Hawker Horizon 4000

Hawker Horizon 4000

The Hawker Horizon 4000, developed by Hawker Beechcraft, is a super-midsize airplane that seats eight passengers and is preferred for its elegant and luxurious stand-up cabin.

It possesses a range of nearly 3,200 nm, and can perform well against any headwind at better than airline speeds. It is a remarkable short-field performer, remarkably sophisticated and technologically superior to other aircrafts in its range. Unlike the Hawker 2000, the asking price for this model is $22 million. Innovation, comfort and reliability are the three words that come to mind on examining the new model, comprising of mechanically wound carbon-fibre fuselage, metal wings, cutting-edge avionics, flawless automation and highly integrated systems.

Hawker horizon 4000

Both the airfoil and flight control boast an optimized design. The clean, high-performance wings are an excellent fit for the plane’s purpose and aesthetic. Its airframe is made of around 60% composites. The airplane flies smoothly with the added advantages of having fly-by-wire on the secondary flight control systems. There is also a brake-by-wire, which works superbly. In fact, one of the best features of the model is simplifying the fly-by operation, eliminating complex fight control systems.

Hawker 4000

Autothrottles is a standard feature that can’t be found as factory equipment on any existing airplane at this price point, apart from the 4000. The auto thrust is a remarkable innovation that enhances safety and in this model it is programmable to hold certain indicated airspeeds at a given flap setting. The avionics comprise a highly integrated suite with a five-panel system with two of PFDs, two MFDs and a shared electronic instrumentation crew alerting system display.

hawker 4000

It is fitted with standard dual GPS with vertical navigation, TCAS II, Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System and excellent, user-friendly systems synoptics pages. The system allows autopilot-coupled Category II approaches with increased efficiency for complete peace of mind. The cabin has seating for eight passengers in a double-club configuration with a side-facing divan option. The renewed design allows for more interior room in every dimension for the same external cabin dimensions.