Grande Complication Minute Repeater


A total of 659 mechanical parts, 71 of them jewels, twelve patents and 21 functions and displays, including a perpetual calendar for the next 500 years, together with a perpetual moon phase display made of polished goldstone representing a star-studded night sky. The Grande Complication has all the features needed to make it a pinnacle of watchmaking achievement. Working inside the case are a chronograph and a highly complex minute repeater with an all-or-nothing piece slide. This wonderful invention chimes out the time in crystal-clear tones, which are activated by the slide of the left-hand side of the case. The case, finished in solid platinum with a fineness of 95 percent or 18 ct. gold, is first-class. The Grande Complication has an automatic, self-winding movement and, despite the complex design of the case, is unaffected by superficial water splashes.

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