630 miles and a capacity of eight passengers. The passenger area of the cabin is almost 47 feet long, 6 feet 5 inches tall, and 8 feet 6 inches in width. It can be customized to feature a private office or bedroom and has a selling price of $66.5 million.

Ultralong-Range: Bombardier Global 6000

Ultralong-Range Bombardier Global 6000

Bombardier takes the Global brand to a new level with this large-cabin aircraft model. The cabin environment and overall performance characteristics are truly exceptional. It has a capacity for as many as 19 passengers and a comfortable interior that includes an aft stateroom with its own lavatory, and club seating in the main seating area. It sells for $50.44 million.

Super Large: Gulfstream G450

Super Large Gulfstream G450

The G450 preserves the classic GIV series airframe while boasting impressive economics and performance in both midrange and long-range mission. A favourite for decades, the model benefits from a spacious cabin with a layout that can include a forward club seating area, a work area, and an aft stateroom.  Expansive windows and a constant supply of fresh air are other features that make traveling a breeze in this $32 million jet.

Gulfstream G450

Etihad first three-room suite

Etihad presents first three-room suite – the future of first-class travel

Transatlantic flights just got a luxurious upgrade with Etihad unveiling the spectacular three-room suite, complete with its own bedroom, living room, shower room and a 24-hour butler service and a private chef. Named The Residence – the new suite will cost $76,000 on a commercial flight from New York to Mumbai, making it the most expensive flight in the world.

Etihad first three-room suite

A one-way ticket for exclusive ‘penthouse in the sky’ costs approximately $38,000 (£26,000) and features a private butler and chef, so passengers can have all of their whims catered to. The cabin is available only on Etihad’s fleet of Airbus A380-800 aircrafts and comprises a living room, bedroom and shower room.

Etihad first three-room suite

The living room is fitted with a 32in flat-screen LCD TV, a fine leather double sofa and two fold-away wooden dining tables. The Savoy-trained butler is available to assist passengers with anything they may require throughout their flight while a qualified chef prepares bespoke meals to their liking. A narrow hallway leads to the bedroom, where there is a double bed with designer Italian bed linen, which is another first for a commercial airline. Another 27in flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall in the bedroom and there is on-board WiFi.

Etihad first three-room suite

Prior to landing passengers can freshen up in a private bathroom equipped with a shower, make-up mirror and hairdryer. What’s even more -the cost of the ticket includes personal chauffeured transport to and from the airport, a personal travel concierge, private check-in and access to a private lounge. Upon request Etihad can provide a trained on-board nanny to make passengers’ flight experience as comfortable as possible.

Apart from New York – Mumbai, passengers can book the suite for an Abu Dhabi – London and London – Sydney flights as well as to and from Melbourne from June 1st this year.