Exclusive vintage jewelry by Annina Vogel, Circa Ibiza and Oona

The new season see the inspiring collections of reworked vintage jewellery of three aspiring designers – Annina Vogel, Circa Ibiza and Oona have made a business out of reworking old pieces into something fresh and wonderful with careful detail and high-quality craftsmanship.

Founded by former Elle magazine journalist Grace Saunders – Circa Ibiza combines a wide array of vintage charms – ranging from the turn of the century to the 1970s and including silver oyster shells with tiny pearls (priced at £30 each), old-fashioned and highly-ornate typewriters (£35) as well as gold baby booties (£140); lockets (from £115) with beads and other antique treasures used to fashion bespoke necklaces and bracelets. The brand offers personalized pendants and bracelets built on top of a simple rustic chain (£60 for silver; £90 for 9ct gold). The Classic Collection of restored and remodelled rings, necklaces and bracelets, interspersed with blue enamelled beads and pearls, is particularly eye-catching and bears the charm of a time long passed.

circa ibiza

Another up-and-coming designer that is capable of turning old goodies into spectacular timeless pieces is Annina Vogel. Some of her rare vintage charms include ornate music boxes incrusted with diamonds or incorporating other beautiful antique jewellery. Some of her most beautiful creations include classic cufflinks and brooches refashioned into one-of-a-kind rings (from £1,250), delicate pendants (from £250), and Victorian-inscribed signet rings (from £350) and bracelets (from £350). Her collection of vintage scarves (from Hermès, Gucci, Dior) feature encased motifs in glass-faced Victorian lockets (£850, exclusive to Liberty).

annina vogel

The Spanish brand Oona was founded by Maria Moro after she fell in love with traditional Sri Lankan jewellery techniques. The pieces are inspired by designs from Sri Lanka’s various colonial eras and generously use old cut diamonds, sapphires and different shades of spinel. Beautiful earrings come in limited-edition gold, amethyst and diamond drops (£1,590), as well as rose gold and white topaz hoops (£475). Their newest lotus collection was just launched and it was inspired by the art-deco period.