Ferrari FF

“What trickery is this? A BMW Z4-Ferrari?” Those were my words, the first time I lay my eyes on the FF online. I didn’t find the big 4-seater very appealing. I dug deeper into some specifications to find out more. The engine is a further development of the V12 used in 599 GTB and the Ferrari Enzo.
Effectively the FF is a rear wheel drive with the power directed to the back wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Only when drive is needed at the front axle, power is taken directly from the engine into a second gearbox. There are no center differential just two separate gearboxes.


Ferrari wanted a car that was able to get their owners to their snow chalets and it proved to be a real challenge.
To prove that they succeeded the Italian automaker chose to set up the press test drive in the Dolomite Mountains in northwest Italy. There was one small problem with the location — the only way to get to the custom-made track, placed atop a ski resort, was by a chair lift. Problem is, the FF doesn’t fit. Ferrari used military choppers to freight their cars and the press to the top of the mountain.

 It wasn’t until mid summer 2012 that I saw the FF for the first time. I was on my way to a dinner in Monaco when I noticed the familiar rear end of something black and beastly on the lot in front of the restaurant. Instantly I come to the conclusion that the pictures seen on the Internet doesn’t do this car any justice at all. My pulse rose just from watching it. Later on I had the pleasure of hearing the start-up and the V12 sang a song that kept me thinking about it for several days to come.

Why would you want a Ferrari FF? Maybe it’s the thought of having a Ferrari that handle snow almost as well as it handels tarmac?? Maybe it is about finally having the ability to transport your whole family in a Ferrari? For me it is totally about being able to bring 3 friends along to share the experience of a car like this. Head over to TBS and get one for yourself.