Ultra-rare-Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT convertible

Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT A Super Rare Convertible Restored to its former Glory

The name Pietro Frua was synonymous with coach building in Italy during the 1950s and 1960s. He was commissioned by BMW to create two 1600 GT prototype convertibles. His previous well-known designs included the 1955 Maserati A6G/54 Coupé as well as the Renault Floride while still at Ghia Design. A legend was born in 1967 when the mythical BMW 1600 GT Convertible became one of the rarest classic cars of its era. With one of the prototypes crashing during a test run, this model is the only remaining Pietro Frua 1600 GT Convertible.

Ultra-rare-Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT convertible 1

The result is a near-perfect recreation with silver bodywork, red interior and convertible top, which had ignited the vivid imagination of car enthusiasts in the 1960s. Frua had previously designed a small range of cars for one of Germany’s smallest car-makers, Glas. He worked on the designs of the Glas 1300 GT and Glas 1700. Once BMW acquired Glas, an opportunity arose, and Frua was allowed to work directly on BMW cars designs. Pietro Frua experimented using various BMW components such as grilles, headlights and also engines like the 104bhp engine from the BMW 1600 Ti. He also worked on heritage convertible prototypes.

Ultra-rare-Pietro Frua BMW 1600 GT convertible 2

The rare GT sports car belongs to majority BMW shareholder Herbert Quandt. During the last 50 years, the classic convertible changed hands several times, finally acquired by BMW Group Classic during a private sale. It took seven years of painstaking work and meticulous attention to detail to finally restore the rare gem to its original glory. The vintage Frua bodywork was carefully restored under the strict supervision of vocational team mentors to high specifications. Critical body parts that were no longer in production was meticulously re-creating with replicas from the heritage plans of the classic car.