HYT H1 Full Gold

HYT H1 Full Gold

HYT watches are known for being more than just another timepiece in the world of haute couture and fine watch-making. The brand’s tagline “Hydro Mechanical Horologists” perfectly epitomizes the brilliant combination of exquisite workmanship and modern edge one can expect from the models.

The H1 is the watch that started it all. Its design features a sub-dial at 12 o’clock with a singular hand for indication of the minutes. An hour hand is absent and instead replaced by a circular tube that runs inside the dial’s circumference. Coloured and clear liquids with controlled levels are placed inside the tube as well as an expansion of two piston-driven bellows at 6 o’clock. These liquids mark the change of hours, simultaneously giving way to it. Twice a day at six o’clock, they undergo a retrograde motion and return to the starting position, marking the beginning of a new cycle all over again.

HYT H1 Full Gold

Such a display system is utterly fascinating both in design and execution. The fluid system is governed through autonomous timekeeping, while still allowing manipulation when the crown is operated to set the time. The exhausting research required to develop the specific nuances and viscosities of the liquids involves a great deal of fine-tuning. To top everything off- the entire system is resistant against vibration and temperature fluctuation.

HYT H1 Full Gold 2

The new H1 Full Gold boasts a case made entirely in pink gold, which is a first for the line. This 50-piece limited edition will be retiled for prices starting at $51,750. The beautiful detailing includes galvanic coating in the same hue on the minute sub-dial, small seconds’ wheel, power reserve indicator, and the hour ring for perfect uniformity. The usual fluorescent liquids for the hours have been substituted for opaque black. This makes possible for the Super-LumiNova coating underneath the liquid capillary (i.e. glass tube) to emit green light in the dark that is another first for the brand. The final result is a timepiece that exudes seriousness and solemnity for the modern gentleman.