Glider yacht

Glider Super Sports SS18

The Glider Super Sports (SS18) may look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie but the futuristic yacht is already a reality. Its raised profile, speed and seakeeping abilities are grounded in hydrodynamics, making it the first of its kind. Born out of the concept for a Glider, or “Wave Dominator”, the new vessel holds well in rough passages and provides surprising stability in choppy conditions.

The 59-foot speedboat has a top speed of 56 knots. Its form and function are engineered with processes similar to those used in the aerospace industry, giving the vessel and extra boost. Full details about the boat’s dynamics and form are yet to be revealed although it is known that the hull form, propulsion, and stability control system tune to the sea conditions, allowing the vessel to glide over the waves.

The Glider Super Sports (SS18) 01

 The SS18 will have a starting price of about $1.3 million and will be powered by quadruple engines driving water jets with a total of 1,080 horsepower. It is constructed by Burgess Marine in the UK, and can be completely customized. The company is known for its painstaking approaches used in private jets and F/1 cars. The SS18’s 17-foot-wide cockpit features custom Corbeau leather and Alcantara seats, which are similar to those used in luxury sports cars. The colour-coordinated interior has a modern chrome edging. JL Audio’s premium system is specifically acoustically engineered for the SS18 to provide an exceptional sound experience. According to McCall, the SS18 is the first craft in Europe to be fitted with JL Audio’s MM100s MediaMaster head unit.

The Glider Super Sports (SS18) 02

The boat has a futuristic helm area with navigational and control touchscreen displays from Garmin that are fully integrated. The embedded touchscreens are in sync with the cockpit’s minimalistic appearance and round off the modern design.

Mangusta’s New Luxury Yacht

Mangusta’s New Luxury Yacht

Mangusta has long been a line of super luxurious vessels favoured by the ultra-rich for their outstanding interior proportions, modern furnishings, exceptional performance and fluid design. Further to the 165 model that has generated worldwide buzz when it was rolled out, the renowned yacht-maker has debuted the 165E, also dubbed the Moonraker.

Mangusta’s New Luxury Yacht03

The 49.9 metre yacht is a vessel of absolute quality in every sense of the word. It is spacious, functional and represents the first of its series with the E in the name standing for Evolution. With an open-plan design, the Moonraker boasts an interior that is both tasteful and stylish, incorporating over 250 textures and fine materials. Amongst them are exquisite stone, hard wood, mother of pearl and fine leathers, which include Aston Martin leather chairs. These add quite a bit of unique flair to the sophisticated surroundings and well-appointed artwork is strategically placed throughout the vessel over all deck to make it feel like a home on the water.

Mangusta’s New Luxury Yacht02

Up to eight guests can be comfortably accommodated over four luxurious cabins. There is one master suite, one VIP cabin and two double cabins – all situated on the lower deck. A crew of five is factored into the proportions. A laid-back lounge area provides a relaxing space for guests to unwind. The VIP cabin benefits from an oversized queen bed, and is decorated in pastel, peaceful beige and cream colours.

In addition to the spectacular master suit, the lower deck houses a cinema room and a .The cinema features a 65” TV and built-in ‘candy drawers’ for an authentic movie theatre experience. A nice touch is the seating area in the form of an extra deep wall-to-wall plush sofa, which doubles up as a bed.

Mangusta’s New Luxury Yacht01

The state-of-the-art gym provides guests with a Hammam/steam shower and en-suite facilities. On the upper deck a spacious and strikingly modern salon offers the options of an awning as well as a bar with ample seating areas available throughout.

Moonraker is available for charter with Burgess at $189,000 a week.

The Latest Navetta 26

The Latest Navetta 26

Launched just in time for Summer 2017, the Custom Line Navetta 37 will be a 122-foot semi-displacement yacht. Expected to become the largest model in the Ferretti Group–owned brand’s Navetta line, the vessel is announced to feature an innovative transom system similarly to the 93-foot Navetta 28, which was debuted last year.  The tender-garage door has been fitted with an upward and downward opening mechanism to create an outdoor beach club and an indoor lounge area, effectively doubling the space.

The Latest Navetta 26

Expansive windows in the hull allow natural light to flood the lounge area, and each of the four lower-deck guest cabins have also been fitted with a large window for panoramic sea views; the master suit is located on the main deck, separated from the guest cabins.

The Latest Navetta 2607

The most powerful of the yacht’s available propulsion systems produces 1,948 hp. As with all Custom Line yachts, the Navetta 37’s interior design is customizable. The starting price is available upon request.  Wood, cotton, steel and glass are masterfully combined throughout the interior to make the most of the available space and create an elegant, yet casual ambiance – ideal for relaxation and travelling in style.

The Latest Navetta 26

The Navetta 37 will be revolutionary in terms of style, design, and spaciousness with a fit-out, range and tank capacities that ensure comfort, ability and self-sufficiency out at sea. Among the notable features of the yacht are the large glazed surfaces in and out, giving it a “flawless stylistic continuity”. The bow stem rises up to the first superstructure level for a strong and defined profile as well as a drier ride in head seas and more room inside. A new design for the brief for the hull will ensure efficiency in any sea conditions and allow the owner to choose from four engine configurations to further personalize his travelling experience.

GT Speedboat Mercedes-Benz

The New GT Speedboat by Mercedes-Benz

The newly-designed Silver Arrows Marine Arrow460-Granturismo motor yacht introduced recently captivates with astounding aerodynamic design and lavish detailing that is usually reserved for the finest automobiles. And this does not come as a surprise, considering none other than the team at Mercedes-Benz Style worked on its development. The 46-foot pleasure craft is the result of a four-year partnership between the Monaco-based boatbuilder and the luxury automaker’s product division.


Similar sculptural elements to the ones of high-performance vehicles are featured in the preproduction example. An extended foredeck and an arcing roofline sloping down toward the stern are among these features. The yacht is a true aquatic missile as it carries two Yanmar diesel engines for a total of 960 hp that allow for a top speed of 40 knots or a cruising speed at 26 knots. The hull design enhances handling as it is the product of Van Oossanen Naval Architects and navigation is made easy through the incorporation of a double-console cockpit equipped with Twin Disc’s Express Joystick System.

GT Speedboat by Mercedes-Benz

Maximizing available space (facilitated by a 13-foot beam), the layout consists of a retractable aft terrace and built-in sundeck. The interior and exterior are functionally integrated with side windows, a cabin top, and a transparent partition (that visually separates dining and lounge areas) that can be automatically raised or lowered with a single push-button. With a total capacity for 10 passengers, the cruiser can comfortably sleep an additional two persons within an air-conditioned belowdecks that has been equipped with nubuck-leather seating and eucalyptus veneers. Some of the absolute necessities include an ice-maker and chilled wine storage.

GT Speedboat  Mercedes-Benz

The Silver Arrows Marine Arrow460-Granturismo was first debuted on France’s Côte d’Azur at the launch of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet in April. Production of the yacht is expected to begin the before the end of the year and first models will be available at a price of about $2.8 million.


The stunning superyacht with a radical design

£550,000 is the sum required to rent the marine jewel that is the Lauren L. This extravagant super-yacht is nothing short of outstanding with its helipad, enough space for 150 guests and a 45-person crew and 50-inch plasma televisions fitted throughout. Owned and operated by boutique super yacht firm Titan Broker, the vessel it available for private cruises to exotic locations so guests can get away from it all while still enjoying exceptional and personalized service.

The Lauren L03

The vessel is ideal for many guests, corporate or formal events at sea as its rooftop terrace can cater for large parties who wish to enjoy a cocktail and dance in the moonlight. During the recent refurbishment of the yacht a grand piano was added for a touch of class. Aside from the helipad, the Lauren L also features a full gym and SPA, a bar on the top deck with a sunbathing platform and a Jacuzzi and sufficient space to host 150 guests, with 50 spaces for a sit down meal.

The Lauren L01

With a cruising range of 3,400 nautical miles and a top speed of 15 knots, the ship can travel through the Mediterranean waters all the way to the Caribbean, Panama, Brazil, and Costa Rica. Arranged  over four decks, the yacht comprises a total of 20,000 square feet. This includes 20 staterooms and a lavish owner’s suite on the bridge deck with a total of 1,200 square feet, including a balcony, a lounge, entertainment and surround sound system, king size Californian bed, dressing room, walk in wardrobe, en-suite bathroom with a double size spa bath and a separate office and study room. All staterooms are fitted with a bright and airy seating area, and a sizeable Californian king size bed so guests can enjoy complete relaxation.

The Lauren L02

A further of ten luxurious guest rooms are available on the upper deck, with spacious en-suite bathrooms and equipped with multimedia entertainment systems and minibars. Five more double cabins are located on the main deck.


The 70m All-aluminium Galactica Super Nova Yacht

Heesen Yachts has just announced the unveiling of its largest yacht to date – the ultra-luxurious 70m Galactica Super Nova that will allow wealthy owners to cruise the ocean in style and comfort. The new model utilises the revolutionary technology – Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF), which was devised by van Oossanen Naval Architects with Heesen being the first to put into production. It consists in the incorporation of a third engine for a powerful boost, which means the Galactica Super Nova will be capable of reaching over 30 knots in top speed.


Apart from her striking efficiency and high speed, Galactica Super Nova is the very epitome of luxury on water. It has plenty of water toys, such as a quad ski in the garage that is located in the forward part of the hull. Other key features are a 13.500 litre pool on the main deck that is fitted with contra flow system for swimming, a waterfall and a Jacuzzi for relaxing. The glass bottom of the pool allows natural light to flood into the beach club on the lower deck. The main deck also houses a touch-and-go helipad to facilitate guest arrival on board and it can even double in an outdoor cinema to complete the luxurious experience of being on the modern vessel.


Twelve guests can be accommodated in six staterooms that are comfortable, airy and with a contemporary design. There are four guest cabins on the lower deck apart from the master suite. The yacht’s interior is light, pure and well-balanced with a sophisticated equilibrium between pastel and monochromic colours. This makes for a relaxed and informal atmosphere that is characterized by understated elegance and comfortable modern functionality. Stone and leather are amongst some of the materials found throughout the interior with a stand-out feature bing the central staircase with a crystal elevator.


Asking price for this jewel of the sea is yet to be revealed once it makes its official debut at the final premiere at the Monaco Yacht Show in September, but is expected to be in the hundreds of millions given Heesen’s previous models.

luxury watercraft

$150 million worth of luxury watercraft at the Australian boat show

The warm month of May witnessed one of the most prestigious events in the boating world – the Australian boat show was held in Sanctuary Cove off the Gold Coast. Numerous models that allow guests to travel in comfort and style were exhibited – some with a price tag ranging in the millions. However, the spectacular Monte Carlo 70 stole the spotlight with design, functionality and technical superiority.

luxury watercraft

The luxury yacht, priced at $5.75 million, captivated investors and audiences with its ample size, contemporary design and stunning interior décor. The 21-metre boat comes in three and four cabin configuration, where every space has been intelligently utilized. Soft carpets, plush drapes, soft furnishings and large sofas turn it into a real home-on-the-sea, creating a level of luxury that is hard to mimic. The master suite’s bathroom is reminiscent of that at a 5-star hotel – with double marble vanity sinks and a spacious shower enclosure.

luxury watercraft

Between six and eight people can comfortably fit on board. The open-plan living spaces are ideal for hosting a group of friends in an elegant and effortless style. There is a wooden-panelled deck, where guests can soak in the tropical rays and enjoy 360-degree views of the ocean. The much-anticipated boat boasts a level of style and comfort that has not been witnessed in a yacht since and is already attracting a lot of attention from potential buyers.

luxury watercraft

Two single beds in the guest cabin benefit from the same sophisticated design and presentation as the master suite. There is an abundance of storage space and enough room for a small crew to ensure all the needs of guests are met as they escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Overall, the Monte Carlo 70 is a sleek and modern vessel with great technical specs that makes any journey into a pleasant and luxurious getaway.

The superyacht

The superyacht of tomorrow – a floating paradise with a bar and infinity pool 125ft above the water

A radical concept for a new super yacht from an Italian company is going to redefine the boundaries of luxury at sea. The new concept yacht, called Shaddai, is designed by Gabriel Teruzzi and boasts unparalleled privacy and 360 views of the surroundings thanks to a uniquely-built main cabin at 125ft above the water.

The superyacht

The elevated cabin comprises 1,130 square feet of beautifully decorated space, a staggering infinity pool, a bar and a spacious dining area. Fine Italian leather, quality wooden panelling and soft designer furnishings create a modern and stylish ambiance for partying and relaxation.

The superyacht

Situated closer to sea level is the main deck. There is also a lower deck that hosts one of the yacht’s most spectacular features – a 3,000-square foot beach club with an aquarium in the middle of the room. An interesting architectural detail is the flowing water from the upper-deck infinity pool that creates the illusion that the main deck is filled with the sound of water.

Overall, Shaddai, which is Hebrew for ‘almighty’, boasts a futuristic design that complements its contemporary appeal and functionality. It has already started attracting interest from Middle Eastern royalty as well as Russian oligarchs, who are known for their love for extravagant and powerful super yachts.

The superyacht

Although a price is yet to be announced for the conceptual vessel, it is estimated that it will retail in the millions and will also be associated with steep upkeep costs. Just for comparison – in 2015 alone, the world’s richest yacht owners spent a combined $22bn (£15.2bn) to operate their vessels. Naturally, further customizations can double the price tags of the luxurious boats with millionaires adding everything from  private gyms, spas, cinema rooms and open-plan interiors to hosing an entire crew of personal trainers, nutritionists, therapists, nannies and butlers on board with them.

luxurious super-yacht

Russian billionaire puts his $300 million luxury vessel on the market

Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, ranked at 139 by Forbes in their “Richest Persons in the World” list has put his luxurious super-yacht on the market for $300 million. The Motor Yacht A has bullet-proof glasses, enormous master cabin and is, in itself, a military-style submarine.

The new owner of the vessel will be able to enjoy three swimming pools, one of which boasts a spectacular glass floor; spacious cabins with remarkable design and modern aesthetics and plenty of garage space for a millionaire’s water toys. With such features it is not difficult to see why the Motor Yacht A has been ranked amongst the 25 largest super-yachts in the world.

luxurious super-yacht

Designed by Philippe Starck and built by renowned German ship constructor Nobiskrug, the military-grade vessel has an extravagant design and sun-filled interior thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. The furniture is a sublime mixture of wood and leather with clean, austere forms that create a modern minimalist ambiance. The master suite has a rotating bed and bulletproof glass. With 7 cabins in total – the yacht can accommodate up to 14 guests and a 42-person crew.

It is powered by two diesel engines, which allows the yacht to develop a top speed of 23 knots and a cruising speed of 19.5 knots. The boat is an ideal place for hosting parties and visiting exotic getaways like Honolulu, Malibu, Monaco, Puerto Rico, Turkey and Thailand.

luxurious super-yacht

The modern design, spacious interior and luxurious features justify the asking price of $300 million, which puts it amongst the most expensive yachts in the world. With a total width of 468.5 feet, there is plenty of space, including a small room in the tallest mast. The structure of the hulls incorporates carbon fibre, which makes it ultra-light and wind resistant. The entire vessel is operated through a black touchscreen in the captain’s cabin.

Luxurious cruise ship suites

Inside the most luxurious cruise ship suites in the world

With the rising popularity of cruise ships in recent years, it is only natural that they have the necessary luxuries and features to accommodate the exquisite taste of the ultra rich. From lush furnishings to 24-hour butler service – these are just some of the perks of the top-of-the-line cruise suites that can be rented for a hefty sum. Here are some of the most exclusive ones:

1. Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Serenity

Luxurious cruise ship suites

The penthouse of this luxurious liner comprises 1,345-square-feet of spectacularly decorated space, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows, designer furniture and Swarovski crystal chandeliers. All of this can be yours for the whooping $1,762 per person, per night. High-quality wood and marble finishes blend seamlessly with the neutral tones and there is even a private deck to enjoy the views.

2. Regent Seven Seas Explorer

Luxurious cruise ship suites

The 3,875-square-foot penthouse was “designed to be the most luxurious suite at sea” and it lives up to these expectations. With a private SPA, sauna, heated loungers and unlimited SPA and massage therapy treatments – guests can have a deeply relaxing and luxurious experience.  What’s even more – they will be driven to and from the airport with a private chauffeur. The 270-degree views over the bow are just one of the many perks of the two-bedroom apartment. Furnished in wood and marble, the suite has a Steinway Arabesque piano and high-definition televisions fitted throughout. Its price per person per night starts at $4,499.

3. Cunard’s Queen Mary 2

Luxurious cruise ship suites

The Balmoral and Sandringham Duplexes lead the list of suites preferred by millionaires due to their over-the-top exclusivity and extravagance. The two-storey penthouse even features a curved staircase to reach the private bedrooms on the second floor; a room with exercise equipment; marble bathrooms with whirlpool tub and shower and large terrace. Guests can enjoy a 24-hour butler service in the private dining room, spacious lounge deck and a special lounge. Prices for the duplexes start at $2,628 per person, per night.

Luxurious cruise ship suites