Return to the 70s

The Spring season sees a lot of elements from the 1970s being incorporated into the male wardrobes. Rich earthly tones, bold geometric patterns and the revival of the statement shearling coat are making a comeback and being reimagined in fresh ways.

Statement fabrics take centre stage with moleskins and corduroy trousers in eye-catching 1970s colours, such as chocolate brown, dark ochre and deep orange. Separates remain key with cashmere, silk and linen being the predominant fabrics of choice as evidenced by Kiton’s wearable sports jackets.

Amongst British tailors channelling the 1970s it’s worth mentioning Savile Row’s Richard Anderson, in its made-to-order range. Their russet cotton or velvet corduroys (priced at £195) are classy and dapper at the same time with customers being able to choose between the amber corduroy three-piece suit (priced at £1,400; double-breasted version, £1,195), a fawn moleskin two-piece (£1,300) that is casual, and a rust velvet-cord three-piece (from £1,350) that makes an edgy statement. The masculinity of the 1970s shines through in the longer-fitted jackets with broader lapels, high armholes and trousers fuller through the top of the leg.

Elsewhere, Prada’s rich gabardine designs are superb in their retro styling as made evident by a rust suit (£2,190), olive shirt (£535) and a chocolate crepe de Chine scarf (£170), while versions in brown gabardine (£2,175) are worth mentioning too, with their silvery sheen and shawl collars boasting the appeal of vintage eveningwear.


Footwear doesn’t fall behind the current tendencies as evidenced by Jimmy Choo’s ubiquitous elegance that shines through in the new Ronan zip boot (£550) in deep burgundy, brown or black made from high-quality calfskin, or the more robust suede Roger (£650) with dramatic toe-caps.