Delvaux with a twist on its iconic classics

Delvaux – the oldest fine leather goods company in the world and highly regarded by the Belgian royal family – has freshened and fine-tuned its historic handbags. In reviving its iconic designs the brand has brought in the highly-regarded designer Christina Zeller who has helped develop cult styles for Mochino, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Lacroix and Givenchy. When it comes to bringing the brand out of its slumber the former model was a natural choice.

With a small team of two designers Christina has reinvented some of Delvaux’s most iconic designs – Le Brillant (priced at £12,650). The box-shaped bag is constructed from 64 pieces of leather with concealed seams and an elegant buckle. The more geometric Le Tempête (priced at £9,800)is graceful in an almost austere way with its clean, cut lines. Perfectly balanced in its use of leather and metal – this bad is feminine and sleek, but makes a strong bold statement. Le Madame (priced at £1,400) based on a classic 1977 style has introduced some nice changes in the design with chunkier metal clasps and more feminine shapes. The biggest advantage of bringing on board such a talented designer has to be the amazing array of vivid colours Zeller has introduced that range from warm sunny yellow to hot pink and spring green. Some bags demonstrate a bold eclectic mixture of different leather – plain and exotic skins complementing each other in an eye-catching way.

One of the products worth mentioning are the sublime mini versions that start at £1,400 of each style and are sold under the line Temptation.