Moonwatch Omega Co-Axial Chronograph

The Dark Side of the Moon has never looked better than this sleek and contemporary Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Chronograph Dark Side of the Moon Watch. Easily one of the brand’s most iconic time pieces – it is an outstanding blend of technological advancement, traditional spirit and daring exploration.
The 44.25 mm black ceramic case is finished in black bezel with matt chromium nitride tachymeter scale and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with a high-quality anti-reflective treatment on both sides. A self-winding chronometer with the Omega 9300 movement features the highly precise Co-Axial Escapement, displaying date, small seconds and boasting approximately 60 hours of power reserve.

Moonwatch Omega Co-Axial ChronographWater resistant to 100m, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is listed for $12,000.00 and captures brilliantly the brand’s adventurous spirit. With a movement accurate to a fault, the watch comes on a 44.25mm leather strap. Being the epitome of modern horological engineering and mechanics, Omega has introduced some impressive improvements to their original design that are subtle enough to stay true to their spirit, but not too discreet to not go unnoticed.
Thanks to various changes to its design – the new Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch has gained a decided advantage to its predecessors in terms of functionality and ease of use. The dial is much easier to navigate due to simplifying its layout by removing one sub-dial in favour of the addition of a symmetrical dual register layout. This also makes more room for the large date aperture.

Moonwatch Omega Co-Axial ChronographHaving retained the original case profile, the Speedmaster remains in the Omega family and heritage with its timeless proportions and high precision. It wears well thanks to its size and weight – it’s 44.25mm in diameter and 16mm thick. The column wheel design gives the watch a high-end scale feel with smoother functions and famous co-axial escapement, which is a wonderful low friction alternative to the traditional swiss-lever design.


Piaget Altiplano Skeleton

A new and highly ornate suggestion by Piaget features the impressive Altiplano Skeleton watch with the ultra-thin proportions of 2.40mm. The refined time piece is self-winding with its skeleton movement delicately engraved and hollowed by skilled craftsmen. Extreme attention to detail and component rigidity is observed, paying homage to the watchmaker’s traditional style.

The white gold case is beautifully complimented by the black PVD finish. Amazingly detailed and intricate craftsmanship shines through in the dauphine-style hands, the blackened platinum oscillating weight, and black screws on the bridges. This model achieves stunning and harmonious symmetry, which turn it into a truly iconic piece. The alternating matt surfaces – sun-brushed and sand-brushed – contrast beautifully with the shimmering edges.

piaget altiplano skeleton

Piaget introduces an undeniable work of art – one where even the smallest detail has been carefully fine-tuned to match the technologic qualities of the model. The bevelling and drawing are done completely by hand to achieve the highest mark of quality and elegance. Its contemporary design blends perfectly with the innovative technology of the 1200S skeleton movement. Additionally, that same movement is enhanced by a platinum 950 micro-rotor. The balance bridge is beautifully calibrated for an even more harmonious symmetry. Taking close to three years for development – the skeleton movement feature of the watch places it in a league of its own in terms of technology, aesthetics and quality.

piaget altiplano skeleton

With a price tag of $60,000 this is more than just a simple watch – it is a statement of stature and a piece of contemporary art. With the smallest skeleton movement mechanism in the world the piece strikes with the impressive 2.4mm thickness. It is a unique blend of creative flair and traditional craftsmanship that make it a reliable, elegant and one-of-a-kind timepiece.
piaget altiplano skeleton

The strap is made of high-quality alligator skin and provides a beautiful finish to the Sapphire case black, 18K white gold case model.

See even the Piaget Limelight Gala Watch.


The Masters of Time exhibition

Next month will see Macau as the proud host of the celebrated watch exhibition that introduces high jewellery into its exceptional mix. Guests will be able to marvel at the world’s most exclusive, exquisite and expensive watches – and now, for the first time, high jewellery –until Sunday February 15 in the Masters of Time exhibition.

Organised by the DFS Group, a dynamic Hong Kong-based company (and part of LVMH), masters of Time has pioneered the concept of “travel retail” – shopping specifically aimed at travellers. Expertly curated the event brings together 400 exceptional watches from 40 brands, including Breguet, Bulgari, Franck Muller, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre, Hermès, Zenith, Panerai and Jacquet Droz. This year will see, for the first time, the introduction of a separate section in the exhibition: high jewellery. Glamorous, diamond-set jewels include a classic suite by Tiffany & Co for $12.500, pieces from Chopard’s Red Carpet collection, Bulgari’s glittering Diva diamond suite and many more with prices available on request.

The horological masterpieces showcased at the Masters of Time exhibit are truly the latest in mechanical wizardry, representing a staggering blend of class and elegance. It’s a whirlwind of luxury and technological wonder – from the $70,000 lavishly diamond-paved versions of Jaeger LeCoultre’s Rendez Vous to the staggering $1.1 million Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur Quatuor – the first ever watch that boasts four spring balances and five differentials – there are truly impressive timepieces to marvel at.

The $333,000 Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Planetarium Poetic Complication is an astonishing astronomical wonder while the sweet and delicate Christophe Claret’s Margot watch, price at $223,000 with its diamond-rimmed dial animated at the push of a button by the falling petals of a daisy.

The exhibition offers stellar coverage of the global luxury brands.


A partnership to remember

An exciting announcement marks the end of the year as it redefines the European market for luxurious goods – Hublot International and Italia Independent have committed to a three-year partnership that will see the creative synergies of the two brands merged to create products that are the epitome of style, utility and timeless elegance.

The announcement comes after Hublot’s highly successful partnerships with Ferrari and Juventus, both of which were an excellent example of the brand’s commitment to excellence, competence and Italian traditions. The line of superwatch is the direct result of the fusion of two superior luxury brands and features stunning masterpieces, such as the $300.000 MP-05 with sapphire crystal face designed to resemble the outline of the Ferrari supercars and the slightly more modest $30.000 Big Bang 45mm Ceramic Limited Edition satin-finished model. Both watches boast anti-reflective treatment, PVD titanium and Anodised Black Aluminium Cylinders with White Luminescent Fastened – a design that’s been developed and produced in parallel with the renowned car.

The King Power Juventus is a timepiece like no other that will capture the eye of true connoisseurs of class and utility. With a clean and cut style, it features a sapphire dial with the printed logo of the team and Plated Appliques with Black Luminescent. The crystal screen boasts Hublot’s signature anti-reflective treatment. The model is currently retailing at $21.500 on Amazon.


This new collaboration with Italia International will bring a stream of creativity, innovation and competence into Hublot’s enterprise. The fruitful venture seeks to promote the ‘Made in Italy’ spirit alongside the Swiss uncompromising quality, culture and design.

IxatrS9Italia Independent is known for its creative and stylish blend of fashion and design, tradition and innovation – which produces one-of-a-kind products. Their signature eyewear, which is a true testament to the Italian sense of style, is particularly sought-after for its uniqueness. The company is known for its Tailor Made Program, which allows every client to leave their signature on a product – specifically designed to fit their lifestyle. Their standardized models, such as Colmar, K-Way and Bear start around €150 each, which is more than fair for such blend of comfort and high-class fashion.


It is not surprising that Hublot has chosen Italia for its next strategic partner given that the Italian-born company has already collaborated successfully with fashion giant Adidas in the production of a series of Adidas original products in the region of €50 to €100.


It is clear that clients of both European firms will be treated to a unique blend of distinctive styles, functionality and a statement of stature.


Supercomplication – The Most Complicated Watch Ever Made

Watches like Rolex and Tag Heuer with their six-figure price-tags and famous patrons are the mark of the super-rich. Sometimes however, an eccentric billionaire just can’t find the watch they need and have to call in the master craftsman of Patek Philippe. That’s exactly what Henry Graves Jr did in 1932.

He commissioned a watch that is both breathtaking in its design and mind blowing in its complication. This watch not only tells the time but it shows the night sky as seen from Graves apartment in New York. The celestial map rotates with the sky and maps the correct spacing and magnitude of the stars. It also chimes the sound of the Westminster chimes, maps the phases of the moon, has a perpetual calendar and can tell you the time of sunrise and sunset.


The watch was last wound over 40 years ago and since then hasn’t skipped a beat and is working exactly as it was intended. With a calendar that adjusts for leap years, stopwatch, alarm and its celestial map, some people have called this the world’s first supercomputer.

image005 image007

In a time when most of us look at our smart phones to tell the time, it’s hard to imagine quite how 900 tiny pieces of metal and springs could create a timepiece of such outstanding precision. It’s unlikely that the skills still exist to make an analogue watch of this character and as a result the Supercomplication would be the crown jewel of any watch collectors collection. It last changed hands in 1999 and sold for a cool $11 million. Of course Patek Philippe still make some of the worlds greatest watches for some of the world’s most exclusive clients so even if you can’t get your hands on this one, there will still be a breathtaking timepiece out there to add to your collection.


Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication High Jewellery

Jaeger-LeCoultre adds another multi-complication to its high jewellery range. The elegant Grande Tradition Grande Complication Haute Joaillerie adorns a zodiac calendar, minute repeater with crystal gongs and trebuchet hammers, tourbillon and nearly 300 baguette-cut diamonds plus more than two dozen blue sapphires.

The dial is a star chart showing the sky of the Northern Hemisphere. Inspired by the astronomical timekeeping, the watch will be available in an extremely limited 8-piece white gold edition. It’s powered by the manually-wound Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 945. The dial also indicates the zodiac sign, and annual calendar with the date and month display.

The orbital flying tourbillon makes a revolution once every minute and completes a sidereal day around the face of the watch every 23 hours 56 minutes, hence the moniker “orbital”. The golden figurine inside of the watch represents the Sun. It performs one full revolution around the rim of the dial in 24hours. Mounted on a black alligator leather strap with folding buckle, the watch can be yours for €285,000 before taxes, equivalent to about US$386,000.



MB&F has unveiled its latest luxury model Horological Machine No.6, aka HM6 ‘Space Pirate’. The watch is definitely one of the most unusual timepieces nowadays and most complex machine produced by MB&F. The watch inspired by science fiction cartoons, with incredible design and performances will leave you speechless.

The HM6′s inspiration came from a Japanese sci-fi cartoons combined with the organic curves of ‘biomorphic’ industrial design from the 1970s. Do you remember the Captain Future science fiction series? Well, Maximilian Büsser and friends made the Space Pirate watch based on this cartoon. On separate semi-spherical aluminum indicators the watch displays hours and minutes. Inside the 60-second flying tourbillon in the center you’ll find 476 components and 68 jewels.

HM6 ‘Space Pirate’ houses 10 sapphire crystals and it also has a 72-hour power reserve. Only 50 Space Pirates will be available worldwide. Encased in titanium, the price tag for this watch is US$230,000 each. The additional 50 watches will be produced in another source material, but more details about this will be announced at a later date.

Louis Moinet Astrolabe Tourbillon

Louis Moinet Astrolabe Tourbillon

First of all, how much do you really know about an astrolabe? Do you even know what it is? Let’s take a quick review about it. So, the astrolabe is an instrument used to observe the stars as well as determine the time (in the daytime by observing the sun, at night by observing the stars). It was used by astronomers, navigators and astrologers.

The Astrolabe Tourbillon watch is inspired by the ancient astronomical invention of Arabic scholar Ibn al-Sarraj whose astrolabe made about seven centuries ago. Probably the last craftsman in the world still making this instrument is Martin Brunold. He made an exclusive series of 12 “Al Sarraj” astrolabes which are exact replicas of the original. The watch actually contains Martin Brundold’s work of art and a defined mechanical tourbillon with the streamlined design of the astrolabe.

The 18K white gold case is composed of 59 different components. Manufactured in a limited series of 12 pieces, it comes in a wooden box with a meteorite fragment from the moon and an authentic astrolabe. The Astrolabe Tourbillon watch is equipped with the Louis Moinet signature crown guard. The strap boasts hand-stitched Louisiana alligator with 18K white gold and black PVD-treated titanium folding clasp. This fascinating watch is available for $280,000.

Patek Philippe unveils $2.6 million watch

Patek Philippe unveils $2.6 million watch

Patek Philippe unveiled the extremely impressive Grandmaster Chime timepiece. The new $2.6 million watch features 18-karat gold and sapphire crystals and it’s the most expensive wristwatch Patek has ever built.

This absolutely stunning watch has two faces. The front dial tells the time, while the second on the back is for the calendar. The Grandmaster Chime is the most complicated wristwatch ever, featuring 20 different complications. On front dial at 12 o’clock is alarm sub dial and located at six o’clock is date and moon phase, while the second dial displays the month, date and leap year cycle and the day of the week. It’s a limited edition watch, meaning that only seven timepieces will be produced, and Patek will hold one that will be kept in the company’s private collection in Geneva.

There is also a special procedure about purchasing the watch. Buyers must apply to purchase one of the watches and then they will have to prove their passion for Patek to the company’s president. “I would like to chat with the client and make sure he’s a watch lover and make sure he’s going to enjoy the watch for many years,” said Thierry Stern, President of Patek Philippe.

The 47.4 mm rose gold case features hand-engraved intricate art on every surface. It is powered by the Caliber 300 movement which is larger than most of the Patek’s watches, measuring 37 mm.
The case turns on a vertical axis to alternate between the two.

The Grieb & Benzinger Blue Merit

The Grieb & Benzinger Blue Merit

Grieb & Benzinger make their luxury project watches out of historical movements such as a 100 year old Patek Philippe minute repeater of split second chronograph. This year they proudly presents its new masterpiece based on the famous Tourbillon Pour le Mérite by A. Lange & Söhne. It took twelve months to transform the original timepiece into the magnificent Blue Merit.

The Blue Merit boasts extremely high level of breathtaking details, making it very rare piece of art. The watch uses a new platinum case that is 41 mm wide. Every single element was skeletonised by hand, guilloché by hand and coated with rhodium and rose gold. The A. Lange & Söhne Tourbillon Pour le Mérite was only in production from 1994 until 1998 and there are just 200 examples of this famous watch (50 pieces in platinum, 106 pieces in yellow gold, 19 pieces in white gold, 24 pieces in rose gold, and one single stainless steel piece).

“A. Lange & Söhne is a strong symbol of a reunited Germany and remains a brand that leads the way here in our country and in the luxury watch industry at large,” said Georg Bartkowiak, a partner at Grieb & Benzinger. “And within that framework, this watch is representative of its remarkable comeback. It was very important to Hermann [Grieb], Jochen [Benzinger], and I to make sure this amazing homage is absolutely perfect in every single detail.”

The Blue Merit in platinum is matched to a blue alligator strap and is a one off piece with the price tag of US$ 530,000.