florida estate

America’s most expensive home – $159 million Florida estate

Modelled after the opulent Palace of Versailles in France, a Hillsboro Beach, Florida mansion has hit the market for the whopping $159 million price tag. Nicknamed Le Palais Royal, it covers 60,500 square feet and features mind-blowing amenities, such as a go-kart track, bowling alley, nightclub, ice-skating rink and six waterfalls.

florida estate

The main residence is 95% complete, although finishing work is still being carried out on other structures. There is a subterranean garage with a capacity for 30 cars and a spectacular marble staircase that leads to the entrance of the main house. Other striking features that add to the extravagant price is the generously used gold leaf used throughout the estate as well as the wine cellar with a 3,000-bottle capacity, the IMAX 18-seat home theatre and the ,300-gallon built-in aquarium.

florida estate

florida estate

Taking nearly 7 years in design and planning, the luxurious waterfront estate consists of a main house with 11 rooms, two guesthouses and a subterranean entertainment complex. The main residence has a master suite with a heated plunge pool on the balcony. A 4,500-square-foot infinity pool can be found outside, beautifully complemented by the six cascading waterfalls – the tallest of which is 25 feet in height. There is also a swim-up bar as well as a water slide apart from a modern outdoor kitchen with a stone pizza oven.

florida estate

florida estateThe property itself rests between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway and has two private docks. Natural light is abundant in the mansion thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and beautiful materials used. All rooms exhibit custom plaster moldings. There are several kitchens and ample storage space throughout the residence.

estate floridaThe smaller guesthouses share a pool and total 3,000 square feet combined, but the real gem is the underground entertainment complex. Still in construction, it is like nothing you would expect to see in a modern American home with a nightclub, an ice-skating ring, a bowling alley and a go-kart race track being planned.

london penthouse

London penthouse on sale, walk-in wardrobe with designer clothes included!

A new trend amongst luxurious property developments is gaining popularity in London – state-of-the-art penthouses complete with walk-in wardrobes that are filled with designer clothing. Rich buyers have never had it easier to change homes and simply move in and start enjoying the best that life has to offer.
A new tower built near Albert Embankment and Blackfriars Road offers spectacular views of London as well as unique features. The modern triplex at the top of the Parliament House is furnished to exceptional standards of elegance and contemporary design, boasting state-of-the-art fixtures, wooden floors, designer furnishings and high-tech Gaggenau and Miele appliances in the kitchen.london penthouse

london penthouse In fact, the most striking feature of this penthouse is that every single item carries the name of a world-class designer: the bathroom candles are by Jo Malone; the luxury linen towels are by Paul Smith; the kitchen cabinets are filled with sparkling water from Harrods and snacks from Harvey Nichols; the cellar is stacked with vintage Burgundy and Claret.

london penthouse

london penthouseThe apartment itself comprises several bedrooms with walk-in closets, marble bathrooms, an open-plan kitchen and a spacious lounge with balcony, where owners and guests will be able to enjoy a hot tub, barbecue and outdoor TV. All rooms boast floor-to-ceiling windows, which reveal striking panoramic views of the city. The price tag of £6 million includes everything from the bed linen to the décor items and it is an extra effort that rich buyers will appreciate as the apartment truly pays attention to the minor of details.

london penthouse

london penthouse

london penthouseOf course, the most spectacular feature remains the designer walk-in wardrobe, which boasts male and female clothes and accessories, such as: £350 LK Bennet diamond shoes, £295 Church’s brogues, a £815 Stella McCartney evening dress, a £1,500 Thom Sweeney tuxedo and other designer treats that will make you feel like you’re at a high-fashion show.

pierre cardin villa

French designer Pierre Cardin puts his Bubble Palace for sale – $455 million

French designer Pierre Cardin has put his eccentric Riviera estate on the market for $455 million. Built on a rocky cliff on Massif de L’Esterel, the futuristic cluster of semi-spherical residences is nicknamed “Palais Bulles” and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

pierre cardin bubble house

The entire complex comprises 13,000 square feet divided between ten interconnected domes or 28 spherical rooms, three swimming pools, a 500-seat amphitheatre and several gardens. Asking price for the extravagant terracotta-coloured bubble estate is £300 as it features many improvements after the designer bought it at auction in the early 90s.

pierre cardin house france

Some of Hollywood’s hottest starts and even certain European royalty are known to have attended Cardin’s infamous parties and fashion shows. The interior is just as bizarre and fashion-forward as the exterior, having been designed by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag, who claims his source of inspiration were the ‘ancestral homes’ such as pre-historic caves of humans.

pierre cardin villa 4The eccentric property is situated on six undulating levels of the Massif de L’Esterel, allowing guests to enjoy some of the best views on the Cote d’Azur. All rooms are decorated differently in keeping with the sensual round forms of the estate that the designer claims are ‘reminiscent of the female form’. Modern art, vivid colours and avant-garde wall paintings turn this residential property into a bespoke work of art.

pierre cardin residence

Circular doorways and odd brass sculptures add to the unusual feel of the residence. The creative property is also available for rent at $13,300 per day if the sale price seems too steep.

pierre cardin villa

It is a house that has become emblematic of Cardin’s aesthetic both on the catwalk and off it with no straight lines present in the interior, exterior or furniture. His love for sensual, natural and curvy lines shines through in the way the estate as been put together, making it truly a sight to marvel.
pierre cardin bubble house

$53 million California mansion

$53 million US mansion with 50-foot deep tennis court – takes 17 years to complete

An estate with a total of 51,000 square feet of property is marketed in the Rolling Hills suburb of Los Angeles. Hacienda de la Paz has a selling price of $53 million and Rafael Manzano Martos – curator for the Spanish King Juan Carlos. Built over a period of 17 years, the decorative painting around the house was done by a renowned Spanish artist.

 $53 million California mansion

A unique feature of the home is the way all technology is integrated in a way that allows for all TV units to be hidden in order to preserve the antique vibe of the estate. There is a 55-foot tennis court that can convert into a ballroom as well as subterranean facilities, such as the Moroccan hammam or Turkish bath. In total there are 21,000 square feet of living space above ground and 8 acres of land.

 $53 million California mansion

 $53 million California mansionZoning restrictions may have limited the estate to one storey above ground, but businessman John Blazevich found a way around it by digging 50 feet below it to include 31,000 more feet of living space. This allows for all subterranean facilities to be heated naturally with heat from the soil.

 $53 million California mansion

The estate is beautifully designed and crafted by architects to mimic 19th century Andalusian design and 18t century Neoclassical design. Most rooms are brightly coloured and feature furniture and carpets imported all the way from India and Spain for an authentic feel.

 $53 million California mansionThere are numerous secret passageways, nine bedrooms, four kitchens, 25 bathrooms and outdoor cooking spaces. Each room is modelled after a different theme with rich decorations, wooden beams and decorative painting.

 $53 million California mansionA gaming room, an outdoor swimming pool and a tennis court provide plenty of entertainment space for guests. Picturesque views of the wealthy neighbourhood of Rolling Hills complete the exquisite experience of living in this architectural piece-of-art.

expensive london flats

Ridiculously expensive London flats for ultra wealthy students

With the start of the new school term in London a new trend among the ultra-wealthy is becoming more and more apparent. Residences in some of the most prestigious burrows with master bedrooms, walk-in closets and balconies with spectacular views are marketed for up to £21,000 a month to the growing ranks of rich overseas students.

expensive london flats

Potential tenants will be treated to a variety of luxuries that the infamous Fountain House is known for. Located in the posh residence that is adjacent to Hyde Park most apartments range in size from 1,600 sqft to over 2,000 sqft. Two-bedroom apartments in the same building can cost upwards of £4.5million to buy.

The exclusive location and posh interior of the pads has generated serious interest amongst the offspring of the global super-rich. All apartments have been recently refurbished by Alexander James Interior Design and exhibit spacious living and dining rooms, fitted with wood-strip floors and mood lighting. The open-plan kitchens and breakfast rooms have stone worktops, integrated German appliances and frosted glass splash-backs.

expensive london flats

expensive london flats

Beautifully furnished to an exceptional level of elegance and contemporary design, the residences provide plenty of space for quiet relaxation as well as socializing. The master bedrooms are fitted with deep carpets, walk-in closets and en-suit bathrooms complete with marble floors, twin basins, vanity tops, free-standing bathtub and walk-in double shower.

expensive london flatsSome come with their own private balconies with stunning views of Hyde Park and are spread across two floors. The building itself has a 24-hour CCTV and porter service as well as entertainment areas and cosy lounge rooms.

expensive london flatsThe nine-storey Fountain House is an exquisite piece of architecture from the distant past that has been perfectly preserved and refurbished to meet the exacting standards for comfort and luxury of the ultra-wealthy as part of Mayfair’s residential revival.

expensive london flats

Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts

The next billionaire madness – a portable island!

Superyachts are giving way to a new rising trend amongst the ultra-wealthy – a floating private island that could easily be moved anywhere in the world. For regular people it may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi novel, but the impressive technology is already a reality and attracting some serious interest from potential buyers all over the world.

Migaloo Private Submersible YachtsDesigns vary according to the buyer’s specifications and include anything – from spacious penthouse suites, flowing waterfalls, helipad to harbours for a superyachts. The whole concept of a portable island is extremely appealing to the rich as it eliminates the trouble of sailing from one resort to another as the structure allows to be moved anywhere the owner pleases. Poor weather and overcrowded beaches are no longer factors that can threaten a good vacation.

Migaloo Private Submersible YachtsWith an average height of 80 metres, the floating islands will provide spectacular 360-degree views of the pristine scenery and unparalleled privacy and tranquillity. An interior elevator will make all rooms accessible.

The complex itself will feature anything you can expect from a 5-star resort, including a gym, SPA, beauty and massage salons, swimming pools and tropical landscaping. Designed by renowned company Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts – the new project is expected to redefine the industry of luxury accommodation.

Migaloo Private Submersible YachtsKakomo Ailand – as is the name of the movable paradise – has been designed with both luxury and functionality in mind, allowing it to be used for a number of purposes: as a hotel, corporate getaway or casino. Room for personnel and crew members are factored in the structure, which also includes a helipad for easy access.

Living at sea has been gaining increasing popularity amongst the ultra-rich with superyachts being the ultimate craze and now, the concept of a movable island has really taken the maritime experience to the next level. As it is still at concept level, the company is yet to disclose a starting price, but given the parameters, it is expected to begin in the millions.

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mansion nyc

A Great Gatsby-inspired mansion hits the market for $100 million

A waterfront estate with 13 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, a ballroom and two guest houses for the price of $100 million has gone on the market. Located just 25 miles from New York City, in the old-money community of Kings Point, the historic mansion is thought to have inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald for the town of West Egg in The Great Gatsby.

mansion nycmansion nycThe property has some truly spectacular features, such as an indoor lazy river pool and a vintage two-story dollhouse that is every little girl’s dream-come-true. Amongst other amenities is a private wine cellar with a tasting room, a casino, shooting range and a two-level garage with a hydraulic lift. The outdoor features of the property include tennis and racquetball courts and a gym.

mansion nyc

Japanese and English gardens surround the estate and there is a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline on the horizon. Koi ponds and fountains complete the serene and lush landscape. The outdoor swimming pool boasts a slide, marble statues and ornate tiling on the edge.

mansion nyc

mansion nycThe design of the house is rather lavish and features embellished ornaments and architectural styles to highlight its decadent luxury, such as golden doors with a stone arch and marble statues on either side. Marble, wood and designer fixtures adorn the interior, which is a mix of blue, white and cream flower details.

mansion nycAn enormous kitchen provides plenty of storage and counter space, and features stained-glass lighting. All bedrooms have en-suit bathrooms and the living and dining are flooded with natural light.

mansion nycThere is a private pier connected to the home that can dock a 200-foot-long yacht. Other striking features that have been added after the renovation are Turkish baths, spa treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms, and even a hair salon. Coldwell Banker is the broker handling the listing.

mansion nyc

beverly hills mansion

Beverly Hills mansion tops the price chart

The spectacular Palazzo di Amore went on the market in November for the staggering amount of $149 million. Also offered for a lease at $475,000 a month, the stunning mansion is situated across 35,000 square feet of living space with a total of about 53,000 square feet, including an entertainment complex and a detached guesthouse.

beverly hills mansionRecent additions to the lavish home include a $1 million grand entry complete with a new gate, turnabout and guard station and lounge area that connects the tennis court to other recreational facilities. With a total of 12 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms, Spanish-style house provides plenty of space that has been designed and furnished to exceptional standards of luxury and architectural aesthetics.

beverly hills mansionOriginal stained-glass windows, wood floors and a wood-burning fireplace in the living room are amongst some of the period details that bring a certain Mediterranean charm to the property. The 5,426 square feet of living space include family, living and dining rooms, a breakfast room, library, soundproof media room, a steam room, four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The entertainment complex boasts a 50-seat theatre, a bowling alley and a disco/ballroom with a revolving floor, a DJ booth and a laser-light system.

beverly hills mansionThe estate has its own label – Beverly Hills Vineyards – produces 400 to 500 cases of wine a year and there are two private wine cellars that can store a combined of 13,000 bottles. Recently a two-acre organic farm has been added.

beverly hills mansionOther amenities include a spectacular 128-foot reflecting pool and fountain, a waterfall, a swimming pool, a spa and a barbecue area. The entertainment complex can house up to 250 guests and sports state-of-the-art video and audio equipment.

beverly hills mansionThe outstanding Mediterranean home is the result of a 6-year expansion and redesign efforts that have created a true architectural masterpiece in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Manhattan Penthouse

4-bedroom penthouse in Manhattan NY

A stunning penthouse with 360 degree views of the New York skyline has gone on the market for $ 11,500,000. Nestled in the heart of the West Village, it is located on the prestigious and tranquil Charles Street. The property occupies the 21st and 22nd floors of the tallest condominium in the area, which is a wonderful mix of historical allure and contemporary luxury.

Manhattan Penthouse

With 22 windows and 7 floor-to-ceiling glass walls the ample home is flooded with natural light. There are 6 separate outdoor spaces of approximately 1100 square feet. A 90-foot terrace provides plenty of space for dining and entertaining guests. Each room provides a direct view of the iconic Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Freedom Tower, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, New Jersey, the Hudson River and other familiar sights of the New York skyline.

Manhattan PenthouseThe penthouse is accessible via a private key-locked elevator that opens up in the lavish and expansive layout of the home. Comprising four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, five fireplaces, an eat-in-kitchen, media room, generous closet space and six distinctive outdoor spaces, the property is the epitome of modern luxurious living.

Manhattan PenthouseHardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and exotic stone walls in the bathrooms define the architectural tone as contemporary, but with a nod tor rustic charm and simplicity. The kitchen is equipped with Bosch and Thermador appliances and the media room boasts a state-of-the-art video and audio system for an uncompromising entertainment experience. The total living area of the penthouse is 3,600 square feet.

Manhattan PenthouseThe condominium offers unparalleled privacy, location, luxury and design. Residents enjoy a profound portfolio of amenities and all trendy bars and boutiques in downtown Manhattan are within walking distance. The building offers a limited number of indoor parking spaces available for purchase. Other services include a 24-hour doorman, concierge and resident superintendent.

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1275 Stuart Ridge Alpharetta Georgia US

Extraordinary European elegance on US soil

An extraordinary estate that is an absolute architectural masterpiece of European heritage and design has gone on the market in Georgia (1275 Stuart Ridge Alpharetta). Asking price for the property is $2,499,900 from Sotheby’s and this includes a living area of 11,733 square feet.

1275 Stuart Ridge Alpharetta Georgia USThe compelling private residence consists of 6 generously-proportioned bedrooms, 7 full bathrooms, 2 partial baths, sun-lit kitchen, dining area, gym, private cellar and a game room. The interior is conservative, albeit with a warm Mediterranean feel, and boasts spectacular French windows and doors, balcony, built-ins, sky lights and wooden beams.

1275 Stuart Ridge Alpharetta Georgia USElegance and comfort come together in this sophisticated Georgian home, surrounded by park-like acres of manicured lawn that envelops the owner in luxury and grandeur. An outdoor pool, barbecue and lounge deck complete the exquisite details of the spacious and affluent property for the ultimate living experience.

1275 Stuart Ridge Alpharetta Georgia USThe pristine landscape provides for much needed privacy and space while the property remains well connected to all major roads for a quick country getaway. With extraordinary living spaces, the house is the epitome of understate elegance and regal refinement. Incredibly luxurious with outstanding features – it will provide a calm, tranquil setting for the affluent buyer.

1275 Stuart Ridge Alpharetta Georgia US Extraordinary in every detail, the residence has a wonderful European traditional style design that accentuates its grandeur and elegance. It is beautifully-appointed throughout with a neutral palette and classic elegance. The scale and detail of the architectural masterpiece are apparent upon entry. Marble columns adorn the dining area situated on the first floor and fireplace ornaments accentuate the unrefined elegance of the living room. The chef’s kitchen features ample cabinetry and warm granite and a breakfast area.

1275 Stuart Ridge Alpharetta Georgia USThe upper level is dedicated to the s sleeping area with 6 spacious bedrooms that provide private retreat and comfort, and are all unique in arrangement and design. There are spacious built-in closets and wonderful views of the landscape from every room.