Luxurious sofa for your pet

This holiday season the creative team behind SPHEROLIGHT E.U. brings the ultimate gift for pampered canines and felines that love to live it up as much as their owners! The line of PETITURE SOFAS LARGE is a luxurious, top-quality Austrian product, designed with your pet’s comfort in mind.


These luxurious goods are a statement for people who consider it very important for their furry companions to have an exquisite and functional spot to rest their weary heads. The minimalistic design of petiture fits perfectly with the urban décor of the modern home and is a statement on its own.

The simple but functional pet bed comes in a variety of colours, suitable for every taste – from elegant fawn and earthy tones to bold orange, fresh turquoise, bright fuchsia, verdancy or intense violet.

The design is eye-catchingly simple and very easy to assemble, presenting the opportunity for element change if and when you grow tired of a particular colour. The materials used are of the highest quality and consist of solid-wood for the feet, backrest and plate, durable faux-leather for the surface and a soft multi-layered cushion. This is every pet’s dream!

Petiture comes in three sizes to fit everyone’s requirements and space availability – L, M and S with the covering of the special bed made of “Uranus” – artificial leather available in white, crème and chestnut and other colours on demand. Prices start at €1,499 with a small additional sum for shipping. cylKw6IThis is a product created from the vision for the blending of utility, comfort and class for all beings alike – a simple, clean, functional and comfy piece of furniture that will make your pooch or cat happy as can be.

Treat your pet to something extra special with this cosy bed that will become their favourite spot in no time. Or at least it’ll take their attention off that designer couch for a while.