Heretic Titanium


Yet another fascinating masterpiece from Denver based Ecosse Moto Works, Ecosse Heretic Titanium was launched in the year 2008 and brought to the luxury motorbike market a an expensive bike that features cutting edge technology with drop-dead gorgeous looks. The Heretic Titanium featured a first ever all titanium chassis, along with hand crafted carbon fiber bodywork. Featuring a 2,150cc billet motor engine that was designed to be supercharged, fuel injected and intercooled, while generating 200 hp. This expensive motorcycle was developed for exclusivity and hence each of the Heretic Titanium superbikes come with engraved sequential numbers. Furthermore, to ensure maximum rider comfort the superbike has been provided with adjustable foot controls and suspension that can be adjusted as per the rider’s preference, while taking into account the seat height as well.

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