1098 R Troy Bayliss Edition


The bike celebrates Bayliss’s third world championship, and his number 21 appears on the front and sides. Major mechanical changes setting the 1098R apart from existing 1098 street models of the time include sand-cast crankcases and cylinder heads for lighter weight and closer tolerances, high-compression pistons using technology borrowed from MotoGP, titanium connecting rods and valves the latter – larger than in production models – and of course the 1198cc displacement agreed upon by World Superbike regulators.

The bike also wears huge 63.9 mm throttle bodies with dual injectors, and the result is an engine that pounds out 180-horsepower at 9,750 rpm and 99 lb-ft of torque at 7,750 rpm. In the transmission are special shot-peened gears (for increased durability), and third, fourth and sixth have higher ratios than stock for better track speed.

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