The new Piaggio Aero Avanti EVO

The new Piaggio Aero Avanti EVO

The Italian-built Piaggio Avanti II twin, also known as Avanti Evo, is a new futuristic and the world’s fastest twin-turbo prop aircraft. It was launched at EBACE 2014 which was held in Geneva, Switzerland. The new evolution of an aviation legend brings more speed and more luxury.

Avanti Evo can reach speeds of up to 460 miles per hour an it’s the fastest twin turboprop in production. Five-blade Hartzell scimitar propellers and winglets add efficiency and extend the plane’s range to 1,980 miles. It features VIP seats finished by the luxury outfitter Poltrona Frau and can seat nine passengers. The cabin measures 5ft 9in (1.75m) high and 6ft 1in (1.85m) wide. A new performance package includes a innovative winglets, redesigned nacelles, reshaped front wing and new five-blade scimitar propellers.

“The new Avanti Evo represents excellence and provides everything business aviation requires to meet the increasing demands on time that prevail today,” said Alberto Galassi, chairman of Piaggio Aero Industries.

The new propellers help reduce cabin noise by 20 percent and external noise by 68 percent. The design is truly unusual and contains a lot of futuristic notes, representing the Italian brand in the best possible way. In the cockpit, which can be managed by a crew of one or two pilots, is the powerful Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite. There are also three large and easily readable Adaptive Flight Displays (configurable as PFD and MFD), twin control panels, a convenient cursor control panel, an Integrated Avionics Processor System, and four Data Concentrator Units (DCU).

The fully equipped Avanti Evo is priced at around $7.4 million. First delivery is scheduled for October. For more information about other outstanding aircrafts, check out our shop.