Luxury hotel submarine

Lover’s Deep, St. Lucia Submarine Hotel at $292,000 a night per couple

Lover’s Deep is an incredibly romantic, luxury 5-star accommodation beneath the waves. Essentially a submarine hotel that takes its adventurous travellers on an exciting and unforgettable underwater journey. Couples can take full advantage of the isolated environment to be closer together in a romantic and unique setting. A trip aboard the Lover’s Deep submarine would cost in the region of $292,000 per couple every night. The idea is almost identical to the renowned Poseidon Undersea Resort, which is a luxury 5-star hotel with exquisitely decorated hotel suites beneath the surface of the Pacific.

Lover’s Deep, on the other hand, dives deep into the beautiful Caribbean, taking in visits to the islands of Barbados, Montserrat, Martinique, St. Lucia and a couple of others. Three people pamper guests and care for their needs, a chef, a personal butler, and the captain of the vessel. Their sleeping quarters are at the other end of the vessel, affording guests more privacy.

luxury submarine

The food is really out of this world! There is a specially created aphrodisiac menu including gourmet dishes and fresh ingredients which are delivered before each voyage. Guests can choose from oysters, Russian caviar and delicious chocolate fondant. Guests on their honeymoon are treated to the exquisite food on a complimentary basis, as it forms part of the special honeymoon package.

The Lover’s Deep submarine is fully equipped with the ultimate in luxury, right down to the tiniest details. Quality wood finishes, the most delicate leather armchairs and sofas, a comfortable living room area, a mini-bar in each suite, an en-suite bathroom, and unimaginably beautiful underwater views of the Caribbean Ocean and colourful sea-life. The voyage can be modified to guests’ preferences. Maybe a visit to the legendary locations of the real Pirates of the Caribbean to take in a shipwreck or two? If you are interested in something out of the ordinary and unusual, Lover’s Deep provides just that, and it is sure to provide an experience you will never forget.