The Princess V Class superyacht

The Princess V Class superyacht

Luxury dealer Princess Yachts announced the latest addition to their fleet of super yachts – the much anticipated Princess 30M, which was debuted in Düsseldorf in January 2016. The new model is the epitome of the M Class with its elegant yet contemporary lines and steep price tag of £4,950,000.

A new unique cabin layout comprises shaped bulwarks enhance and sweeping windows that introduce more space and light across the main deck.  The master stateroom benefits from panoramic views of pristine ocean surroundings. A lot of thought and efforts have been put into designing a contemporary and sophisticated interior with a unique reverse cabin layout – something considered a rarity for a 30 metre yacht and a first for the M Class range. There is an integrated breakfast area that neatly located beneath the window complete with hand-crafted leather panelled cabinetry on the opposite side.

The Princess V Class superyacht

The stateroom is flooded with natural light thanks to the wide sweeping windows and beautiful skylight. A generous en suite bathroom completes the ambiance of the master with a walk-in shower, twin sinks with granite or marble finish and designer fixtures. Furniture can be free standing or fixed and the saloon can be laid out to make the most of the available space. There is a drop-down balcony for breath-taking infinity views.

The Princess V Class superyacht

Billionaires will find the new Princess V Class superyacht a perfect statement of their lifestyle. It delivers a superb sailing experience thanks to its customizable engine options, generous proportions and fuel capacity of 1,600L. It is finished with extreme attention to detail, providing the ultimate in luxury, comfort and performance. 50 years of craftsmanship culminate in the M Class range, which is characterized by world-class flagship experience and beautiful layouts. This model is extremely responsive and powerful, which is the ideal combination of qualities for a boat of this calibre.

CF8 superyacht

Futuristic superyacht with with a swimming pool and its own WATERFALL

A new concept for a superyacht is redefining the meaning of sailing with luxury with over-the-top features, including a swimming pool that doubles as a dance floor. The 262-foot vessel is specifically designed to fit a billionaire’s growing line of high-powered toys and boasts a 1,100 square feet showroom, which can accommodate eight cars. The name CF8 stands for ‘cars and family in 80 metres’.

CF8 superyacht

The conceptual model has a futuristic aerodynamic shape and is currently being developed by the Netherlands-based company Sea Level Yacht Design. Other signature features of the ultra-luxurious yacht will be an owner’s suit with 2,700 feet of deck space, VIP cabins with marble en-suit bathrooms, an eight-person Jacuzzi, a gym with sauna, private theatre, convertible swimming pool and an on-board waterfall and a showroom.

CF8 superyacht

CF8 superyacht

CF8 is still in development and can be expected to undergo some changes before becoming commercially available, but for now it has been announced the superyacht will be able to accommodate a crew of 18 members with extra cabins available for the nanny and the butler. Two lifts, a roof helipad and its own wastewater treatment system turn this vessel into a fully-functioning floating retreat. It has a range of 5,000 nautical miles and a maximum speed of 18 knots (20.7mph).

CF8 superyacht

Designed with unparalleled care to detail and ambiance, the CF8 will bring maximum comfort to guests and crew. The yacht exhibits extreme width as well as increased stability for fast and comfortable travels. Designer Niels Ruiter and design director Jeroen van der Knaap have tried revolutionizing the use of space on a yacht to the point, where every part of the interior is stylized and utilized.

CF8 superyacht

CF8 superyacht

The spectacular swimming pool located on the lower level and within a large gap on the yacht in a way that the waterfall from a ‘stream’ on the upper deck falls directly into it. And if that wasn’t enough – when guests get tired of swimming they can entertain themselves on a dance floor that covers the pool.

Arianna Yacht

The $45,900,000 Delta Arianna yacht

The newest sea pearl by Delta Design Group is a 7,500-square feet yacht Arianna is a true marvel of contemporary mechanic and design. The all-feature superyacht is a floating retreat that provides quick getaway with tropical ambiance for those who can afford it. At $45,900,000 the vessel doesn’t come cheap, but given the luxury – the price is completely justified.

Arianna Yacht

Arianna Yacht

Arianna makes the most of the available space in a way that permits for many amenities to be included on board – there is a bridge deck with ample space, cedar-lines sauna with changing rooms, master suite with en-suite bathroom with a rain shower, lounge area, dining area and even a gym. All rooms are spacious and furnished to perfection with a strong Balinese-inspired atmosphere with prominent bamboo and wooden panels and fixtures. African mahogany, Khaya and Makassar ebony make for a contemporary yet organic ambiance.

Arianna Yacht

Arianna Yacht

The galley is fitted with the latest in commercial-grade appliances for food preparation, cooking and serving. There is a walk-in cooler and crew mess that are convenient for prolonged voyages. Comfortable sofas are arranged around a coffee table in the lounge area for a laid-back atmosphere, where guests can relax and enjoy the ocean views. The overall impression of the room is completed with Makassar ebony, textured fabric liners, rattan and inlaid silk carpets.

Arianna Yacht

ARIANNA yacht boasts a stylish office built around a 17th Century German safe, sourced by the owner. The large hull-side windows allow for spectacular panoramic views from the custom-built desk.  There is a gym situated on the port side of the bridge deck for a full on-board fitness experience.

Arianna Yacht

Interesting grain patterns and exotic tropical hardwood is combined effortlessly in the master suite for a unique atmosphere of luxury and comfort. The sought island aesthetic is complemented by the beautiful spa bath and rain shower.

Just enjoy it!

Arianna Yacht

symmetry yacht sinot

Symmetry – the incredible 590ft floating palace

The world of luxurious super-yachts is about to witness a phenomenal addition to the ranks of floating palaces – the state-of-the-art 590 foot long bi-directional manoeuvrable concept yacht. Symmetry was debuted at the 2015 September Monaco Yacht Show and is the work of Norwegian custom designer Sander J. Sinot. Spanning across a total of 10,700 feet of space, it is intended to feature a home cinema, private SPA and an infinity pool alongside plenty of deck space.

symmetry yacht sinotAn unusual and attractive feature is the so-called Owner Exclusive Deck, which consists of a library, sky lounge, state room, office and outdoor area with plenty of space for relaxation. The interior is beautifully designed and boasts contemporary minimalistic and architecturally clean aesthetics that make the most of the available space and light. A total of six decks display an array of features for the ultimate in luxurious cruising and are named according to the theme and feature they exhibit.

symmetry yacht sinotThe Beach Deck features a stunning beach lounge with a bar, jacuzzi and seawater pool. The Guest Deck boasts ample guest accommodation with en-suit bathrooms and large balconies as well as another mid-ship pool with a glass bottom. The Hotel Deck holds the entertainment portion of the mega-yacht with lounges, bars, garden, gym, dining areas and an exterior pool. The Wheelhouse Deck exhibits dual steering arrangements, which allow for bi-directional manoeuvrability.

symmetry yacht sinotOther on-board features include a children’s play room, library, office and spacious outdoor deck wit lounges. The entire design of Symmetry is defined by the new and revolutionary layout that is symmetrically stemming from the centre rather than the popular linear set-up.

symmetry yacht sinot

symmetry yacht sinotThe design provides a beautiful synergy between innovative engineering, contemporary architecture, functionality and beautiful aesthetic. With a total capacity of 34 guests and 48 crew, Symmetry resembles a custom-designed private estate of unparalleled comfort and luxury. Initial price estimate is reported to be $4,650,000.

symmetry yacht sinot

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Solarwave 62' yacht

The first solar powered yacht will cost £ 1.85 million

The Solarwave 62′ yacht is a concept that has been developed by a Turkish energy company for seven years. The project is nearing completion and is expected to be the first yacht to run entirely on the sun’s rays. A reported price tag of £1.47 million and £1.85 million) has been announced and so far the zero-emissions vessel has been attracting a lot of attention from sailing enthusiasts.

Solarwave 62' yachtIt measures 62ft in length and can reach a cruising speed of between seven and 13 knots. The model requires different handling than fuel based models and maintaining full speed for several hours is not recommended.

There are various features, including 3-5 cabins, retractable sky roof and an outdoor dining space and sun deck. A full open-plan kitchen and spacious seating area are included inside. Kitchen appliances and other electronics will be powered by the solar panels, so owners will need to be smart about their energy use.

Solarwave 62' yachtThe number of cabins will vary based on the buyer’s preference and the interior design is entirely customizable. Other features can be added or changed, so the overall value of the yacht can vary greatly.

Only the lightest materials have been used in order to optimize performance and improve solar power efficiency. The propeller produces no noise and can cruise at a more than decent speed.

Solarwave 62' yachtThe partnership between Turkish shipyard Nedship and Solarwave produced the design of a roof with a with a 15 kW photovoltaic array connected to 100 kWh batteries. This provides enough energy for the yacht’s needs to maintain optimum speed as well as power all on-board appliances.

Apart from the two e-motors, there is a standard emergency generator with possible upgrades from a 12 to a 20 kW, or even a 30 kW MME turbine generator. Furniture is built as part of the structure to save on weight and space, but is subject to customization.

Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts

The next billionaire madness – a portable island!

Superyachts are giving way to a new rising trend amongst the ultra-wealthy – a floating private island that could easily be moved anywhere in the world. For regular people it may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi novel, but the impressive technology is already a reality and attracting some serious interest from potential buyers all over the world.

Migaloo Private Submersible YachtsDesigns vary according to the buyer’s specifications and include anything – from spacious penthouse suites, flowing waterfalls, helipad to harbours for a superyachts. The whole concept of a portable island is extremely appealing to the rich as it eliminates the trouble of sailing from one resort to another as the structure allows to be moved anywhere the owner pleases. Poor weather and overcrowded beaches are no longer factors that can threaten a good vacation.

Migaloo Private Submersible YachtsWith an average height of 80 metres, the floating islands will provide spectacular 360-degree views of the pristine scenery and unparalleled privacy and tranquillity. An interior elevator will make all rooms accessible.

The complex itself will feature anything you can expect from a 5-star resort, including a gym, SPA, beauty and massage salons, swimming pools and tropical landscaping. Designed by renowned company Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts – the new project is expected to redefine the industry of luxury accommodation.

Migaloo Private Submersible YachtsKakomo Ailand – as is the name of the movable paradise – has been designed with both luxury and functionality in mind, allowing it to be used for a number of purposes: as a hotel, corporate getaway or casino. Room for personnel and crew members are factored in the structure, which also includes a helipad for easy access.

Living at sea has been gaining increasing popularity amongst the ultra-rich with superyachts being the ultimate craze and now, the concept of a movable island has really taken the maritime experience to the next level. As it is still at concept level, the company is yet to disclose a starting price, but given the parameters, it is expected to begin in the millions.

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Inside the most expensive superyachts for sale – Monaco Yacht Show

The exclusive Monaco Yacht Show offers a rare glimpse into the life of the super –rich and their outrageous lifestyle. 33,000 people will attend the 25th edition of the event in Monaco’s historic Port Hercule and marvel the custom-designed boats and yachts that easily reach prices in the region of £20 to 50 million.

Equipped with everything one might need for life at sea, some of the most spectacular features of the exhibited vessels include hot tubs, helipads and spacious en-suit staterooms. Walk-in wardrobes and even indoor lifts are amongst the luxuries that create a true floating oasis. Guests can soak all the warm tropical rays on wooden decks, decorated beautifully while being catered by a whole service crew, including a personal chef.

One of the jewels of the show is the Imagine from Amels with a cruising speed of 14 knots (16.1mph) and an asking price of £51 million. For that sum the buyer receives a 64.7-metre (215.6ft) motor yacht with a helipad, lift and hot tub, spacious decks and a jet-stream swimming pool. The yacht is also available for charter in the Mediterranean over the summer for £388,000 a week ($597,000).

imagine yacht amels

Another striking vessel is the Madsummer, which boasts a master suite and two double cabins and plenty of guest space. Offered by Moran Yacht & Ship, the asking price is £24.3million and there are plenty of amenities on-board – a 55.5-metre (182ft) hot tub and a large collection of water toys, including inflatable boats, personal watercraft, kayaks and dive equipment.


Although it doesn’t have the typical appearance of a superyacht, Steel benefits from an improved design that makes it versatile and fast. It can accommodate up to 12 guests and the interior is decorated with the regal glamour of 19th-century Europe. The vessel is suitable for icy waters and features a fitness room, a top deck with a hot tub and room for a small boat. Its asking price is £21.1 million.

luxurious yachts

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russian billionaire yacht

Russian billionaire splashes out on £292 million superyacht he designed himself

Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko is theproud owner of one of the world’s most expensive custom-made yachts for the hefty price of €400 million (£292 million/$450million). With eight decks, a glass observation area, measures a total space of 468 feet – it will require a crew of around 54 people.

The sailing enthusiasts will enjoy the stunning creation with his Serbian model wife Aleksandra, but the upkeep of the super-yacht won’t be an inconvenience for the businessman who’s currently ranked 97th in the Forbes World’s billionaires list.

melnichenko - yacht

Weighing 14,224 tons, the ‘Sailing Yacht A’ boasts the latest technology and sailing engineering, including a high-tech digital control system operated via a touch sensitive sheet of black glass in the bridge. As confirmed by the billionaire’s spokesperson – “it truly pushes the boundaries in sailing technology”.

The impressive project saw the light of day in one of the largest shipyards in the world in Nobiskrug in Germany. Renowned company Magma Structures built the masts from carbon fibre. There are special booms to hold the enormous sails and the entire structures in itself is amongst the most highly loaded composite freestanding constructions in the world.

russian billionaire yacht

A small room fits inside the main mast and the glass hull can withstand water pressure up to 393 feet (120m).

Andrey and his wife are known for frequently hosting A-list parties on their fleet of yachts, so the newest addition will fit nicely with their aquatic lifestyle. The eccentric businessman is known for his love for customizations, which includes a specially-built mirrored disco room for entertaining guests on one of his yachts.

russian billionaire yacht

Described as a “man of exceptional vision”, Mr. Menichenko’s newest toy pushes the boundaries of design, creativity and technology to make a statement of wealth and style. A helicopter pad on the sixth deck, bomb proof glass and 40 CCTV cameras, rooms decorated with Baccarat crystal and mirrored surfaces complete the luxurious experience of the ‘Sailing Yacht A’.

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Mini Yellow Submarine by

Renowned yacht brokers Y.Co. have come up with an intriguing proposition for all lovers of the sea who seek a fast adrenaline rush and exciting adventures. The Yellow Submarine is a compact vessel, designed to operate and own a military-grade mini-submarine. yellow submarine Designed as the ultimate toy for wealthy buyers, the yellow submarine comes together with a luxurious yacht that operates as a platform for launch and recovery. Specifics of the submarine include submersion time of up to eight hours and at a depth of 160m, making it suitable for cave diving and exploration. Its ample space permits up to five people on board and the strategically placed windows allow for magnificent views of the underwater surroundings. yellow submarine Behind the manufacture of the vessel is respected submarine expert GSE Trieste with years of technical know-how and experience in constructing all-electric managed submerging devices. Build to high military standards, the Yellow Submarine is designed for adventure and offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience sensations that are usually reserved for marine explorers and scientists. yellow submarine It is remarkably spacious for its modest dimensions with compact seating area available that will fit up to 5 people. RINA-classified and compliant with U.S. Coast Guard regulations, the submarine can operate in US waters and meets all standards of engineering for a full-scale subversive vessel. yellow submarine The manned submersible comes in a bright yellow colour and a sleek round design that makes it extremely appealing. It is designed to be carried by and fitted on board of superyachts and can travel at a maximum speed of 6 knots. Apart from room for six people (including the pilot), there is also a fridge and on-board toilet.
A slow-revolution propeller is powered by a 16kW motor and four thrusters. There is a 96-hours of emergency supply of oxygen for the entire crew and the double-hull architecture provides sufficient resistance against weather and ocean currents. Price for the Yellow Submarine is only available on request on the website.

sea axe shadow

The Sea Axe Shadow yacht

A new stylish genre of the superyacht – shadow yachts are the next best toy in the world of the ultra-wealthy. Boasting a whole array of new qualities – they bridge the gap between space and luxury to provide the ultimate vessel capable of accommodating large parties and offer multiple storage options without compromising the speed or quality of sailing.

Priced at €16 million, The Sea Axe, is the ultimate representative of the new and arising trend with its extraordinary design and superb execution down to the last detail. The vessel is commissioned by Damen – renowned builders of top superyachts in the Netherlands, whose name has become synonymous for luxury and comfort on the sailing scene.

sea axe shadow

The new and improved hull shape design of the vessel leads to as much as 70 per cent less “vertical peak acceleration” and the yacht is able to maintain good speed in rough weather. The narrow beam contributes to its operational functionality and capacity. Surprisingly, despite its modest size (43m in length) the deck offers plenty of usable area. A remarkable feature as well as obvious benefit is the folding hydraulic crane with a capacity of eight tons. The spacious deck is also suitable for a helipad that can easily host a five-seater helicopter.

Two decks of accommodation provide space for a crew of up to 10 people divided among six cabins. Additionally, there is a laundry room, galley, storage space, fridge and freezer. This makes The Sea Axe a reliable support vessel as it provides all necessary elements to make the lives of the personnel easier in terms of tending to their employers on board of the superyacht without getting in the way of all the fun.

With the rise in popularity of superyachts it is becoming more and more apparent that shadow yachts are a necessity if one wants to maintain a high standard of comfort and luxury at sea. In those aspects The Sea Axe delivers uncompromising quality.