Patek Phillipe Calatrava

Patek Phillipe’s Calatrava Watch

Created in 1932, the iconic timepiece is reminiscent of old-school class and timeless elegance that showcases the avant-garde philosophy of aesthetics. The designer’s artistic ingenuity is exhibited at its very finest in this inimitably elegant model that is a true testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Re-inventing the classic Calatrava watch captures the attention of generation after generation with the endearing quality of its design and signature Patek Philippe style. It is the typical representation of subtle class and exquisite style, following the ubiquitous motto of ‘less is more’ in terms of design, features and functionality. With an extra thin corpus, hobnail patterns and wide polished bezels – its strength lies in the clean, minimalistic and almost severe look that makes a statement through power and elegance.

Phillipe Patek Calatrava The £22,670 watch boasts a sapphire-crystal case back and a self-winding calibre 324 S C that can be engraved. The old-world allure of the model comes from its non-controversial design that epitomizes the quality of highly refined timepieces. Albeit not obvious at first glance, the watch exhibits many impressive merits that make it an obligatory accessory for every respectable gentleman.

Phillipe Patek Calatrava Based on the beloved legacy model of the brand, the Calatrava differs from the brand’s broad range of traditional dress watches and sport watches that fit in the modern context of the cosmopolitan lifestyle. The vintage-inspired watch stands out with conservative design and functional minimalism, offering value and quality rather than some risqué reforms and modernization. In its own unique way, it is a breath of fresh air on a market saturated with avant-garde and overly bold models.

Phillipe Patek Calatrava

It makes no exception in utilizing the famous automatic mechanical travel time movement that Patek Philippe incorporates in all of their creations. The modern technology allows for improvement of the accuracy of movement and there is a date indicator featured on the black dial.