Limited-edition cigar boxes by Barbara Bloom

New York-based conceptual artist Barbara Bloom’s limited-edition cigar boxes are exquisitely-designed and practical at the same time. Inspired by the silver version gifted to the father of modern psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud by a patient in the far-away 1903, the set features 15 sleek boxes (9in x 6in x 3-1/4in). Each is a testament to her talent as an artist and designer as it displays a staggering blend of style, attention to detail and minimalistic beauty. All boxes are handcrafted, using the finest in silver and polished wood.

Apart from the fine craftsmanship, another detail worth mentioning are the witty inscriptions Bloom features on the boxes for a humorous twist. Her personal edition displays the words “Sometimes an inscription is just an inscription” in a nod to Freud’s famous statement “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.
When asked the designer says she discovered Freud’s original case in the archives of New York’s Jewish Museum while working on the installation of her As It Were…So to Speak: A Museum Collection in Dialogue with Barbara Bloomexhibition in 2013, and was instantly drawn to its aesthetics, inscription – “Christmas, 1903”.
Inspired by his deep love for cigars as well as the subliminal, Bloom embarked on a venture to create something truly significant that could serve both as a holiday gift as well as an aesthetically pleasing accessory. They sell for$2,500 each and present a unique opportunity to own or gift something exquisite, inspired by an icon.