New Zealand

Luxury Doomsday Bunkers in New Zealand – $8 Million

New Zealand is a remote country better known for its sheep, incredible scenery and Lord of the Rings! It also happens to be the destination of choice for millionaires to build luxury, subterranean bunkers. New Zealand offers a favourable tax regime, a remote location and neutrality in the event of war, which are all attractive incentives. Consequently, the island nation of 4.5 million inhabitants has become a hot spot for people plotting a quick escape in the event of a world disaster. If you have the money, the bunker offers a refuge with food and other supplies at the ready.

New Zealand luxury bunker

It is not just the wealthy. Some bunkers take 300 people at a modest cost of $35,000 each. However, luxurious bunkers are being fabricated in the USA and shipped to undisclosed locations in New Zealand and buried secretly without a trace. The very best materials are used, and they are designed to resist nuclear explosions, extreme weather, and even a Zombie attack! Surveillance cameras show you if the coast is clear before you emerge from the safe cocoon and they are equipped with everything you might need. These deluxe bunkers can cost up to $8 million, and some of them even come with garden rooms, games rooms, and gun practice ranges alongside kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. They have advanced communication systems, air conditioning and air filtering systems. You get a large amount of imperishable food supplies, medical supplies and even a stash of weapons! The interior is furnished like a modern apartment with all the conveniences and gadgets one could wish for.

Waiting out Armageddon won’t be so bad in a luxurious bunker buried deep underground, equipped with all the things you need to survive in luxury!